CV, Experienced Pakistan Based Welding , Fabrication, Painting Inspect

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More than 17 years’ experience as Mechanical/Welding/Piping & Painting inspector in fabrication of Mechanical equipments mainly Well Site piping fabrication and installation, Compressor piping fabrication and installation at remote or facility site, Jet pump and compressor lifting and shifting,Relocation "dismentling and installation" at site, Piping, Pipe line, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchanger, Storage tanks Farm, Plants parts & Structural steelworks and Surface preparation.

Current location:  Sindh, Pakistan - View on map ?>
Nationality: Pakistan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


 B.Tech (Mechanical) from Indus Institute Of higher education, Karachi

 Passed D.A.E. (Mechanical) from P.B.T.E. Lahore

 Passed Matric in from B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur


 CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector ( Cert # 46758 )

 BGAS CSWIP Painting Inspector 3/2 ( Cert # 93658 )

 Lead Auditor for ISO 9001:2008 from DAS Pakistan (Cert # IQ – LA 11558)

 Pressure Vessel Design Certification from NIDA Lahore (Cert # NA -1113-1690)

 Process piping Design, Layout and Stress Analysis from NIDA Lahore (Cert # NA -1113-1690)

 Project Management from NIDA Kaarachi (Cert # NB -1014-2204)

 Certified NDT Level II DPT As Per ASNT SNT-TC-1A Cert # 450/14

 Certified NDT Level II MPT As Per ASNT SNT-TC-1A Cert # 449/14

 Certified NDT Level II RT As Per ASNT SNT-TC-1A Cert # 448/14

 Certified NDT Level II UT As Per ASNT SNT-TC-1A Cert # 447/14

 Project Management Professional from 3D Educator Karachi (Cert # 3DPMP010/6/2005148)

 Protective Coating from 3D Educator Karachi (Cert # 3DPC010/0/2005152)

 Cathodic Protection from 3D Educator Karachi (Cert # 3DCP010/6/2005149)

 Certified as Quality Control Inspector from Descon Engg.

 Certification in Production Techniques from Descon Engg.

Quality Management System:

 Understand the application of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008).

 Awareness of Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001).

 Environmental issues (ISO 14001).

Career Summary

Experience: (above 17 years)

 I have worked since 25/04/2013 till 30/11/2014 as CSI (Coordinator, supervisor and Inspector)
in TUV Bureau Austria (MOODY) in UEPL (BP) in Khaskhaili Badin in Pakistan, Client UEPL (BP).

• Coordinator,Supervise and inspect the fabrication, welding and Painting and installation activities according to applicable standard and client procedures.

• Review of welding documents like weld map, NDT reports, weld history sheet and others inspection and testing reports.

• Inspection of material before fabrication and welding.

• Inspection of fabrication & welding of piping, pipe line and steel structures.

• Monitoring and inspection of plant piping,pipe lines, pressure vessel, wellhead piping, Jet pump and compressor lifting and shifting,Relocation “dismentling and installation” at site.

• Audit of Contractor’s Workshop and Construction Site.

• Pre welding, during welding and after welding inspection of weld joints as per ASME B31.3,ASME B31.4,ASME B31.8, API 1104, ASME Sec. IX and AWS D1.1

• Review the inspection record manual after completion of projects.

 I worked from 9/10/2011 to 5/12/2012 in Tekfen in Main Oil Line (CRC) and Tanks & Piping in Central Degasing station (CDS)
in FFD Asab in Abu Dhabi, Contractor Petrofac, Client ADCO.

 I have worked (1/10/2009 to 8/10/2011) as Welding and QA/QC Inspector Mechanical
in Tuwairqi Steel Mills Ltd. Bin Qasim. Karachi.

 Worked as Welding & Mech Inspector (21/8/2008 To 7/72009)
In JIACCO,Tuwairqi Steel Mill Ltd

 Worked as NDT Coordinator and Welding Inspector (8/5/2008 To 20/8/2008)
in JIACCO, Engro Vopak Tank

 Worked as QA/QC Insp & Welding Inspector & Welding Inspector (3/2/2008 To 29/4/2008)
in Mass Tech Engineering( Pvt) Ltd.Raw Water portable water & Reffluent pipe line work.ECPL.Descon Engineering (Pvt)Ltd.

