CV, Hungarian Mech Engineer. A technician with worldwide experience

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Serial No: 12026

Skills keywords: computer skills, mechanical erection supervising, strong manual skills
Short Bio:

- Main qualification: Mechanical engineering technician
- Worked as a welding technologist, a qualified stick welder, a foreman and (mostly) as a mechanical erection supervisor (steel structures, tubings, welding, equipment, instruments etc.) in Hungary and 7 other countries of 3 continents (Mainland China, Taiwan, Iran etc.)
- Participated in testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up furthermore performance test activities as well.
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Current location: Pest County, Hungary - View on map
Nationality: Hungarian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , other
Spoken languages: english, Hungarian (native)
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Entrepreneur 2004~until recently; within this period:

Mechanical Erection Supervisor and Site Manager, working with the Italian DI&CI S.r.l. in the Primary Sedimentation Area of the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant 2008~2010. The main duties were as follows:

• Received shipments of equipment and materials; checked the items in terms of quality and quantity

• Scheduled, coordinated and supervised the activities of erection workers

• Resolved work problems and recommended measures to improve productivity and quality

• Trained workers in job duties

• Participated in daily meetings with the Main Contractor Degrémont-OTV

• Prepared work progress reports (in Hungarian and English as well)

• Purchased tools, auxiliary materials and labour safety equipment

• Was aware of and complied with all relevant safety policy

– Self-Employed Entrepreneur working with the Noyvallesina Engineering S.p.A., Italy


Mechanical Erection Supervisor and/or Site Manager

Worked at erection sites of various chemical plants (such as polymer, polyester, acrylic etc.) in numerous places as follows:

 Polymer, polyester and acrylic plants

Mainland China: Changde (1991), Yue Yang (1992), Qingdao (1993), Beijing (1994), Pingdingshan and Haikou (1995), Tianjin (1996), Changzhou (1997) and Pingdingshan extension (1998)

 Pipe rack erection for acrylic plant

Pakistan: Hattar (1999)

 Polymer plant in Taiwan: Tainan City (2000)

 Polyester plant in Iran: Yazd (2001~2003)

Main duties and activities on the above projects:

• Pipe rack erection

• Piping works: manufacturing spools on the site, installation of the spools, fittings, valves, accessories and instruments, performing the pressure test, pre-commissioning and commissioning work as well as performance test

• Received shipments; checked equipment and materials

• Studied documentations in order to get a comprehensive view of the plant and discover possible discrepancies and contradictions

• Conducted and checked erection of equipment, starting with the largest ones: Columns, towers > silos > melters, tanks > compressors, blowers > pumps etc.

• Directed prefabrication of special (e.g. jacketed) pipes furthermore the installation of all the other (process and utility) piping; checking the welding connections to make sure they comply with the local and/or international standards

• Preparing isometric drawings whenever the original ones – contained by the documentations – did not match the real situations

• Directed and checked instrument installations

• Installed sensitive and expensive devices (mostly instruments) whenever the local erection workers were not experienced/trained enough to let them do the job

• Conducted pre-commissioning

• Provided assistance to Mr Mario Messi Start-up Manager during commissionings and start-ups, as well as performance tests

• Performed other duties as assigned.

– With various Hungarian subcontractor companies in Hungary and abroad 1987~91

Qualified Welder

 Nagylengyel Oilfield, Hungary (high pressure oil pipes)

Connection pipeline construction from the field to

the degassing stations

 VEGYÉPSZER Factory in Salgótarján – Hungary

Spool prefabrication for Tengiz Project – in Kazakhstan)

 GANZ Bridge Co., Hungary (prefabricated bridge segments

for the M0 Motorway)

 PROSPERITAS – Austrian Unit

Gas pipelines and district heating piping erection in Vienna

Welding on working gas pipes underpressure

Manufacturing spools for ÖMV

 TOFREN MACCHINE Srl., Solto Collina, Italy

(heat resistant steel structures for power stations,

prefabricated pipeline elements)

– Hungarian State-Owned Construction Company No 31 – Libya Unit 1984~86


• Conducted the prefabrication, installation, welding and testing jobs of underground pipelines

• Controlled and organized the activities of a team of ~15 workers in a welded steel structure manufacturing workshop and – occasionally – on erection sites

• Studied the relevant documentations and optimized the fabrication process as well as the utilization of materials

• For lack of a quality control person in charge, I myself checked the quality of the products (dimensions, weldings etc.)

• Negotiated with the representative of the customer in doubtful situations in order to reach common ground.

– ÉGSZÖV Manufacturing Plant Szigethalom, Hungary 1979~1984


 Coordinated and supervised 22~28 employees in a welded metal structure manufacturing warehouse

 Trained employees in job duties

 Calculated the necessary amounts of manpower furthermore (main and auxiliary) materials

 Provided special trainings in order to improve labour safety

 Prepared reports of work progress

– Csepel Unique Engine Works (Csepeli Egyedi Gépgyár) Budapest, Hungary 1971~78

Welding Technologist

• Prepared written technological instructions for each welded structure in accordance with the relevant documentations and standards. The instructions determined the proper

o Preparations

o Welding procedures, parameters, consumables and auxiliary materials

o Quality checks (X-ray, ultrasonic etc.)

o Post-weld heat treatment (if any)

• Clarified questionable details (related to weldings) prior to and during manufacturing.



 Mechanical Engineering Technician (Kossuth Lajos Gépipari Technikum, Budapest, Hungary 1971)

 Trained Arc (Stick) Welder (Hungarian Standard; Budapest, 1986)

 Trained Gas Torch Welder (Hungarian Standard; Budapest, 1986)

o Qualified Pipe Welder EC II./b [Stick] (Hungarian Standard; Budapest 1987)

o Qualified Pipe Welder ER II [Stick] (DIN Standard; Budapest 1987)

o Qualified Heat Resistant Steel Welder QW-483 [Stick] (Italian Standard; Solto Collina, Italy, 1991)

 Computer Operator (PC Start Studio, Budapest, 2003)


English – upper intermediate level