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CV, India Based Senior Software Developer Looking Globally

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 32634
(11/09/1989, male)
List top 5 skills: android developer, client-server, j2ee developer, project manager, software developer, team leader
Short Bio:

A technocrat with over 2.6 years of rich experience in Product Development, Project Management, SDLC and Team Management.
Proficient in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) entailing requirement analysis, design, development, implementation, delivery and troubleshooting.Adept in mapping client / business requirements, application design & development, integration, testing and deployment of complex information systems.An effective team leader with strong development skills.

Current location: 

Delhi, India - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

IT and Technology

Spoken languages: 

english, Hindi

Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

Dubai, India, qatar


Ü A technocrat with over 2.6 years of rich experience in Product Development, Project Management, SDLC and Team Management

Ü Proficient in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) entailing requirement analysis, design, development, implementation, delivery and troubleshooting

Ü Adept in mapping client / business requirements, application design & development, integration, testing and deployment of complex information systems

Ü Significant experience of working with customers, project managers and technical teams for securing & executing concurrent projects

Ü Skilled in architecting .com based on .NET using ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, WebServices, leveraging programming model & features to provide Web 2.0 characteristics

Ü An effective team leader with strong communication skills and an analytical mind with the ability to think clearly & logically

Core Competencies

Software Development • Network Administration • IT Security Management • Software Architecture • Technical Training & Development • Infrastructure Management • Budgeting / Forecasting • Business Analysis • Project Management • Requirement Gathering • Liaison / Collaboration • Systems Designing • Team Management

Professional Enhancements

 Expert in Asterisk, SIP, XMPP, ZRTP, SRTP, RMI Scripting, OTR and in IT Security Industry

 ISEH Course with Distinction, Practicing in Ethical Haching, Network and Data Security in 2013

 Completed VGT Kota- a Detailed Study on Software like Office Scheduler, Crime Record and software Implementation and Learned Different Languages like JAVA, ASP.NET, Core C and C++, etc. in 2010

 Internationally Certified by Appin Technology Lab for IT Security & Ethical Hacking from IADL, U.K., in 2013

Career Highlights

 Signficantly enhanced sales by 180% by developing a DNA & Encryption Solution using J2EE and Android Language Technology and providing channel partners with an API Toolkit for easy integration

 Instrumental in identifying business requirements and researching technology for managing large scale transactions; exceeded sales expectations by 80%

 Significantly doubled channel partner sign-up

 Holds distinction in acquiring a tender of Rs. 5 Crores from significant Govt. Bodies by configuring a2billing and asterisk environment

 Dexterously designed applications like Secure IM, Secure Mail, Secure Call, Secure SMS and Whole Encrypted Smartphone Solutions

 Singlehandedly configured whole asterisk environment including AGI & RMI scripting and A2Billing

 Distinguished efforts in developing whole smartphone solution to encrypt all sensitive information from OS to the application level

 Bagged the Best Employee Award in 2014 by APPIN Technologies

 Won the Best Performer Award in the Apr’15


Professional Experience

Feb’13 – till date:
APPIN India, New Delhi

Software Engineer and Developer

Team Leader / Senior Software Developer

 Undertaking efforts to increase sales and kick started reseller/partner system project by translating business idea to develop & implement a system to serve a large customer base with high activity for channel partners and resellers

 Rendering a stable system to increase monthly sales by analysing customer requirements and business logic and implementing systems in association with Global R&D Teams on strategy

 Gathering requirements from the client, preparing estimates & requirement specification, creating prototypes and developing technical specification documents

 Involved in project initiation and reporting w.r.t. development projects to senior management and stakeholders

 Communicating with users/stakeholders to gather requirement specs

 Monitoring development activities and conducting timely risk assessment & mitigation; managing and providing technical & process level guidance/support to the project team

 Analyzing & designing architecture definition, design patterns and solutions for the project; designing & selecting appropriate technologies for development approach


 SIP-DIALER: Implemented sip dialers on Android, Symbian, Windows, Mac for VoIP communications between important bodies like IB , BSF , CBI and general public both for mobiles and desktop.

