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I have spent the past number of years working in the Middle East from Saudi , Bahrain ,Egypt, Dubai,and Abu Dhabi i come from the old school and love to work on a project from start to finish and also like to explain all to the client while the projects going on and give him 100%
A lot of the projects i have work on you shall see in my CV and also should you require more information as well as photos from start to finish and i do know you will find them interesting

Current location: Ireland - View on map
Spoken languages: English some Arabic
Location I am interested in working: Oman



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates                                                 January 2010 up to 2012

Position:                        Senior Landscape & Maintenance Supervisor

Oversee and assist in the planning, organizing, directing and coordinating of all the activities that the workers are engaged in. This includes new landscaping, maintenance & grounds- keeping and weekly & monthly reports. I would also oversee and assist in the planting of  new landscape and grass areas. As a supervisor I must assign duties to the landscape workers and supervise their finished products as well as being responsible for the quality of the finished product of landscape. I would evaluate all of my staff’s performance as well being responsible for training and monitoring my workforce to make sure the work was completed to the client’s satisfaction and to a very high standard. Ensure the proper application of all landscape chemicals. I am responsible for communicating with the client, as well with the consultant and providing customer service. Responsible for reviewing contracts, preparing estimates, preparing tenders, securing the necessary tools and materials. Prepare weekly and monthly reports for meetings. Site inspections to check on QA of works based on given specifications.  

Reporting directly to the Director of Facilities Management.  Landscape & Horticulture Maintenance Supervisor.          

LANDSCAAPE  IDEAS                                                             February 2009 up to 2010

Kingdom of Bahrain

Position:                                  Executive Projects Manager

Tasks and Responsibilities

Overall running of Landscape Ideas.  Managing and overseeing of the project’s progress,

Execution and completion so it is done in an orderly & safe manner and delivering a high standard.  Organizing daily project tasks and schedules for landscaping and nursery crews.

Marketing, meeting and corresponding with consultants, new and existing clients about the company and project progress. Researching and preparing recommendations for the projects materials and nursery. Management of company budget for projects and company office material. Reporting daily progress to the Director of operations, and preparation of weekly & monthly reports on progress. Preparing quotations to be submitted for tender (both medium and large tenders). Completing tasks that may come up on daily basis, such as staff problems, procurement,  design or  landscape issues with client and consultant to ensure that the work is  completed as per the design, and to the client’s and consultant’s satisfaction. Ensuring office staff prepare their tasks, and on schedule.  Maintaining the general welfare and safety of all employees. I was also involved in the construction of a New Turf Farm here in Bahrain of 5000sqm.

Reporting directly to the Managing Director.   

Nass Landscaping                                                     January 2008 up to January 2009

Kingdom of Bahrain

 Position:                                  Nursery & Construction Projects Manager.

  •  Construction of 10 Hectares Plant Nursery and Tree farm, probably the largest nursery in the Kingdom of Bahrain once completed.
  • In charge of the procurement and propagation of plants to supply the requirements of ongoing construction and landscaping projects in Bahrain including King Hamad Hospital, Riffa Views Golf Course, Riffa Public Landscape, Durrat  Al  Bahrain.
  • Construction of Tent Shade for Acclimatization of palms and trees from Thailand and Far East. The tree farm covered 7000 sqm  and is able to hold  7000 semi  to  mature  trees.  Tree farms  are  different  in  middle east to  tree  farms in  Europe  or  America due to climate change .In Europe most Tree farms are open in Europe  compared to the middle east and don’t require  acclimatization houses as most of  the  trees  that have been  imported  from  Asia or India have been taken as  cuttings  and  take from the  mother Trees and started in propagation houses  this  is  the  secret of  success in a tree  farm or the  other way is just  to  buy in what  we  call saplings  which we  have also done  in the past, and then  feed them with a  good  slow  release  feed  and  at a later  stage  start to increase them  with a boaster to encourage  growth to bring them an approved  size  in the  past this has worked  and  i have found  that is  also a  good  way  for saving money and also  in the long  term  making  money  the  company  but  this  will also depend  on the  trees  that  we shall  have  to  produce for  the  market  in Russia due  to the  climate    The largest of the shade houses will cover 7000sqm as well as a mother plant house. The other three shade houses are house 1 and 2 size 4700 sqm and number 3 size 1900 sqm. Also we have constructed 2 dome shade houses 100 sqm each. At present the Nursery has a staff of 156 people.
  • In charge of the overall management of plant nursery including representation of meetings and submission of reports to top management and consultants.
  • Reporting directly to the General Manager.


 SELF EMPLOYED in Ireland                                                          2004 up to October 2007

 ARAS AN UACHTARIAN PHOENIX PARK    Year 1999 to April 2004

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

 Position:                                 Estate and Project Manager

  • Responsible for the designing of new beds, overall lawn and grounds maintenance to the up-keep of the courtyards of the official residence of THE PRESIDENT OF IRELAND, the PHOENIX PARK DUBLIN built 1751.
  • The Arashas its own nursery and all of the plants both summer and winter bedding are grown in the nursery. Equipment utilised was a Husqvarna lawn tractor, Westwood Lawn Tractors the Ransome tg 4650-7 gang mower and the John Deere cylinder mower ride on The Aras has a workforce of 150 personnel covering 200 acres. The phoenix park is the largest enclosed park inEuropewithin its circumference of seven miles covering 1,752 acres / 710 hectares. It is also the home of theNationalBotanic Garden.
  • Reporting directly to the Head of the National Botanical Gardens and to the  Office of  Public works.


Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland.   

Bachelor of Science.c (Hons) (Horticulture & Landscaping), First Class.

Senior Certificate (Hons) in Amenity Horticulture & Landscaping.

National Diploma ( Hons) in Horticulture & Landscaping.