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Serial No: 25276
(10/05/1969, male)
Skills keywords: business manager, loss control, loss prevention manager, security manager, security specialist
Short Bio:

As a security specialist I have vast experience in Bank , Hotel and Property security including other related industries such as touring and tours. The foundation of my security experience was laid by my service in the South African Defense Force. My two years spent in the UK as a security project manager gave me the international experience I needed, to become a successful security manger back in South Africa. Working for Nedbank as a regional loss control manager exposed me to a cooperate culture.

Current location: South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South Africa
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Hotel and Catering, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: Enclish, english, English Dutch
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Education &  Courses

SUBJECTS – English, Afrikaans, Math’s, Accounting, History, Biology

UNIVERSITY: BA Degree (Free State University)
SUBJECTS: Communication Science, Political Science, Sociology, Statistics, Research Methodology, Military History, Political History, English










• ALARM SYSTEMS – System Design and Installation

• CCTV SYSTEM – System Design and Installation, Camera operation

• ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS – Application and Operation

• SAFES,- Application and operation

• BULLET PROOF GLASS – Application



Course Modules:

• Principles of investigation-

• Crime Scene preservation

• Witness Questioning

• Evidence Presentation

• Court Procedures

• Human Behavior

• Staff Motivation

• Security registers

• Report Writing

• Conflict Resolution

• Security Management


Course Modules

• Security Technology

• Inspections

• Emergency management

• Statements

• Communication

• Orders and Instructions

• Doing in service staff training

• Supervision

• Group Relations

• Conducting Parades


Course Modules

• Report Writing

• Treat assessment

• Protection of information

• Occupational Health and Safety 2

• Fire Fighting

• Legal Aspects 3

• Self Defense


Course Modules

• Fire Treat assessment

• Public Relations

• Occupational Health and Safety 1

• Search Procedure

• Legal Aspects 2

• Radio Communication

• Pocket Books

• Self Defense


Course Modules

• Public Relations

• Discipline

• Observation

• Occupational Health and Safety 1

• Legal Aspects

• Industrial Relations

• Patrol Work

• Radio Comms

• Self Defense


Course Modules

• Armed Reaction

• Customer Relations

• Emergency Procedures

• Fire Arm Legal Aspects

• Crime scene procedure

• Challenge procedure

• Victim Management

• Court procedure







Career Summary

1: SANDF – 1988- 1993
POSITION: OPERATIONAL MEDIC (Non commissioned officer)


Provided first response medical services to

• Combat Operations

• Combat exercises

• Natural Disasters

• Manmade Disasters

• Large Events

• Political Events

Medical response was provided as an embedded medic, vehicle casavac or aerial casavac.

My other duties included

• Base duty officer

• Central Medical Command – Emergency coordinator – officer on duty

• Emergency Theatre assistant

• Ambulance Driver and Crew

I was captain of the Free State Command rugby team in 1993 we won the league

2: SOUTHERN SUN – 1995


Provided hospitality services to teams staying in the hotel for the Rugby World Cup, this included setting up all press conferences, food and beverage stations, Setup training rooms, medical facilities and recreation facilities. (Teams – Old Blacks, Wales, Scotland, Ireland)

3: RESOLUTION UK – 1997 – 1998
Resolution is a company run by former SAS soldiers and specialize in specialist asset protection


I started new contracts for Resolution. I worked as site manager on new sites, in the process developing and implementing all safety and security protocols for the site and client


• Hempel Hotel( 5 Star Boutique Hotel) – Security Manager (12 Months)

Resolution security was the hotels first security company. I was part of the initial security team on site. It was part of my function to conduct a risk assessment and develop security procedures for the site and then implement these procedures. The hotel had many VVIP guests staying there or frequenting the restaurant. It was our task to ensure the guests safety, anonymity and peacefulness. The security team conducted twice daily treat assessments and protection planning meetings based on the arriving guests. The evenings were particularly important as the restaurant attracted many celebrities for which prior security planning was difficult. One of our greatest challenges was dealing with the media.

• Chanel Fine Jewelry (Bond Street) – Loss prevention manager

• Tiffany & CO, – Loss prevention officer

• Reuters UK – Control room manager ( 10 000 staff , 8000 door access control system, 400 cctv cameras 25 buildings) – Westringhouse access control system


Sultan of Brunei, Owners of Chanel worldwide, George Michael, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith , Michael Stype (REM)

4: NEDBANK – 1999 – 2005


I was in charge of the current account help desk at the Nedbank call center. I had 12 call agents reporting to me. My responsibilities included, quality control, call volume management, client services and personnel management.




