CV, Experienced Electrical Engineer, Including Oil And Gas

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 20029

Skills keywords: Project Quality Implementation
List Of Qualifications:

1. Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering(BSEE)
2. Philippine Registered Electrical Engineer

Previous Employment Details:

1.QAQC Electrical Engineer-Yapi Merkezi Saudi Arabia -Current Employer
2. QAQC Electrical Engineer-Arrab Contracting Company-KSA- 2015-2016
3.Sr Electrical QC Inspector-Worleyparsons-Iraq-2013-2015

Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Engineering, Construction
Spoken languages: english, Tagalog
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Relevant Qualifications

Luzon Colleges (now University of Luzon) Philippines
Graduated Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1980 – 1985


Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
Lic. exam for Registered Electrical Engineer


Active member Philippines Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineer (IIEE)

Personal Profile

Total eighteen (20) years cumulative work experience in the field of Engineering, Construction and project execution. Particularly in Petrochemical plant, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power plant and other similar Heavy Industrial environment. Acquired extensive experience in all phases of construction having occupied key position as Quality Engineer; Site Electrical Engineer, Instrument and / or Electrical; Supervisor. Conversant with industry’s standard codes and specification

Career Summary

May 2013 to September 2014
WorleyParsons / Shell EP, Basra Gas Company (BGC), Basra Southern Iraq

Sr. Electrical Inspector

Rehabilitations and refurbishments of Existing Gas Plant Processing facilities, Compressors & De-Gassing Stations, Storage & Transport Facilities, Shipping and loading facilities located in Kor Al Zubair Plant, North Rumaila Compressor Stations, Umm Qassar Storage and Marine Terminal.

 Work as Shell Client Representative with the function of overseeing the contractor scope of Activities in performing pre-inspection and assessment of Plant Integrated Electrical System and associated equipments. This to include but not limited to Visual & Close Visual. Detailed and intrusive inspection to determine the operational integrity of equipments for possible re-commissioning.

 Data and information gathering of pertinent records associated with Maintenance history, Precommisioning and commissioning records, period of breakdown during previous operation. Datasheet and technical specifications as-built drawing to be forwarded to the Database of Engineering and Asset management Group for further evaluation and processing.

 Review the Contractor Inspection Result for conformity to ensure that all information was obtained prior for submission to Asset Group for further re-engineering, replacement and/ or final resolution.

October 2011 to May 23, 2013
BUREAU VERITAS BVQI / GASCO, Habshan-5 (IGD) Process Plant Project, Habshan, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

CLIENT PMC Electrical Superintendent

 Attend and represent client for the Pre-energization and MC Walkdown for the completed system packages upon invitation of EPC Contractor for the Following system

• MV/LV System associated equipment (Switchgear, MCC’s, Transformers and Motors)

• Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Chiller System

• UPS System ( battery charger/rectifier, batteries)

• Lightning protection & Earthing system (Underground & Above Ground)

• Cathodic Protection ( Galvanic and Impressed current system)

• Lighting system

 Punchlist Generation and Clearing

 Attend and represent client along with TPI Inspector for the pre-commissioning inspection and witnessing of functionality / Site Acceptance Test of equipment and protection setting (re: Upstream and Downstream electrical interlock and mechanical key interlock test between MV/LV Incomer, distribution and MCC’s, Auto-transfer scheme and switchboard working philosophy, MCC motor management relay auto/manual and local/remote scheme, Motor solo run test, VSD Function run test @4-20mA command signal, Chiller system for MV VSD

 Interface with EPC Contractor for any design deviation and site actual site condition following issued Field Change notice by contractor

 Closure of NCR upon confirmation of corrective action

December 2010 to July 2011

OPD-Offshore Berri field Upgrading and Hook-up

Client PID-NAPIS Electrical Inspector

Construction and Upgrading of Aramco Brownfield Offshore Production Facilities and wellheads located in BERRI field and Qatif reservoir involving installation and modification of Scraper Launcher, bi-directional Flow line, PDHMS wellhead Hook-Up, Multi Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) Installation RTU Replacement & SCADA Integration.

