CV, Greece Based IT Technician With Practical And Lecturing Experience

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 20126
(11/09/1976, male)
Skills keywords: engineer
Short Bio:

I have been a graduate student in “European Studies in Regional Development”, Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly.
I have graduated from Brighton University, with a MSc in Digital Electronics (Sept. 2001). I hold a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sussex University.

Current location: Thessalia Sterea Ellada, Greece - View on map
Nationality: Greek
Preferred Sector of Employment:  IT and Technology, education and training
Spoken languages: english, Greek
Location I am interested in working: Belgium, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Middle East, Netherlands, Oman, qatar, switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Relevant Qualifications

10 Oct 09–10 Mar 11
MSc in European Studies in Regional DEvelopment
University of Thessaly

Thesis: E-Government and Administrative Reform. Reorganization Procedures for better quality and faster service to citizens

1 Oct 99–30 Sep 01
MSc in Digital Electronics
Universities of Brighton and Sussex

Project in application of nonlinearity to wavelet-transformed images to improve correlation filter performance by using Matlab 5.3.(Signal and Image Toolboxes).This project involves the description of the effect of a preprocessing operation applied to a DOG filtered image. There will be an examination of the performance of the nonlinear correlator in terms of its immunity to both in-plane and out-of-plane distortions, discrimination ability, noise tolerance and light efficiency in comparison with the classical matched filter (CMF) and the phase-only filter (POF).

1 Oct 96–30 Jun 99
BEng Electrical/Electronic Engineering

University of Sussex

My degree course combined theoretical knowledge and laboratory experience. From practical work I learnt to operate well in a small team, to prepare thoroughly and work systematically.

Final year project on UHF Phased Array Receiver System. This project involves the design and construction of a receiver to operate at 1GHz in conjunction with an array, which already exists. This receiver will be capable to receive signals from strong radio sources.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue(s) Greek

Listening/ Reading/ Spoken interaction/ Spoken production

English C2 C2 C2 C2 C2

Levels: A1/A2: Basic user – B1/B2: Independent user – C1/C2: Proficient user

Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through my work experience abroad;

Good communication skills gained through my experience as sales manager.

Organisational / managerial skills Leadership (currently responsible for a team of 10 people);

Sense of organisation (experience in logistics);

Good experience in project or team management

Career Summary

14 Feb 12–29 Jun 12
IT Lecturer
SDE (School of Second Chance) Judicial Prisons of Larissa, Larissa (Greece)

1 Feb 11–30 Sep 11
Electronics engineer
Technical Chamber of Greece, DEPARTMENT OF CENTRAL & WESTERN Thessaly, Larissa (Greece)

Commissioned a study in the Working Group on “Webpage design of Technical Chamber of Greece, Department of Central & Western Thessaly”.

1 Oct 10–4 Jul 11
Adjunct Lecturer
Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, Larissa (Greece)

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department

14 Oct 10–30 Jun 11
I.T. Lecturer
SDE (School of Second Chance) Judicial Prisons of Larissa, Larissa (Greece)
Adjunct Lecturer

1 Apr 10–30 Apr 10
Electronics engineer
Technical Chamber of Greece, Larissa (Greece)
Technical support on e-election of Technical Chamber of Greece

1 Apr 10–30 Jun 10
I.T. Lecturer
SDE (School of Second Chance) Judicial Prisons of Larissa, Larissa (Greece)
Adjunct Lecturer

1 May 09–30 Sep 09
Electronics engineer
Technical Chamber of Greece, DEPARTMENT OF CENTRAL & WESTERN Thessaly, Larissa, Larissa (Greece)

Commissioned a study in the Working Group on “Webpage Design of the Municipal Gallery – Museum GI Katsigra.”

1 Oct 08–30 Jun 09
SDE (School of Second Chance) Mouzaki, Larissa (Greece)
Adjunct Lecturer

17 Jul 07–11 Mar 09
Electronics engineer
OLYMPOS DAIRY, Larissa (Greece)

Manager of Technical Department. Responsible for maintenance and repair works to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of machinery.

1 Jul 07–30 Jul 07
Electronics engineer
Melas Tsalmas, Larissa (Greece)

I.T. Technician

1 Aug 04–30 Dec 06
Electronics engineer
H.O.M.S S.A, Larissa (Greece)

Analysis and Programming of Squadron Operational Management System for the Hellenic Aiforce. My duty involved to understand and analyzing the requirement’s of the Hellenic Airforce System, database modeling and implementation, Gui design, identifying and resolving problems in existing systems, deriving required enhancements, client testing in order to identify problems and deficiencies, application deployment and staff training, ongoing support, maintenance and upgrading. Also I was occupied with the support of the networking management of the company, which involved a distributed database, autopolling of network devices, and high-end workstations generating real-time graphical views of network topology changes and traffic

1 Dec 02–28 Feb 03
Electronics engineer
Hlektrorama A.E., Larissa (Greece)

Electronics engineer

15 Oct 12–28 Jun 13
Adjunct Lecturer in Information Technology at the Manpower Employment Organization
Manpower Employment Organisation (O.A.E.D)

Software Engineering(UML), C Programming, Networking II

14 Feb 13–28 Jun 13
Adjunct Lecturer in Web Design