I was responsible for all physical safety and security aspects of the branch and ATM network my duties included.

• Contract Management
 Managed the contracts of 15 suppliers – Guarding, Electronic Security, Access Control, Safes, Bullet Resistant Glass

• Project Management
 See Example( Design and implement of security systems and protocols in new branches and ATM,s)

• Quality Management
 Implemented and managed quality management systems for guarding , electronic security systems, cash in transit and internal security procedures

• Training
 Provided staff training in robbery behavior, counterfeit money , card fraud and crime scene preservation

• Managed systems repair and maintenance
 I was responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the security system in the branches – Alarms systems, CCTV systems, Access control systems and safes

• Criminal Investigations
 I lead a team of two investigators that investigated all crime incidents that happened in my branch network such as robberies, ATM bombings, Cheque Fraud, Card Fraud, Client robberies and break-ins

• Client Services
 I would liaise with clients if they were victims of crime in the Nedbank branch network – Crime would include bank robberies, ATM robberies, Card Fraud and Cheque Fraud

• Media Services
 I was the Nedbank media spokesperson for my regions in relation to any questions about crime in the Nedbank branch network

• Statistical analysis and planning
 I would do a Monthly, quarterly and yearly analysis of bank crime in my regions. Based on these stats I will together with my team formulate responses and solutions to crime highlighted by the stats.

• System Design
 Alarms, CCTV ,Access Control, Safes , Bullet proof glass – See example

• Operational management
 The day to day security operations was also my responsibility such guard placement and availability (If a guard does not arrive for duty in the morning the branch cannot open till a guard is onsite) ,

• Special project management
 Nedbank would provide banking services to events such as the National Arts Festival, I would be responsible for the bank security at the event.

• Site Inspections – See example

• Disaster Management
 Develop a disaster management plan for each branch. Assist with execution of the disaster management plan during an incident such as fire and flooding

• Incident Management
 Manage the process during a security incident such as bank robberies, Bombings, Hostage situations. I would deal with the Police, staff and clients if involved. I have experience all three scenarios

• Policy and Procedure development and Implementation
 Certain branches had a requirement for a range of security processes and procedure unique to them.

• Inter-agency co operation
 Police, private security, emergency services and local government institutions

• High value asset protection.
 I was responsible for all security measures and procedures pertaining safe deposit boxes.

• Health and Safety
 Made sure all branches implement health and safety policies and that all documentation are up to date.

• Undercover operations
 Authorized and Managed all undercover operations both internal and external operations.

• Cash Management.
 Determined branches cash holdings based on the branches risk profile. Ensured branches do not breach their cash limits

• Loss prevention audits –
 Oversaw branch asset audits and investigated asset losses

Career Highlights

• 2004 -2005: Chairperson of the South African Banking Council – Eastern Cape Region (Council of Police, Banks, Cash In Transit Companies and Emergency Services

• 2000 – 2005: Chairperson for the NEDBANK Safety & Security Committee (Regional Managers, Branch Managers, Divisional Heads and Suppliers)

I had 15 different suppliers reporting to me and a compliment of 300 guards from 3 different companies reporting to me.


I was responsible for the security installation project management for all new branches in my region.

Nedbank Retail would send me the address of a proposed new branch. I would do a risk assessment of the shopping center and area. This would include analyzing the areas crime stats , meeting with regions police crime intelligence officer, interviewing business owners in the area, look at the access and escape routes and doing an inspection of the proposed property. I would then provide a detailed risk report to the project team.

