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Skills keywords: lead, manage and coordinate, plan
Short Bio:

Plan, manage and coordinate the activities of the area, setting guidelines and work routines, directing, prioritizing and distributing tasks and solving the relevant operational problems.

Current location: Brazil, cep 91330290 Porto Alegre - View on map
Nationality: Germany/Brazilian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Hotel and Catering, other, General Management
Spoken languages: english, Italian (Basic), portuguese, Spanish (Basic)
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Belgium, brazil, bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, portugal, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom


My experience, the long those over 20 years as executive chef, involve the opening of hotels, resorts, restaurants, different nationalities.

Plan, manage and coordinate the activities of the area, setting guidelines and work routines, directing, prioritizing and distributing tasks and solving the relevant operational problems.


• Develop menus, planning the composition of items, based on the received demand and / or the history of events, considering nutritional balance and properties that make up the food.

• Prepare fact sheets (quantity, method of preparation, ingredients etc.) to ensure standardization and determine the total cost of each dish.

• Participate in the preparation of the annual budget and control the real X budgeted.

• Manage stock and consumption by ensuring levels, according to the demands and carry out the daily and monthly inventory.

• Supervising the preparation of dishes, to ensure the quality and presentation standards required.

• Ensure the compliance standards in food safety and enforce the procedures manual of good food handling practices.

• Ensure the achievement of food cost targets and drinks through the analysis of reports, statistics and Kitchen income statements.

• Interact with customers for clarification and solution of various issues related to the modification / creation / adaptation of dishes.

• Ensuring compliance with the targets set in the management contract.

• Develop new suppliers to the area, visiting them, knowing their products and facilities, making quotes and effecting hiring when needed.

• Coordinate staff under their responsibility, selecting, training, evaluating performance and stimulating the level of motivation.

• Develop work schedules and holiday well as controls of team personnel department (bank of hours, time card, etc.), scale teams and to define standards of time and quality of services in conjunction with supervisor.

Career Summary

Cave Complex Restaurants – Steak House
Executive Chef – Opening – New concept in Oman, Brazilian Steak House, Muscat – Oman
2013 -2015

** Winner of the best restaurant in Oman 2014 **


Brasseriedo Brasil Ltda. ( L’ Entrecote de Paris) – Steak House
Consulting pré-opening Restaurant – Steak house, Sp (Brazil) – Miami (USA) –

BBC Resort – Caribbean
Exec Sous Chef

Creating menus – 3 restaurants, 1 bar, 1 coffe shop, (local and international cuisine, and steak house restaurant), Training of team managers and staff,Kitchen organization, stocks and freezing, Handling and storage of materials.

Italian Restaurant APICAE , Abu Dhabi – UAE

Executive Chef

Opening Italian restaurant , Bakery and Pastry: Creating menus, inventory

Sheik’s Palace, Abu Dhabi – UAE
2011 – 2012

Executive Chef

Responsible for preparing the menu, purchases, private events , creating menus (local and international cuisine)

Organization of all types of stocks and freezing;

Eco Resort Hotel – Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
General Manager (focused on F & B)

F & B – Team of 30 people in the kitchen – divided into breakfast kitchen, hot kitchen, cold and pastry

Brazilian regional cuisine – Steak House, Grills and Brasserie , International, Italian, Sea Food

Responsibilities of the position: Preparation of classic dishes of national and international cuisine; Organization and development of unique menus for events, Restructuring of menus and preparation of data sheets. Preparation of harmonization enogastronômica; Mount buffets and coffee breaks (menu and table mount);

Organization of all types of stocks and freezing; Performing routine administrative (procurement, vendor selection and staffing, work schedules, time sheets cleaning, among others, leadership teams.

Dan Hotels – Eilat – Israel
Banquet Chef / F & B
2008 – 2010


Worked at the kitchen (hot & cold )

Preparation of menus.

Mediterranean cuisine, room service and swimming pool;

Preparation of dishes for buffets, with over 800 people in high season;

Responsible for thematic dinners, tasting dinners, cocktail parties for groups and events in general.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Preparation of daily international cuisine stations (Brazilian, Italian, Mexican and Japanese)

ANDREAS COOKING, Porto Alegre, Brazil
F & B Director
Since 1984

Responsibilities: Opening , consulting, management hotels, restaurants and cafeterias, Design and implementation of corporate and social events, creation of specialized menus, catering and delivery service (catering)

Public relations

Responsible for (cost, planning, logistics and delivery of events, including recruitment and training of team managers and staff

Chef with over 20 years experience in various kitchens, nationally and internationally. Traditional, Halal and Hosher.


