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•Holds a master's degree in Petroleum Engineering and bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. +6 years of experience working within upstream oil and gas sector. Involved and managed +10 projects with different variety of scope, budget and challenges.
•Have experienced on reservoir characterization, PVT analysis, reservoir simulation and production surveillance in order to maximize asset value.

Current location: Banten, Indonesia - View on map
Nationality: Indonesian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


August 2012 – June 2014 Petroleum Engineering Master degree program


Bandung Institute of Technology

Graduated June 2014. GPA achieved: 3.54 / 4.0

Tittle of thesis: “Forecasting Field Case Performance of Naturally Fractured Reservoir by Incorporating Well Test Interpretation Using LGR & Pseudo Well Modeling in a Reservoir Simulation Model”

Skill developed:

• Reservoir characterization and reservoir simulation

• Design artificial lift for well and field production optimization

• Oil & Gas project management and economic evaluation

• Enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation

• Design surface facilities and process simulation

August 2003 – January 2008 Electrical Engineering Bachelor degree program

Automation and Control system

Brawijaya University, Malang

Graduated January 2008. GPA achieved: 3.45 / 4.0

Tittle of thesis : “ Smart Home Control System Based on Programmable Logic Controller”

Skills developed:

• Analyzing and designing fuzzy logic control, adaptive control, optimal control (LQR and LQG), Robust Control.

• Analyzing and designing control System using controller to the plant

• Automation in machine using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and pneumatic.


ExxonMobil Indonesia

March 2010 – Present Reservoir Technical Support Engineer

Professional Work

• Support the Reservoir Engineering team by providing basic reservoir engineering expertise in establishing reliable reservoir simulations models and providing the Asset unit with a long-term Field Development strategy and planning aimed at maximizing field value.

• Provide basic expertise in reservoir engineering to support the Head of Reservoir Engineering in managing the process of establishing reliable reservoir models.

• Develop technical application workflows associated with engineering skill areas

• In coordination with other subsurface professionals, support the formulation of reservoir surveillance and monitoring plans to enhance the reservoir characterization and the quality of reservoir models.

• Advise and promote the effective usage of engineering technology

• Participate in the identification, implementation and evaluation of new/upgraded engineering technology, To coordinate with various Exploration & production data owners to collate E & P data and conduct quality assurance & checks before accurately uploading it to the Corporate Database ensuring that databases are periodically updated and stay current with activities in EED in compliance to set policies, procedures, and standards

• Develop and deliver formal and informal technical training for engineering community

• Provide basic reservoir engineering expertise in helping to establish long-term field development strategy and plans from subsurface technology point of view.

Reservoir Simulation and Production Modeling

– Work on pressure transient analysis for several new well on NSO field/gas

– Develop reservoir surveillance plan with reservoir engineer for Banyu Urip /OIL full field

– Build petroleum economic evaluation model for Banyu Urip project

– Involved on artificial lift design for cepu gas project

Well and Surface Facilities

– Work on well integrity data by utilize wellview

– Develop process simulation to handle produce oil over the equipment capacity

– Conduct flow assurance study for North Sumatra Onshore field

– Develop Facilities Surveillance & Optimization tools for Banyu Urip full field

– Work with operation geoscience on real time drilling data.

July 2008 – February 2010 ExxonMobil Indonesia

Professional Work System Engineer

– Provided IT system integration for oil and gas businesses

– Managed Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity plan

– Deployed instrumentation & automation system for data center

Feb. 2006 – February 2008 University of Brawijaya

Student Assistant Control System Laboratory Assistant

– Provided student for basic control system, advanced control system and modern control system lecture in laboratory

– Performed regular maintenance on laboratory’s equipment

– Created, updated experiment syllabus and lecturer as necessary.