If the project team moves ahead with the branch build I would work with the design team to make sure all security concerns are addressed. I would assist with teller placement, safe placement, fire escapes and routes, ATM placement and general access. The project team would send me the final design template to sign off, I would then use this design template to design the security systems for the branch. I would start with the design of the alarm system. A bank alarm system is a complex system with various elements not usually found in normal alarm systems, such shock detectors to sense explosive being detonated. After the alarm system design I would design the cctv installation moving on to the access control system, Bullet resistant glass and lastly the various safes to be used. I would get the costing per system from our suppliers and draw up a security budget that I then present to the project team

If the budget is approved I would move on to the installation faze. . Installation happens during the last 3 weeks before opening. All the suppliers are on site at the same time. My task would be to ensure the installation progresses in line with the project deadlines. I would ensure that the installation is to the Nedbank specifications and quality, that the budget is adhered to, and also provide problem management. Once the installation was completed I would work with the installation technicians to start testing the different systems to ensure all the systems function. I would do a final inspection of all the systems; if all the systems are working I would sign off the branch. The branch cannot open if all the security systems are not working

5: ODYSSEY SECURITY – 2006 -2010

In 2006 I opened a branch for Odyssey Security in the Eastern Cape, Odyssey Security is a company specializing in Hospitality Security

In South Africa the Hotels does not have in house Security and Security Managers, all these services are performed by the outsourced security companies such as Odyssey Security.

My Hotel clients were

• Radisson Blu (5 Star)– 200 Rooms ( Service provider from opening of hotel)

• Southern Sun – Garden Court (4 Star)– 300 Rooms

• Protea Marine(4 Star) – Marriot Hotel

• Kelway Hotel (4 Star)

• Chapman Hotel (4 Star)

As security manager for the above properties, I had an assistant security manager and 5 property security supervisors reporting to me together with a 120 guard compliment

My Hotel Security Manager duties included

• Risk assessments
 Events, VIP guests, conferences and quarterly general risk assessment.

• Security Policy and Procedure formulation and implementation
 Implement company policies, Site specific policies and newly developed policies

• Security staff training –
 Training of new staff, retraining and the training of new policies and procedures

• Investigations –
 Theft from guest, Theft by staff, Fraud, Drugs , Prostitution

• Crime analysis and Prevention
 Analyze hotel crime stats, Meet with police on a monthly basis, Meet with other hotels – develop crime prevention strategies based on statistical analysis

• Health and Safety services
 Ensure all Health and safety policies are implemented; ensure all contractors on site adhere to the hotels health and safety policies. Do incident investigations

• Fire Safety Drills and Evacuations
 Test and inspect all fire equipment weekly and monthly. Conduct regular fire emergency drills. Train staff on fire procedure

• Incident Management
 Hotel fires, Deaths, Fights, Thefts, Domestic disturbances , Fraud , Attempted prostitution

• Guest Management
 Hotel Information, Guest complaints, Injuries, Difficult Guests

• Loss Control audits
 Do regular audits of food stuffs, linen, beverages, In room consumables, High value assets such as laptops and projectors

• Loss control system implementation
 Analyze losses , find the route cause and develop systems to counter act the loss – provide training to staff in new procedures

• Events management
 Speak to client to assess the client’s needs, Do risk assessment of event, develop a security and health and safety plan, ensure plan is executed on event day, do a post event assessment

• VIP protection
 Do a risk assessment, Develop a protection plan, Make sure plan is executed during Guests stay

• Guard management
 Make sure guards are of the standard the client need, Make sure guards are site trained and suitable for the site before they are placed permanently on site, Ensure continuous on-site training, Do monthly evaluations, Ensure uniforms are up to standard, Ensure guards have all the equipment they need, Do site inspections, Deal with disciplinary issues , Staff recognition, Team Building

• Electronic Surveillance
 Design and install cctv, alarm and access control systems, Ensure all equipment is properly maintained, Ensure Control rooms are properly manned and all the equipment is functioning.

• Undercover operations
 Setup operations to prevent losses and to combat drugs prostitution

• Disaster Management
 Develop contingency plans for natural and man-made disasters, Train for disasters; implement plans in the case of disasters such as the hotel flooding.

• Compliance Services
 Deal with injury on duty , make sure admin process is followed and all forms filled in

• Quality Management
 Ensure that all policies and procedures are implemented, the staff trained on the policies and procedures. All documents up to date and neat. All equipment properly tested and maintained with maintenance records and checks properly recorded.