 Worked as QA/QC Piping and welding Inspector (08/12/2007 To 3;/1/2008)
for Pipe Link Construction (Pvt)Ltd.SAWAN-II WELLHEAD Development Project,OMV Pakistan Ltd.

 Worked as QA/QC Piping and welding Inspector (4/9/2007 To 7/12/2007)
for Pipe Link Construction (Pvt.)Ltd , Rehmet Gas Field, ENI & Petronas (Rehmat Gas field)

 Worked as QA/QC Piping and welding Inspector (20/11/2006 To 31/8/2007)
for Pipe Link Construction (Pvt.) Ltd ,SUL Compression Project Phase II,Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.

 Worked as QA/QC Piping and welding Inspector (5/8/2006 To 19/11/2006)
for Pipe Link Construction (Pvt.)Ltd , OMV Pakistan Oil & Gas Sawan (DBN),OMV Pakistan Oil & Gas Sawan

 Worked as NDT and Welding Inspector & Incharge Radiography team (18/4/2006 To 3/8/2006)
in JIACCO,Malakand III Hydral Power Project.AL-Triq(pvt)Ltd.

 Worked as QA/Qc & Piping inspector and welding Inspector (15/12/2005 To 15/4/2006)
,LPG Bullets,Vessel,Boiler tubes etc in different Engineering shops in Lahore,Jamal pipes Industries,Fast Tube,KBS Pumps

 Worked as NDT Inspector And Incharge Radiographic Team (4/5/2005 To 13/12/2005)
in JIACCO ,Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Adhi,Pakistan Gas Field, Petroleum Limited

 Worked as NDT Inspector,QA & QC And Piping Inspector (15/6/2004 To 2/4/2005)
in JIACCO,LPG Bullets, Vessels,Boiler Tubes etc in Different Engineering Shops in Lahore,Jamal pipe Industries,fast Tube,KBS Pumps,Imran Engineering.(

 Worked as NDT Inspector,QA & QC And Piping Inspector (12/6/2003 To 11/6/2004)
in JIACCO,Unit V,IV ,Deewan Salman fiber Hattar

 Worked as QA & QC Inspector (5/9/2002 To 24/5/2003)
in JIACCO Pak Ltd,Project Ghazi Brotha Hydral Power Project.Voith & Siemens,Safec & Westepine (V Tech)China Power ,Baju,WAPDA.

 Worked as Quality Control Inspector (5/7/2001 To 18/8/2002)
in Data Steel Pipe Industry Sadiqabad.

 Worked as Quality Control Inspector (1/6/1997 To 31/5/2001)
in Descon Engineering, Lahore.

 Worked as Quality Control Inspector (21/9/1996 To 30/5/1997)
in Data Steel Pipe Industry Sadiqabad manufacturing API 5L spiral welded pipe.


TANK Farm:

• Inspection of Tanks fabrication and erection such like as Cone type, Heavy Slope, Hemi Spheroid, Spherical and Tanks as per API 620/650. DEP spec.

• Foundation and level check, Bottom plate’s laying inspection and material Traceability.

• Inspection of Shell plate’s erection vertical and horizontal joints, nozzles, stairs and plate form.

• Responsible for the inspection of Pre- and Post-welding.

• Preparation of weld maps (Bottom, Shell and Roof).

• Visual inspection of welding.

• Coordinate all NDT (RT, MT, PT and UT) according to API 650/620.

• Pneumatic Leak Test (PLT) of reinforcement pads.

• Peaking and banding inspection of Tank welds according to API 620/650.

• Plumb ness of Tanks.

• Responsible for the preparing of the QA/QC Format and Reports.

• Preparation of punch list pre-test and post-test

• Verification of punch list after rectification

• Preparation of Test Pack.

• Hydrotest witness

• Preparation of final Dossier.


• Material traceability (Fitting, Pipe & Consumable Material).

• Responsible for the spool marking and welds marking.

• Inspection of Piping Pre-fabrication in workshop and erection at site according to client’s specification and Code B31.1, B31.3,B 31.4, B 31.8, DEP spec

• Checking of workmanship of Piping fabrication and erection.

• Responsible for the inspection of Pre- and Post-welding.

• Check Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Record (PQR).

