CV, Food Industry Operations Manager Targeting Europe

I am currently unavailable for work
Serial No: 25479
(05/28/1966, male)
Skills keywords: efficiency, labour, layout factory, leadership, manage gp, problem solving, products, training
Short Bio:

27 years experience as pastry chef and moved to management 12 years ago
running the operation of a biscuit factory in South Africa (800 employees )
and looking for new challenge .
Knowledge and strong on efficiency, product and labour .
Knowledge also in snack industry as pop chips .

Current location: cape town - View on map
Nationality: french
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, General Management, Hotel and Catering
Spoken languages: french english
Location I am interested in working: Australia, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom


Main Skills: Pastry /biscuit /cake / management and development /coordination
Recipe’s, problem solving /control of labour and products efficiency

Formation: Cooking /chef de party /grill /sauce /


Secondary Schooling

Year Matriculated: 1982 France

Last School Attended: France

Subject:s Patisserie, confisery , chocolate, glacier, pastry , confectionary ,chocolate , ice cream

Achievements Diploma: Certificated aptitude professional
Certificate of ability professional

Education – Tertiary

Year: 1982/1984

Qualification: C.A.P patissier/confiseur/chocolatier/glacier
Pastry /confectioner/chocolate /ice cream
Institution: C.F.A Carros nice

Courses Attended:

Certificates/Seminars/Internal Training

Year/ Duration/ Course Institution

2006 6 months Dynamic of a successful management S.M.I

2007 1 week HACCP food safety NQF level 4 HACCP Academy

2007 2 days First aid level 1 Medical education center

Experience Overview

1 Had appropriate training only 2 Limited practical experience 3 Solid practical experience 4 Well versed, extensive experience 5 Expert, extensive experience

Type of Experience: Experience In years/ DateLast used/ Skill level

Pastry and baking industry (pastry, cake, biscuit, cake etc….) 27 yrs –  2012 – 5

Management 10 yrs  2012 – 5

Coordinator 8 yrs –  2012 – 5

Career Summary

Period 1982/1984
Position Apprentice
Company Au pavet d argent (NICE,France)

Learn and practice old technique of pastry with a master pastry chef

Learn and practice old technique of chocolate ,manufacture of chocolate interior

Learn and practice old technique of sugar, cooking, pooling, and master piece

Learn and practice old technique of confectionary manufacture of fresh marzipan, modelling of fruit in marzipan and painting with pipette

Learn and practice old technique of manufacturing different cream

Reason for Leaving End of contract

Period 1984/1988
Position Pastry
Company Name Au pavet d argent (NICE,France)

Reason for Leaving End of the contract

Responsibilities Carry the production of pastry for the shop

From cake to croissant , chocolate , variety of pastry and confectionary

Period 1988/1989
Position Pastry chef
Company Name La Madeliene (South Carolina /USA )

Responsibilities Running the pastry section on my own

Adapt recipes with the local raw material

Cake for special occasion

Reason for Leaving: End of contract

Period 1989/1990
Position Cooking formation
Company Name L African Queen (beaulieu sur mer /France )

Responsibilities Learning the different technique in cooking from different position

Start at the cold (salad , sea food)

Pizza , sauce , hot corner meat and fish ,grill and then pass

Reason for Leaving: End of contract

Period 1990/1991
Position Pastry chef
Company Name La forest noir (nice France )

Responsibilities In charge of the pastry section for the shop and special order

Reason for Leaving: End of the contract

Period 1992/1994
Position Sous chef de cuisine
Company Name Le Trou Gourmand ( nice /france )

Responsibilities Running the desert section and the sauce departement

Reason for Leaving: End of contract

Period 1994/1996
Position Chef of production
Company Name Panidor (nice /france )

Responsibilities Scheduling the production /Backer/ pastry /opening and closing of the shop

Reason for Leaving: End of contract

Period 1996/1997
Position Pastry chef /bakery production manager
Company Name La brioche (Johannesburg /south Africa )

Responsibilities Oversee production and scheduling of bakery products

Develop new products (bread and pastry)

Identifying and solving production problem /quality control

Managing staff

Reason for Leaving: Personal growth

Period 1998/1999
Position Bakery manager /pastry chef/share holder
Company Name Le petit croissant ( cape town south Africa )

Reason for Leaving: Maturity of investment /sale of share

Period 1999/2000
Position Pastry chef
Company Name Head chef (catering company for the movie industry )

Responsibilities All pastry section developed pastry to be serve on set

Reason for Leaving: End of contract

Period 2000/2003
Position Running the all kitchen
Company Name Restaurant le trou gourmand (Nice France )

Responsibilities Responsible to run the all kitchen from preparing the menu of the day do the service and the pastry section

Reason for Leaving: End of contract return to South Africa

Period 2003/2004
Position Pastry chef
Company Name Le Quarter deck (Grand west casino Cape Town )

Responsibilities Redo the all buffet of pastry and trained the staff (help in cooking dept)

Reason for Leavin: Better position offer

Period 2004/To Date
Position From production manager to operational manager (10 years ) for 2 factories
Company Name Nibbly bits (manufacturer of hand craft biscuit for Woolworth ,Kuai ,Olli ,clicks ,Mellissa’s , bokomo)

Snack factory: Woolworth/Australia/simba(Lays)

Peoples: between 550 to 850 in high season

Responsibilities Running of the all operation for 2 factory snack factory and biscuit factory

Key activity Ensure that operation run according to customer requirement

Set up production plan

Ensure that order are send out full and in quality require

Ensure facility is clean and up to standard

Ensure smooth communication between department

Identify staff problem /need

Manage labour efficiency

Manage product efficiency

Manage gross profit

Ensure that equipment is in running condition

Investigate new machinery and new technologies for the factory

Part of monthly HACCP meeting and ensure implementation and continuous improvement

Make recommendation and give input

Manage weekly management meeting


Performance indicator review of each member in the area

Promote hygiene awareness and the reduction of hazard throughout the process

Monitor and provide effective solution to non-conformance

Start the new factory from scratch

Purchase of new equipment

Install and create flow for the new factory

Planning of production for factory 2

Training of the staff