CV, Export Executive Seeking Work In Gatwick, UK

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 23802

Skills keywords: excellent computer skills, export, import, logistics
Short Bio:

I am experienced in Import and Export, logistics and administration and have been working for an exporting company for 6 years while continuously striving for the best possible management and execution of projects for exports.

I have excellent experience in managing projects for export to our clients abroad and phenomenal client service skills.

Current location: South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: Afrikaans, english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom

Career Summary

Employer : Import Kaleidoscope
Job Title : Exporter
Period : 2009 – 2015

Job Responsibilities

• Receive Request for Quotation from clients.

• Obtain best export prices direct from manufacturers

• With hazardous cargo – ensure that correct packaging standards are adhered to.

• Ensure that agreed upon Term of sale is adhered to.

• Produce Pro-Forma Invoice for client.

• Receive Purchase order

• Request Pro forma invoices from manufacturer and send proof of payment so that delivery runs smoothly and efficiently.

• In case of oil, chemicals, or hazardous materials, MSDS’s are obtained

• Certificates of analysis are obtained where applicable.

• Packaging would be done according to International Standards required.

• When non-hazardous goods are received, goods are packed, items are weighed and dimensions are taken.

• Bureau Veritas inspection is booked according to IATA regulations on all cargo by sea and on certain air freight consignments.

• Delivery notes are made for all collections or deliveries of goods.

• A booking is made with all Airlines, confirming the weights and dimensions and description of goods. On hazardous cargo, UN numbers, Packing Group and instructions are forwarded to the Airline.

• Ensuring delivery demands are adhered to.


University studies:

Certificate : PIFM/PIVA Import and Export Management, Logistics and administration.
Year : 2014
Institution : University of South Africa
Level : Completed in 2014

Subjects Passed : PRFM01N Explanation of International Trade PRFM02P Importing and customs clearance process PRFM03Q Freight Forwarding PRFM04R Export Practices and cargo-handling methods

Degree : Interior Design
Year : 2007-2008
Institution : Tswane University of Technology
Level : Completed 1st year 2007

Subjects Passed : Three Dimensional Design I, Two Dimensional Design I, Typography I, Design Principles I, Study of Materials I. Figure Studies I, General Drawing 1

School studies:

Qualification : Grade 12
School : Hoërskool Wonderboom
Year : 2006

Subjects : Physical Science, Higher Grade, Computer Sciences, Business Studies, Afrikaans (First language), Higher Grade, English (Second language); Higher Grade, Hotel and Catering, Higher Grade


Personal Values & Strengths

Personal values or life philosophy is of utmost importance and a driving force. Values that are important to me include:

• Christianity, honouring God in all my actions.

• Integrity and objectivity.

• Honesty.

• Achievement, social as well as career related, through hard work and determination.

Personal strengths include:

• Strong sense of ambition and the will to succeed.

• Being able to motivate and advise others in achieving the desired outcome in both work and personal lives.

• The ability to conduct responsibilities independently and being accountable for them.

• Balancing career, family and social life.

• Adhering to deadlines set and other constraints.

• Easily adaptable to changing environments.

• Outstanding knowledge of the Foreign Exchange rates and International Standards for exporting.

• Going the extra mile to delivering work of the highest standard that I can be personally proud of.

• Being able to collaborate and work in a team, whether as team leader or subordinate.

• The ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

• Attending to detail and conducting tasks with an analytical view.

• Taking own initiative and exercising a problem solving state of mind.