• Industry Cooperation
 Met regularly with other hotels in the area to understand the security issues they had and faced. We devolved a communication network to alert each other immediately should a security treat arise such a gang stealing laptops and luggage in hotel foyers

• Hotel Shuttle services
 Did Back ground checks on service providers, Did training with drivers, Ensured compliance ( Permits, Insurance, Road Worthy, Drivers Permits), Did driver and vehicle inspections , dealt with customer complaints

• HR Services
 I did new candidate interviews, Conducted Disciplinary Hearings , Assessed Overtime , Dealt with staff complaints and problems, manpower planning

 Client Relations

 I met weekly with the different hotels General Managers we would discuss security issues, service problems, treats and strategy. I also had regular meetings with department heads such as maintenance, front office and housekeeping.

 Training

 I provided training to hotel staff a skill I learned working as a regional bank security manager – Trained staff in robbery procedure, counterfeit money, card fraud , procedures in dealing with a violent guest, Conflict resolution

• Inter-agency co operation
 Held monthly meetings with local police station commander, crime intelligence officer, Fire chief, beach manager, local councilor and head of parks

During the five years as Hotel Security Manager I had to deal with 2 hotel fires and 2 hotel flooding’s caused burst pipes. All these events lead to the activation of the disaster management plan and a total property evacuation.

 2006 -2010 – Executive Committee member of the Port Elizabeth Hospitality Security Cluster – (All PE hotels, Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Councilors, City Officials)

6: PROTEA HOTEL GROUP – 2010 (Jun 2009 – Aug 2010)

I was appointed as the Director of Security for the football teams staying in the Protea Marine Hotel. The hotel had 8 teams staying in the hotel over a period of 6 weeks

The teams included

• England,

• Portugal,

• Germany,

• Brazil,

• Switzerland,

• Greece,

• Uruguay

• Serbia.

The security planning for the event started in 2009. A multi-disciplinary team was assembled to address all the safety and security issues around the world cup. We started by doing a risk assessment. The risk assessment formed the basis of our security plan. The security plan did not only address the Hotels security issues but also addressed all team movements, training and leisure activities. A action plan was developed for each scenario. In late 2009 I started meeting with visiting team’s security details and in some cases the countries secret service such as MI 6 from Britain. During these meetings I would present our security plan and address concerns they might have.

In early 2010 we started a testing and training faze. All the elements of our security plans were tested, the anti-terrorist task force did rescue assaults on the hotel, and we exercised crowd control, team arrivals and departures. We had weekend test with stand in football teams to test our in house safety and security systems; we tested with football teams going for runs, walk and swim on the beach. We did team evacuations, we tested our disaster management plan. We tested our contingency plans water, electricity and sewerage. We started vetting all our staff both in house and suppliers, the vetting was done by the South African secret service

During the world cup we opened a police station on the hotel premises; we had crime intelligence officers stationed both inside and outside the hotel. We had the anti-terrorist setup base in a secret room in the hotel. The public order policing unit was assembled the hotels rear parking lot. We established a 24 hour control room. Every morning I would chair a security meeting, the meeting would start with a briefing from our on-site National Intelligence Agent.

For the period of the world cup I stayed in the Hotel, for some of the Teams such as the English team I stayed awake the whole 36 hours they were in the hotel. I did this because there was a credible terrorist threat against them

 2009 -2010 – Chairperson of the World Cup Security Committee – Marine Hotel – (Police , intelligence, special terrorist task force, Fire Chief, Traffic, Municipality Services, LOC)

During the six week World Cup period we had no incidents at the hotel and not a single loss occurred.

Responsibilities Included:

• VIP protection

• Risk analysis

• Team Movements

• Crime intelligence

• Crowd Control

• Disaster Management

• Contract Management

• Explosives Scanning

• Media management

• Emergency services management

• Incident management

• Surveillance management

• Access control

• Loss control

• Staff access control

• Entertainment Management

• Non vehicle movement management

• Terror threat analysis and management

7: BLUNDEN COACH TOURS -2010- Present

Started with Blunden in 2010, The Company specializes in inbound foreign tours and provides shuttle services to all the major Hotels and Game farms in the Eastern Cape and Southern Cape. My mandate is to grow the business, maintain client’s relations and assist with the day to day operations. To this effect the company has grown to an 80 vehicle operation,

Work highlights include

• Being appointed as service provider to Cunard Lines – (Queen Mary, QE 2)

• MANDELA FUNERAL – OFFICIAL VIP TRANSPORT SERVICE PROVIDER TO MANDELA FAMILY AND VIP GUESTS (Prince Charles, Sir Richard Branson, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Oprah Winfrey, Prince of Monaco – Prince Albert ect)