Executive Chef – Italian Restaurant

Restructuring and Deployment Services F & B

Italian cuisine, buffet service focused on regional cuisine (northern Brazil) and Italian a la carte service.

Implementation and leadership in all daily activities: production planning, purchasing, supplier development and inventory control. Preparation and Development of all revenues, creation of data sheets and product costs. Responsible for the preparation of dry pasta, stuffed pasta, sauces, pies, quiches, meats and salads and plates of running for the rotisserie and restaurant. Implementation of quality systems serving sanitary regulations.Leadership and employee training.

NOSTRA CASA – Concordia SC, Brazil

Executive Chef – Italian Restaurant

Implementation and open a restaurant, caterer specializing in Brazilian cuisine of Southern Brazil

HOTEL DA PRAIA – São Luis,  Maranhao,  Brazil

General Manager

Work focused on F & B, kitchen ( international and local )

Team of 20 people divided into shifts

Preparation of menu and sheet, preparation and finalization of international cuisine (a la carte), planning and execution of events and coffee breaks; Responsible for shopping list and orders with suppliers, receiving and storing goods; Control and organization inventory, and cold; Inventory fortnight; Scale clearances; Control kitchen hygiene, food portioning and wastage; Management officials and delegation

HOTEL PROJECT – (Construction), Sao Luis, Maranhao, North Of Brazil
2006 -2007

Blue Tree Hotels & Resorts – Caxias do Sul,  Brazil

F & B Manager

Opening the hotel and implementation of standards and procedures in F & B

Implementation of the rodizio service Italian food and Brazilian through grills and pasta typical of southern Brazil cim Italian influence

Food and beverage management, personnel training, creation, development and Implementation of menus, staffing, inventory control and purchasing / order, organization and logistics of cold storage. Techniques of cooking and finishing dishes. Management and control room / beverage inventory, training and personnel selection, inventory control, purchasing control, validity, and preparation of special dishes.


Food & Beverage Manager

Restructuring Advisory

Service typical Brazilian cousine and international.

Responsible for the buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, a la carte service, room service and dining the hotel.

Preparation of menus and data sheets, staff training and supervision of the preparation of dishes, salads and desserts. Work with the purchasing department for planning and procurement of goods for the kitchen and carrying inspection upon receipt. Request and checking all supplies for food preparation and kitchen hygiene. Realization of cost control department in conjunction with industry costs and Purchasing, training employees in manufacturing and utilization of food. Working in conjunction with the Events Industry, regarding the proposed menus, information contained in the order of event and operationalization of the event. Preparation of scale off employees.Responsible for hiring and termination of personnel at the management of food and beverages.Participation in management meetings.Responsible for the implementation of good practice manual.Responsible for team of cooks, kitchen helpers and stewards.

ÁGUAS DO VALE HOTEL – São Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

General Manager


HOTEL BLUE FARM – Minas Gerais,  Brazil

General F & B General Manager


SENAC (HOSPITALITY UNIVERSITY & SCHOOL) Solar Palmeiras – Porto Alegre,  Brazil

General F & B Manager

2 Restaurants

Brazilian cuisine and international


General F & B Manager

3 restaurants, and an Italian cuisine, a Brazilian cuisine (buffet) 1 grilled (specializing in grilled meats and side dishes (Brazilian cuisine)

Responsible for food menus including the Hotel Bar, A La Carte and room service.

Performance in the restructuring of the Food and Beverage, the implementation of new menus in industry events. Implementation of themed menus, and special for weddings and conferences, establishment of technical, food handling, staff training, development and manufacture of the new A La Carte menu, introducing new techniques and ingredients.

Creating spreadsheets with cleaning checklist measuring temperature for refrigerators and freezers.

Responsible for quality control of food at this property.

Responsible for the range of rotation of the kitchen staff.

Responsible to train and retrain the staff kitchen

Creator of all revenues of A la Carte, Buffet and meals for employees.

Working together with industry events especias creating menus for dates such as weddings, anniversaries and themed dinners.

With the purchasing department works together to find suppliers of high quality products for use in their recipes.