Fluid Characterization

Reservoir Simulation

Drilling Engineering

Production Engineering

Surface Facilities

Flow Assurance


Fluid Properties & Prediction Training, ExxonMobil Research Company

Skill developed:

Concepts methods for obtaining values of reservoir fluid properties from laboratory data and correlations. Chemical properties of hydrocarbons, conventional laboratory PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) tests and quality control. Phase diagrams, EOS, and fluid properties

Reservoir Simulation (Basic) Training, ExxonMobil Research Company

Skill developed:

Concepts in Reservoir Engineering required to perform reservoir fluid flow calculations, principles of material balance and flow calculations and how to solve the pressure equations. Reservoir simulation model set-up ,Gridding and well modeling, the flow equations , numerical methods in reservoir simulation, Permeability upscaling , petrophysical input

Primary Cementing Training, ExxonMobil Drilling Technical

Skill developed:

Design cement slurries using API and/or field adapted procedures. Design cement jobs to include casing, multi-stage, liner, and tie-back strings. Design and perform remedial (squeeze) cement jobs .Design cement plug slurries and selection of tools to improve overall job success

Fracture Closure Stress Training, ExxonMobil Drilling Technical

Skill developed:

Basic knowledge on mechanical properties for casing design and drilling fluids

Mud Lab School, Halliburton & ExxonMobil Drilling Technical

Skill developed:

In‐depth knowledge of drilling and completion fluids testing and technology as well as products and systems. Developed the skills needed to test & report drilling fluids data.

Production Engineering Overview Training, John Campbell

Skill developed:

Fundamental concept of production engineering and hydrocarbons production cycle. Well testing, nodal analysis, casing string, tubing selection, artificial lift, typical lower completions, production operations (stimulations, wireline and coiled tubing)

Oil and Gas Processing Technology Training, John Campbell

Skill developed:

Oil production facilities – from the wellhead to the delivery of a specification crude oil product to the refinery. Both onshore and offshore facilities. Produced water treating and water injection systems, Solution gas handling processes and equipment, engineering aspect of oil production facilities and practical operating problems.

Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Systems for Facilities Engineers

Overview of electrical power generation and distribution, process and safety systems instrumentation, and control strategies and configurations. The focus is on application and integration into the process and control of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities.

OLGA Flow Assurance Training, SPT Group

Skill developed:

Basic multiphase production hydraulics and thermal issues, Introduction to OLGA topology and basic assumptions. Flow Assurance issues for oil and gas-condensate production. Terrain slugging mitigation, hydrodynamic slugging and OLGA Slug tracking. Shut-in, cool-down, start-up and depressurization of a well-flow line-riser configuration Gas condensate pipeline-modeling – characteristic steady state behavior, pigging, turndown, ramp-up, three-phase flow

EDGE 2014 Conference (ExxonMobil Engineering &Geoscience Conference) -Presenter

Presented topic “Enable Real Time Drilling System”

Skill developed:

System integration on real time drilling technology Collaboration between drilling engineer, operation geologist, and reservoir engineer

Computer Ability

Petroleum Engineering

Productivity tools Familiar to use and do normal/some specialized workflow :

EMPower (Prop. Reservoir Simulator) IPM Suite (Prosper, MBAL, GAP) ,Ecrin, EMWellPro (Prop. Torque and Drag analysis) OFM &OVS , PEEP, PVTSim, WellView , WellCat (Advanced tubular design), and OLGA

Familiar using computer program:

Toad, Microsoft Office, SAP


November 2006 – Maret 2007 General Head Electrical Excellent Creativity 2007

Manage Finance &esources, arrange the schedule, organizing committee and controlling:

• Next Generation Communication Technology National Seminar 2006

• Technopreneurship National Seminar 2007

• Electronic Web Design Competition 2007 and Web content & Security National Seminar 2007

June 2006 – Mei 2007 Head External Department Electrical Engineering College Student Association 2006/2007

April 2006 Head Project Assistant “Automation Technology & Implementation Control System” Seminar

June 2005- August 2005 Steering Committee and Vice Head Coordinator Evaluation team Training for Engineering Faculty New Student Brawijaya University