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Graduated in Production Engineering, specialized in Plant Inspection, Quality control activities and having more than 10 years of comprehensive experience in various companies those Refinery and Oil& Gas plants, also in companies involved in fabrication of plant equipment’s, piping and structures for Oil & Gas industries, Refinery, Petrochemical Plant,
In-service inspection of Oil and gas plant, and Refinery.
Conversant with QA/QC procedures, international codes and standards such as ASME, ASTM

Current location: india - View on map
Nationality: indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Engineering (Production Engineering) 2002
Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai. India.

Diploma in Production Engineering.1999
Thiagarajar Polytechnic, Salem, Tamilnadu, India.

Technical Certification:

 Senior Certification Scheme in Welding Inspection Program – TWI UK (CSWIP – 3.2.2) Certificate no.: 77786, valid upto – June-2018.

 API – 510, Pressure Vessel Inspection. Certificate no.: 45666, Valid upto – Sept – 2015.

 API – 653, Aboveground Tank Storage Inspection. Certificate no.: 48002 Valid upto – April – 2016.

 NACE – Certified Coating Inspector, Level – I; Certificate no.: 22531.Valid upto – April – 2015.

 ASNT Level – II, Certification in PT, MPT, UT & RT; Certificate valid upto – August 2015.

Career Summary

M/s Heurtey Petrochem SA. India. Jul’14-Present.
Sr. Mechanical Inspector.
Client: BPCL Refinery (Govt.of India Enterprise)– Kochi. India.

M/s Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP) – Saudi Arabia. Apr ’11 – Jun ’13
Sr. Mechanical Inspector.
Client: SATORP-Saudi Arabia.

Welding Inspector.
Client: Qatar Gas. – Qatar

Mechanical Inspector.
Client: Reliance Industries Limited – India.

Fabrication Incharge – Inspection of Fabrication for Piping’s.
Client: Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia.

QC – Engineer.
Client: Indian Oil Corporation Limited. – India.


Responsibilities as Sr. Mechanical Inspector:

 Assist with developing, implementing, and maintaining the pressure vessel inspection plan together with engineering and corrosion specialist support, meeting all QMS requirements.

 Perform inspection tasks and schedule monitoring programs to assure the mechanical integrity of the equipment.

 Familiarize themselves with prior history of the vessels they are responsible for, reviewing the vessel’s prior inspection results, prior repairs, and current inspection plan;

 Determine the types of inspection required, e.g. internal, external, on-stream, etc.;

 Verify that all new materials used during repairs or alterations are consistent with the specifications;

 Conduct internal, external planned & unplanned inspections on all static equipment/facilities (columns, drums, heat exchangers, Pressure vessels, flares, tanks and piping) and to compiles written reports on its findings and recommendations puts in repair recommendations to user departments.

 Inspects and assesses the condition of Plant fixed equipment at the required frequency, in accordance with the Company’s construction and inspection code i.e ASME, API, AWS, and compiles written reports on his findings and recommendations, puts in repair recommendations to user Departments.

 Assure that the minimum preheat and Postweld heat treatments are performed in accordance with the qualified welding procedures.

 authorize any repair or alteration work before the work is started, and designate the hold points that are required;

 Good knowledge of corrosion and welding, including: corrosion related damage mechanisms, base metals, filler metals, heat treatment, welding metallurgy, weld and corrosion testing, fabrication, planning and Welding Repairs.

 Requesting and Witness of NDT for Static Equipments and Pipings.

 Witness Inspection Activities like peaking, Banding, Roundness and Plumpness’ of Tank.

 Witness Vacuum Box Testing, Hydro Testing and Settlement Survey for tank.

 Gasket inspection for Piping and Valves.

 Witnessing the calibration of relief valves and maintaining records in the PRD Program.

 Inspection of Valves for its corrosion and erosion and other accessories during shutdown.

 Inspecting and testing valves (gate, globe, ball, plug, check and butterfly) in accordance with API 598.

Inspection & certification of safety relief valves, prescribes repairs, as required.

Witnessing Relief valve setting, testing and maintaining records.

 Good knowledge of qualifying welding procedure specifications (WPS) and welder/welding operator qualifications, including all regulatory requirements.

 Good knowledge of ASME P-Numbers 1, 3, 4, 5B, and 8 base metals (carbon steels, alloy steels, and austenitic stainless steels).

 Fabrication and Inspection for Storage Tanks, Pressure vessels, Piping.

 Preparation of WPS, conducting welding procedures qualification and witnessing WPQ and Welder Qualification test.

 Supervising Welding Inspectors and NDT Operators activities.

 Welder and Welding Surveillance.

 Review and Approval of repair welding procedures

 Visual and dimensional check up of Joints and fittings for tie in Connection and Visual inspection of welding joint and review of reports.

 Review and update the inspection and NDE techniques required for each equipment, including the extent and locations of inspection and NDE;

 Ensure all NDE results are evaluated and determined to be accepted or rejected, with recommendations to resolve all deficiencies.

 Review and update the surface cleaning requirements needed for inspection and examinations

 Interpretation of Radiographs and Review of NDT/PWHT Reports.

 Ultrasonic thickness survey inspection of Tank shell plates, roof plates, nozzles, piping etc.,

 Review and evaluation of all NDT / Ultrasonic Thickness reports and recommend for repair.

 determine the corrosion rates, remaining life, and next inspection date for each pressure vessel;

 Evaluation of corroded piping to determine its remaining strength.

 Calculate the corrosion rate, remaining life in order to fix the inspection frequency.

 Witnessing of hydro and pneumatic tests

 Good verbal and written communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills (working in a team).

 Maintain inspection files, keep records up-to-date.

 Monitoring records of all NCR’s and corrective action disposition.

Responsibilities as QC Engineer /Welding Inspector:

 Spearheading efforts across Material identification, Preparation of Welding Procedures Welder Qualification, WPS/PQR/ITP review, Piping/welding Inspection and documentation, dimensional Verification.

 Reviewing filler wires and Electrodes of welding procedure Specification according to ASME Section 2 Part C & also checking while welding Inspection.

 Involved in Welding consumables handling and storage verification

 Witnessing welders Qualification test and qualifying welders for different base metals, thickness & diameter Ranges according to ASME Section 9.

 Controlling the welding of joints according to Isometric Drawings and Checking Diameter, Thickness, Drawing Number, & Class in welding Progress report.

 Monitoring the welders during welding for the right parameters as mentioned in WPS.

 Checking root weld of the Joint to surface & Rectifying any defects occurred on the root weld of the joint.

 Involved in Visual examination of the completed welded joints.

 Checking Pre-Heating & Post Heating of high thickness joint with thermocouples PWHT Machine to maintain temperature of post Heating According to specification.

 Reviewing The PWHT charts cooling rate, heating rate, soaking period according to specification and approving the charts.

 Reviewing the Hardness and NDT reports according to specification

 Witnessing pressure test, Radiographic film review, NDT witnessing & Document review, PWHT chart review, positive Material identification

 Reviewing the spool Releasing check sheet and releasing the spool for painting activities.

 Reviewing final Packages for Hydro-Tests, approving & releasing for Hydro-Test.

 Preparing the Punch items (before and after pressure test) for each pressure test packages related to piping and tie-in activities.

 Coordinate with construction, testing group for the preparation of test requirement of each test pack and facilitate close–out of any outstanding punch items before and after the pressure tests.

 Conducting tool box talk among the welding department, welders for the right practice to be carried out as per the specification.