• Witness of Welder Qualification Test (WQT) according to ASME IX.

• Control of welding material (Electrode, Filler Wire) backing of Low Hydrogen Electrode.

• Monitor welder performance and welding activities to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedure.

• Visual inspection of welding Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel (P5, P9, P11, P22) and Stainless Steel, Nickel and Nickel Alloys,Monel.

• Fabrication & Welding inspection of Duplex material A 790.

• During Duplex welding consumables, Parameters, Purge control, preheating and Inter pass temperature control etc.

• Execute all NDT (PT, RT, MT, and UT) according to client’s specification and Codes.

• Inspection of Hydro test, Leak test, Pneumatic test, Flushing/Air blowing and Reinstatement.

• Preparation of Packages for commissioning.

• Interpretation of Radiographs film, witness of PT, MT according to ASME Code V, VIII & ANSI B31.1, B31.3. API 5L

• Inspection of Incoming Material According to Project spec.

• Make coil record which Load on SP Machine and put Heat # on each Pipe I.D

• Monitoring of SAW according to WPS

• Prepare Tensile Test piece according to 5L

• WQT conducting

• Work on Online UT machine

• Visual Inspection on primary stand

• Thickness monitoring of piping

• Real time X-Ray conducting

• Monitoring of End Bevel of Pipe

• Monitoring of Hydro Test

• Interpretation of End X-Ray

• Weigh Bridge Record Review

Cross-country Pipeline:

• Responsible for, Pipe receiving, Right Of Way (ROW), Survey for Stringing and bending.

• Responsible for the inspection of Pre- and Post-welding.

• Inspection of pipe as per API 5L.

• Visual inspection of welding according to API 1104.

• Execute all NDT according to Code (API 1104) and client’s specification.

• Inspection of Grit blasting and Heat Shrink Sleeve on weld joints.

• Inspection of Peal Test of Sleeve.

• Inspection of Trenching, Holiday Test, Lowering and Backfilling according to client’s spec.

• Preparation of as built of cross-country Pipeline.

• Preparation of final Dossier with all reports.

• Inspection of Hydro testing, Drying, Marker Post and Reinstatement according to client’s spec. & Code.

• Measurement of Pipe to Soil Potential.

• Maintenance of CP measuring & Marker Posts.

• Assembly and Erection

Vessel , Boiler, Heat Exchanger Fabrication:

• Preparation of Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP)

• Inspection of Vessels and Boiler fabrication according to ASME and TEMA and ITP

• Preparation Material Verification record

• Inspection of Marking and Cutting

• Inspection of Shell course rolling, circumferential and horizontal joints, nozzles.

• Responsible for the inspection of preparation of groove according to joint.

• Responsible for the inspection of Pre- and Post-welding.

• Preparation of weld maps.

• Visual inspection of welding.

• Execute NDT ( MT, PT ) according to ASME

• Interpretation of RT films

• Pneumatic Test of reinforcement pads.

• Hydro test

• Responsible for the preparing of the QA/QC Reports.

• Preparation of punch list pre-test and post-test

• Verification of punch list after rectification

• Preparation of final Dossier.


• Inspection of structure fabrication in work shop and contractor work shop and Pre Assembly according to drawing and erection according to Key Plan and drawing and AWS D 1.1

• WQT according to AWS D 1.1

• Prepare material verification record

• Joint inspection according to drawing

• Inspection of pre-assembly of structure.

• Execute and Inspection of structure.

• Final inspectionin work shop and contractor work shop before dispatch to site according to dispatch list.

Non Destructive Testing:

• Co-ordination, meeting’s with client QC/NDT/Piping representative.

• Responsible for the providing assistance to site Management in answering all queries of the client relating to work.

• Interpretation and analyzing of the Radiographic Films.

• Performed Dye Penetrant Testing of different products.

• Performed the magnetic particle Testing.

• Thickness monitoring of piping, Vessels and Heat Exchangers.

• Hardness testing of different material.

• Control final documentation.

Surface preparation and Painting:

• Weather Condition monitoring according to Client spec

• Surface preparation according to SSPC SP 10,SP 2,SP 11 and Client spec, preparation inspection with profile gauge

• Paint preparation monitoring with agitator and application according to client spec

• Paint thickness inspection

• Painting inspection visually