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Skills keywords: construction management, project coordinator, project management
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I am a 25 year experienced project / construction manager and I have played a pivotal role in several major construction initiatives in Greece and Saudi Arabia, overseeing a diverse range of complex and multifaceted projects including the construction of 555 residential apartments and infrastructure in Athens 2004 Olympic Village, the new general hospital at Volos Greece,the new building and library at the Pantios University in Athens, desalination and power plants in Saudi Arabia.

Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Greek
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, Greek
Location I am interested in working: africa, Algeria, Arabia, Saudi, Bahrain, egypt, Iraq, kazakhstan, kuwait, malta, Middle East, nigeria, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Arabia, Saudi, greece


A highly experienced professional who effectively combines strong technical, problem-solving and planning capabilities to successfully deliver projects on time and on budget. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate professionally with clients, architects, suppliers and sub-contractors alike. Enjoys being part of, as well as managing and motivating, a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.

Education & Professional Affiliations

June 1986
MSc in Civil Engineering

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.C.G), No 57049.

Registration of the Greek Constructors Experience (M.E.K) in the following categories: (D’) Road Construction, (D’) Hydraulics, (D’) Structures, (C’) Energy Works, (A’) Harbours.

Member of the Arab Council of Engineers.


Career Summary

2011 – Present SAUDI ARCHIRODON LTD Jeddah, KSA
Construction Manager

2013 – Present

• Jeddah South Thermal Power Plant –Phase 1.

The project includes the construction of:

-Industrial buildings : -Ware house bldg. :13,000 m2

-Workshop bldg. : 2,000 m2

-Welding shelter : 1,000 m2

-Blasting shelter : 500 m2

-Electrical bldgs., : 10,000 m2

-Concrete wall water tanks : 2,000 m2

-Underground concrete manholes : 165 pcs

-Underground pipe line : 5,000 m

-Pipe support foundation : 500 pcs

-Administration bldgs. : 6,000 m2


– Implementation of various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.

– Maximization of efficient resource utilization of labor, materials and equipment according to the prescribed schedule and plan.

– Participating in regular site meetings with the management team to decide where funds are to be allocated

• Ras Al Khair Power and Desalination Plant-Phase 1.

The project consisted of the following type of works:

-Soil improvement with dynamic compaction 300,000m2

-Industrial buildings ( RC+steel) -Reverse osmosis bldg.:16,962 m2

-DMF bldgs. : 12,000 m2

-DAF bldg. : 7,500 m2

-Water basins : 500 m2

-Electrical bldgs. : 10,000 m2

-Fire fighting pipe line : 2,000 m2

-Underground concrete trenches : 1,000 m

-Underground pipe line : 8,000 m

-Drainage and sewage pipe line : 3,000 m

-Lighting pole foundation : 400 pcs

-Underground pits and manholes : 650 pcs

-Road works(infrastructure) : 80,000 m2

-Administration bldgs. : 2,000 m2


– Facilitating the project work of the power and desalination plant civil works, with a value of USD160 million, coordinating the day to day operations of the team in order to complete the work on time and within budget

– Working in close collaboration with the Project Manager to develop short term programs to organize site activities

– Managing subcontractors, direct labor and materials to ensure that contract requirements are adequately addressed

– Development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various subcontractors

-Participating in regular weekly site meetings with the client.

2008 – 2010

Project Manager

• Renovation of Metaxourgio Factory Buildings

This project included the refurbishment of a complex of old silk factory blocks so that in the renovated ones a new municipal art gallery could be housed.

– Coordinating several projects, working in close conjunction with Project Managers to resolve any issues arising during the work

– Monitoring the work of subcontractors and liaising with suppliers to source the required materials to enable the completion of the construction work

– Conducting detailed inspections at periodic intervals during the project to ensure strict quality standards and regulations were adhered to

– Preparing detailed site inspection and oversight reports documenting the process correctly and reviewing all change requests, onsite orders and pay requests

2001 – 2007

Project Manager

• Olympic Village, Athens 2004-1st lot.

The project included the construction of:

-93 blocks of 2,3 and 4 floors : 555 apartments

-Road works : 40,000 m2

-Underground pipe line : 8,000 m

-Lighting pole foundation : 400 pcs

-Underground substation (medium voltage) : 7 pcs

-Storm network

-Potable water network

-Irrigation network

-Sewerage network

-Green zone(infrastructure, networks, plants) : 200,000 m2

-Fences and gates : 4,000 m


– Actively involved in the construction of the 1st lot of the Olympic Village valued at USD 90 million, overseeing all elements and ensuring project milestones were reached.

1992 – 2001

Project Manager


– Contributing to a diverse range of projects, taking full control of the project lifecycle coordinating both people and construction elements

– Personally accountable for overseeing team members including reporting, budgeting and controlling all materials and sub-contractors

– Facilitating communications with clients, designers and technical advisors to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget

• Repair and Reinforcing of Labor Residence Blocks, Athens

The project included concrete frame and walls repairs caused by serious earthquakes.

• New General Hospital, Volos – 2nd phase

The project included the construction of a hospital with a capacity of 270 beds:

-Concrete works : 30,000 m3

-Steel structure works , space frames : 485 ton

-Wall cladding with aluminium panels : 25,000 m2

-Isolation works : 10,000 m2

• Underground Car Parking Station of the Hellenic Parliament, Athens

The project included the construction of a five floor underground station with a capacity of 750 cars and 50 motorcycles:

-10,000 m of concrete piles installation adjacent

to Parliament bldg. : 500 pcs

-Excavation with “top down” method :100,000 m3

-Temporary anchors : 40,000 m

-Concrete works : 25,000 m3

-Waterproofing works : 20,000 m2

-Electrical and mechanical works

-Parliament surrounding area works, ramps : 7,500 m2

• New Library at Pantios University, Athens

The project included the construction of a new two floor steel structure library within the old university building.

• New Buildings at Pantios University, Athens

The project consisted of a two floor underground car parking station and a complex of new multi store blocks and four auditoriums.

-Excavation : 40,000 m3

-Retaining walls : 16,000 m2

-Temporary anchors : 12,000 m

-Concrete works : 20,000 m3

-Auditoriums : 4 pcs

-Electrical and mechanical works

• ‘Sklavenitis’ Supermarket, Halandri, Attica

1990 – 1992

Construction Manager

• ‘A. Fleming’ Biological Research Laboratories, Voula, Attica

• Aircraft Engineering Factory of Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Tanagra Airbase/Chemical Process factory of Hellenic Aerospace Industry

The project included the total construction of a 10,000 m2 area industrial structure totally covered with polyurethane panels.


Greek: Mother tongue

English: Spoken – fluent Written – fluent Reading – fluent Certificate

German: Spoken – good Written – good Reading – good Certificate

IT Skills

Operating Systems: Windows

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook Express), Internet, Microsoft Project.