Project Details:

o SIP client software can be used for establishing sessions in VOIP networks and communicating with other IP based endpoints.

o The Soft Phone runs on Windows(XP,7,8) OS, Android, Symbian,MAC,IOS and uses SIP as the control protocol and RTP for carrying the media packets.

o The soft phone can be integrated with other Desktop utilities like LDAP and IM etc. This popular soft phone was tested to ensure that it is fully compliant with RFC 3261, extension RFCs and Torture Message standards.

o Testing was also carried out for all the supplementary features like Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Call Parking, Call Pickup, and Call Screening etc by using Message Automation and Protocol Simulator (MAPS) tool.


Responsible for full development of software from gui to the above mentioned features including server setup.

 SPEAK-IN-PRIVATE: An encryption phone which can be used to protect sensitive information including IM messaging, VoIP calls, Files, Browsing, Mails etc. A technology which helps users to prevent themselves from evaesdropping. Acted as Team leader and held responsible to develop softwares with a team.

Project Details:

a) Secure-IM

o End-to-end encryption with either OTR or Open PGP, send and receive images as well as other kind of files

o Share your location via an external plug-in, indicate when your contact has read your message

o Intuitive UI that follows Android Design guidelines, Pictures / Avatars for your Contacts

o Syncs with desktop client, Conferences (with support for bookmarks), Address book integration

o Multiple accounts / unified inbox, Very low impact on battery life

b) Secure-Call

o SIP for calls and instant messages, Android integration with rewriting and filtering rules

o Codecs : pcmu/a (aka g711u/a); speex; g722; gsm; iSAC; SILK; G729; AMR (depending on device) and as extra plugin : OPUS; g726; g722.1; codec2

o Echo cancellation (with various backends : webRTC, speex, simple), Auto speaker/earpiece option

o API provided for other apps plugins, Conference, transfer, Secure call with TLS transport for SIP and SRTP or ZRTP for media.

c) Secure-Mail

o Secure- Mail is an e-mail client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more!

o Secure-MAil supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV).Secure-mail is secured because it uses APG algorithm.


Responsible to design whole encryption phone from root level and than develop whole above packages,in this learned to modify android OS on user requirement with maintaining encryption standard.

 METASPLOIT: Learned and implemented exploits to control any desktop, server or mobiles remotely.

Project Details:

o The Metasploit Project is a computer security project that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development.


o Choosing and configuring an exploit (code that enters a target system by taking advantage of one of its bugs; about 900 different exploits for Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac OS X systems are included)

o Optionally checking whether the intended target system is susceptible to the chosen exploit

o Choosing and configuring a payload (code that will be executed on the target system upon successful entry; for instance, a remote shell or a VNC server);

o Selecting the encoding technique so that the intrusion-prevention system (IPS) ignores the encoded payload

o Executing the exploit, creating different exploit manually.

 OFFICE-SCHEDULER: Implemented an application to control office work remotely from server.

Educational Credentials

2012 from Maharshi Arvind International Institute of Technology, Kota, Rajasthan Technical University(R.T.U) with 70% honors.

IT Skills

Operating Systems: Windows(All platforms), Windows 2000 Server Advance, Microsoft Windows NT, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora

System Development Tools: Eclipse with adt tools,Android studio, Netbeans 5, 6,7, IntelliJ, Dreamweaver MX, MS Visual Studio.NET 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, Rational Rose 2000, MS Visio, Borland Developer Studio, Carbide, QT

Languages: Java, Struts Framework, XML, HTML, Basic C & C++, ASP, ASP.NET Framework, Visual Basics, Android, Carbide and QT

Server Application: Sun Java Server System Application 8.1, Cobra Server, IIS, Email Server, Asterisk, PBX, A2BILLING

Encryption Technologies: ZRTP, SRTP, OTR, PGP, TLS, Jingle, RTP, XMPP and SIP


Extra Curricular Activities

• Served as a part of District Cricket Team

• Selected for State Cricket Team and till the 3rd Round in Voice of Rajasthan

• Functioned as a Part of District Chess Team

• Actively participated in School Dance Competitions

• Bagged Singing Competition at College Level