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CV, Experimental Electrical Motors Engineer Seeks Worldwide Position

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7312
(18/09/1966, male)
List top 5 skills: electric machines, electric motor drives, power electronics, transformers, vsd vfd
Short Bio:

Development of various steady-state and dynamic models of induction machinery.
Development of various control schemes for induction machinery.
Development and realization of a complete Indirect Vector Control system.
Obviously, during development, much work was done on evaluation & testing of both electric machines and their control-scheme components and sub-assemblies.
I have considerable knowledge of the following:

• Power Electronics
• Mosfets
• Transformers
• Current measurement
• Converters/ DC-DC & buck converters
• Motor drives
• Full bridge/half bridge rectification
• Inverters
As a team player and fast learner, I feel sure I will contribute to your company’s technical team.

Current location: 

England, United Kingdom - View on map

Spoken languages: 

english, french, Greek

Locations I am interested in working:

Belgium, canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


1999 PhD (with Honors) in Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH.).

DOCTORAL THESIS (in the area of Electric Motor Drives)

Loss Minimisation in Vector Controlled Motors and Rotor Time Constant Estimation

1990 Diploma in Electrical Engineering with a GPA of 7/10, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH.).

1984 A level equivalent grades

Maths : 16/20 = 80%

Physics : 17/20 = 85%

Greek : 20/20 = 100%

Chemistry: 18/20 = 90%


Doctoral & postdoctoral research has endowed me with the following skills:

• Modeling of motor drives, especially Indirect Vector Control Drives (IVCD).

• Hardware Implementation of the complete motor drive.

• Design and calculations of the full armature of induction motors.

• Design of power electronics devices, such as SMPS, Inverters, Rectifiers.

• Algorithm design, like Rotor Time Constant Estimator (RTCE), Combined Search Controller-RTCE and Combined Loss-model Controller-RTCE.

• Simulation of IVCD with embedded estimators/controllers, both in steady-state (MATLAB –SIMULINK) and transients (SIMNON).

• Fuzzy Neural Network-FNN competency and C++ programming.


2003-2004 Consultant & Researcher, freelance .

As a researcher was involved in several electric machine & drives projects. The most important are listed below:

 Design of a transformer ageing predictor. Although the project was suspended at an early stage, the aim was to develop a simple and cost-effective estimator based on current & voltage measurements only.

The project was initially to be funded by the Secretariat of Industry, but the fiscal crisis prevented it.

 Supervision/design of various power supplies, both linear & switched, all being part of theses in the T.E.I.TH.

My contribution usually was in the power converters included in the switched power supplies. Most of the times it was around Buck/Boost & Flyback DC-DC converters.

 Redesign of a KHM 3ph, 55kW induction motor armature.

Funded by a municipal authority in Thessaloniki, Greece.

My contribution included calculations, simulation, practical wiring aspects & communicating with the rewiring workshop.

 Design of a special transformer with a tertiary “control “ winding. It was based on an AEG 3ph, 50 kW, 20/0.4 kV distribution transformer, modified along the lines of the Wanlass motor.

Joint project of AEG Hellas & the A.U.TH. Main researcher, regarding theoretical analysis, calculations, simulation & practical winding aspects.

 Partial design of special purpose Buck converter.

Helping a colleague with practical aspects of the power module (switching & rectification).

 Design of a novel induction motor, with Double In Series Winding. It was based on an ABB 3ph, 0.75 kW motor.

 Design of a special switch to implement the change from Half to Full winding mode & vice versa. It was based on a modified Y-D commutator.

Both projects were funded by the A.U.TH. & the General Secretariat of Technology. Main researcher, regarding theoretical analysis, calculations, simulation & testing.

 Design of an IGBT switched Voltage Fed Inverter for motor drive applications.

Project funded by the A.U.TH. & the General Secretariat of Technology. Main researcher, regarding theoretical analysis, calculations, simulation, actual construction & testing.

Under the capacity of consultant was mainly contracted as

 Technical Supervisor at the OLYMPIC SA (Thessaloniki, Greece). Responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of electric/electronic equipment and networks.

 Lead engineer & project manager for the complete restoration of a 20,000 sq. ft. hotel-building, in time & within budget limits (about 350k GBP). It included detailed scheduling of the reconstruction procedure, set way-points & time goals. The materiel on demand was integral part of the planning. An interdisciplinary crew of 15-25 people were at disposal.

1/2004-4/2006 Operational Engineer under contract of the Hellenic Transmission System Operator.

Main responsibility the stability control of the Greek electrical grid and component maintenance scheduling (mainly power transformers & circuit breakers).

Main achievement was the impeccable grid functioning during the Olympic games of 2004.


Technical Manager in EMS Electronics, a company marketing, installing and integrating telecommunication equipment.

Main responsibility the design and construction of customized ISDN networks for large customers (commercial banks, insurance companies, A.U.TH. etc). Also, was responsible for the communication with international contacts and provide technical advice to customers & to the sales manager.

6/1992-11/1992 Field Engineer in theTechnical Support Dept. of INNOVA SYSTEMS, a company marketing CAD, CAM & SIM systems for the textile industry.

Responsible for installing & servicing the complete range of automation systems the company marketed.



Scientific Associate in the Dept. of Electronics, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (T.E.I.TH.).

Lecturing on Electric Circuits & Measurements, Power Electronics & Telecommunications.

Scientific Associate in the Dept. of Marine Engineers, Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia (A.E.N.MAK.).

Lecturing on Electric Machines & Automation Systems.


Research Associate in the Dept. of Informatics & Communication, Technological Educational Institute of Serres (T.E.I.S.).

Researching on Fuzzy Neural Networks applications.


Scientific Associate in the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Teaching assistance in Electric Circuits, both theory & Lab.

Research is found under Engineering Experience.


English: Fluent

French: Fair knowledge

Russian taken lessons for one year.



MS Office suite

MS Visio

C, C++ AC/DC Motor Drives

AC/DC Armature

Power Electronics




Converters/ DC-DC & buck converters

Full bridge/half bridge rectification


EMC understanding