• Transport Service Provider for Bill Clinton Foundation ( Including President Clinton and Guests) – The foundation fund various projects in the Eastern Cape

• Hosting a golf tour for Will Smith and friends

• Official transport service provider for the Indian IPL

• Becoming the official service provider to the most prestigious game lodges in the world ( Shamwari, Pumba, Addo Elephant Park)

• Cricket World Cup 2009 transport service provider

• Cosafa Cup 2011 transport service provider

• Super 15 Rugby 2014 transport service provider


Blunden is the official guest shuttle service provider to the following hotels and game reserves

• Southern Sun – Garden Court

• Radisson Blu

• Protea Marine ( part of Marriot group)

• Beach Hotel

• Shamwari game reserve

• Pumba Game reserve

• Kelway Hotel

• City Lodge Hotel group ( 7 hotels)

• Amakhala game reserve

• Addo Elephant park

• Kariega game reserve

• Kichaka game reserve

• Lalibela game reserve

• Samara game reserve

• Cunard shipping line (QE 2 and Queen Mary)

My duties include

• Guest Safety
 I am responsible for the safety and security for all the guests using our vehicles.

• Risk Management
 With every foreign inbound tour I do a risk assessment to ensure the tourists safety and security

• Client Services
 I will assist with meet and greets , oversee the loading of the vehicles and deal with any issues the guests might have

• Financial management
 For any new project I will draft the financial plan and then ensure the budget is not overstepped

• Project Management
 We deal with a lot of special projects such as the Mandela Funeral, sporting events, cultural events and religious events. It is my duty to manage these special projects from planning to execution

• HR Management
 I am responsible for all the hiring and employment termination for the company. My duties include staff contracts, disciplinary hearings , verbal warnings , disciplinary hearings and the termination of employment

• Health and Safety
 I run the health and safety programs for all our depot’s, offices and vehicles. I also deal with the injury on duty process from incident investigation to claim lodging. I dot the monthly health and safety audits. I do yearly health and safety audits on our depot’s , offices and vehicles for the companies that use us such as Cunard, Abercrombie & Kent and Thomson Tours. I also provide training to our staff.

• Regulatory Management and Compliance
 Compliance is the most important component of our company, it is my task to ensure the company comply to , transport permits ,liability Insurance, vehicle insurance , vehicle fitness certificates, Broad Based Economic Empowerment Certificate , work man’s compensation, Employment Equity and skills development

• Contract Management
 All the contractors such as security, cleaning and hygiene , pest control, electricians and plumbers report to myself

• Special Projects
 Special projects such as the Mandela funeral, Cosafa Cup and National arts festival would be assigned to me for managing

• New product development and implementation
 I am currently in the process of developing a range of tour packages aimed at foreign visitors. The development process includes identifying attractions, accommodation, restaurants and stop overs. I negotiate preferential rates develop a tour itinerary and then sell the tours to the market

• Online Strategy Management
 I am responsible for our website, facebook and twitter account. To this effect I work closely with our IT company

• Media and Advertising Management
 My responsibility include working with our graphics design company to produce, company profiles, flyers, business cards, power point presentation and posters.

• Manage the non Port Elizabeth branches
 We have branches in Grahamstown, East London and George. All these branches are my responsibility.

• Tenders
 I am responsible for managing the all Blundens tender applications from buying the document, doing the costing, filling in the document to developing and submitting the bid document.

• Supplier Database Management
 It is my task to ensure that we are registered on supplier databases. All vendor application and supplier database applications forms come to me for processing

Example of special project

Pres Nelson Mandela funeral

We were appointed as the official VIP transport service provider a time before Pres Mandela’s passing. The whole project needed to be kept secret. I worked with our Secret Service, police and government to ensure our company are properly vetted and approved for transporting VIP’s. Thorough inspections and vetting were done of our vehicles and staff, only these approved vehicles and drivers could be used for the funeral. I then started working with the project team to develop a transport action plan. The plan was tested, all happening within the greatest of secrecy. All the aspects of the transport plan were tested, such as transport time frames, facility access, speed management, convoy driving, VIP protection integration, escape and evacuation routes, communications systems, we looked at vehicle turning circles and soul conditions of parking areas as not to get stuck. (Funeral was in a deep rural area). We did test runs at the Mthata and East London airport as how to pick up the arriving VIP.s from their aircraft.

With Pres Mandela’s passing we had 48 hours to have all our vehicles in place. I was in charge of the transport plan execution. Due to  our thorough prior testing of the transport plan we did not have a single problem with the plan execution.

VIP Transport

Most of our VIP transport is very discreet or even secret. I am in charge of these VIP movements. The process involves providing all our compliance documentation to the booking entity. When bookings are made I will do a risk assessment based on the destination, assign a driver and vehicle and develop a VIP transport plan. Sometimes I need to make arrangements with airport authorities to access the airport apron to pick up VIP guests direct from aircraft. I then send my transport plan to the client for approval. On the day of the movement I am responsible for the transport plan execution.

8: SELF EMPLOYED – 1997 – 2015

Since 1997 if have been doing ad hoc VIP protection work and special security projects all in the hospitality sector. I am employed as an individual or as part of a team to perform VIP protection duties for various clients such as.

• Elton John

• INDIAN IPL – Cricket Teams

• James Blunt

• Springbok Rugby Team

• Australian Cricket Team

• Indian Cricket Team

• England Cricket Team

• Pakistani Cricket Team

• Sri Lanka Cricket Team

• David Beckham

• Cristiano Ronaldo

• Neil Diamond

• Celine Dion

• Numerous South African VIP’s and celebrities

I have also been contracted as part of a team to provide specialist event security at concerts, sporting events, product launches and cultural events.

Events Include

• International cricket test matches played at St Georges cricket ground

• Indian IPL match security – Head of IPL Teams security

• World 7’s South African leg at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

• International Rugby test matches at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

• Elton John Concert – Head of on stage and front of stage security

• World T20 club championship

My duties include

• VIP protection
 Form part of a team that provides VIP protection services to high value clients

• VIP movements
 Plan ,Coordinate and execute the movement of VIP clients

• Event management
 Plan, coordinate and execute event security plans. These plans include a VIP protection plan for the Event VIP,s and crowd management plans for fans attending the events. ( Music Concerts, Sporting Events, Spiritual Events)

• Threat analysis
 A Threat analysis would be done for each event

• VIP Protection plan and Crowd management plan formulation
 For each event a VIP protection plan and a crowd management plan would be drafted

• VIP protection plan implementation
 I would be in charge of an element of the protection and crowd management plan. An Example would be – at recent Elton John concert I responsible for stage security and also front of stage security

• Crowd management
 Crowd management is the most important component of any event. At most sporting events I work at it is my responsibility to take charge of the Crowd violence intervention team. The team work with the venues CCTV team to identify potential trouble makers and close the problem down before it leads to violence or to deal with crowd violence before if escalates.

• Incident management
 Provides incident management support such as police and medical response

• Conflict resolution
 The aim is to resolve a potential violent situation rather than escalate it

• Concierge Services

• Many VIP guests have additional requirements or requests.

9: SELF EMPLOYED (Retainer)

I am a consultant for the Herman Property group a large industrial property owner in Port Elizabeth with over 250 properties in its portfolio.

My duties included

• Risk assessments
 If the company wants to buy a new property I conduct a security risk assessment. I look at the crime stats for the area and conduct interviews with neighbor business to determine an area crime profile. I do a health and safety audit of the building and inspect the security system in place. I would then present the company with a risk report.

• Security audits
 I do security audits on both the companies’ security measures at a property and I inspect the client’s security systems and measures.

• Security System Implantation
 I am responsible for the implementation of security system installations and upgrades at new and existing properties.

• Security Service provider management
 The company employs a range of security service providers both for guarding and electronic security, I am responsible for the management of these suppliers

• Property inspections
 As the property portfolio is mostly commercial and industrial it is important to determine that the tenants comply to health and safety standards and don’t partake in illegal activities. I would therefore do property inspections.

• Tennant background checks
 If the company is unsure about a new client I would assist in background checks of the client

• Incident Management
 I would assist with incident management during occurrences of fire, floods, storms and crime incidents.

• Incident Investigations
 I relation to crime incidents I would do an investigation on the property owners behalf

• Contract Management
 I am responsible for managing the clients guarding contract

• Health and Safety audits
 I would do health a and safety audit on the company property portfolio to ensure the company comply to health and safety standards and the fire equipment are functioning and tested.