 Assigned as Aramco Inspection representative performing full coverage of various inspection work for the electrical and instrumentation activities with the main task of ensuring the contractor full compliance of aramco eng’g standard, procedure as specified in the contract document and schedule Q.

March 2010 to October 2010
Stroytransgas/Dolphin Energy, TFP-Project, Abu Dhabi,  UAE

E&I Inspector

The project is the construction and laying of a 230km 48″ natural gas pipeline from Taweelah (TRS) to Fujairah (FRS) incorporating Scrapper Launcher facilities, 9 Off Block valves stations (BVS), with all the necessary infrastructures for Instrumentation, pipeline Cathodic Protections Systems, telecoms and SCADA Interfaces and requirement for Dual fiber optic cables (FOC).

 Held the position of E&I Inspector with the main task of ensuring that all activities as executed by the E&I construction group are will within the acceptable criteria as mandated by the Client (Dolphin) approved procedures, and method of statement, quality plans and inspection and test plan.

 IFC drawings: performed internal inspection surveillance for in-process activities and Company Intervention Hold point, witness point alongside client representatives per Request for Inspection (RFI)

March 2009 to March 10, 2010
VELOSI Certification / Rasgas, Ras Laffan, Qatar

RGX2 Expansion Project

lient PMT Electrical Inspector

Expansion, Construction and commissioning of Rasgas liquefied natural gas plant phase II (RGX2) Incorporating 2 Unit new LNG process Trains (TRAIN 6 & 7) the largest of its kind with a combined production capacity of 15.6 Mta of LNG per year and a combined condensate production of 110 thousand barrel per days (kbd) and 1.6 Mta of liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)

 Assigned as Client PMT Electrical Inspector during the final construction and commissioning phase of the project, performing various Quality Inspection work and verification of conformity by the EPC contractor CTJV and its sub-contractor’s per the approved ITP’s and QCP’s, and thru the guidelines of Rasgas eng’g standards for electrical construction testing and commissioning activities and Venture quality management system.

 Carry out inspection and witnessing of Site Acceptance Test (SAT) precommisioning test as performed by contractors and vendors for engineered materials and processes for underground (earthing system, cathodic protection system) and above ground installation (Switchgear,Transformers and MCC upstream and Downstream Electrical and Mechanical Interlocked test, earth switches and circuit breaker mechanical functionality test, lux test for lighting, communication and fire and gas system etc.) based on approved acceptance criteria and test parameters.

September 2006 to January 04 2009

Onshore Gas Development Project PHASE-III (OGDIII)

Project Code# 5208

Client TPI Electrical Inspector

The project entails the construction of new Upstream and Downstream Onshore Gas Development Project PHASEIII (OGDIII) that would have a feed capacity of 1,306 MMscfd and increase gas production to approximately 2000 MMscfd from THAMANA “F”Reservoir.the new facilities includes process units for gas & condensate separation, condensate stabilization, gas dehydration, Sulphur recovery unit, gas treating, NGL Recovery, acid gas compression and residue gas injection. New pipelines for Gas gathering and transport from THAMANA “F” Field, New NGL Pipeline from GASCO to RUWAIS

 Assigned as QA/QC Client TPI Electrical Inspector responsible for overseeing and Monitoring of Contractor Electrical Scope of activities that would include in process inspection Surveillance and witness point, hold point inspection and record review of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Review and Approval of contractors document submittal for Quality Control Plans (QCP) and Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and Methods of Statement prior to project executions.

 Carry out inspection and witnessing of Site Acceptance Test (SAT) precommisioning test as performed by contractors and vendors for engineered materials and processes for underground (earthing system, cathodic protection system) and above ground installation (Switchgear,Transformers and MCC upstream and Downstream Electrical and Mechanical Interlocked test, earth switches and circuit breaker mechanical functionality test, lux test for lighting, communication and fire and gas system etc.) based on approved acceptance criteria and test parameters.

 Perform Inspection in behalf of Client for the construction installation and pre-commissioning of EHV 133KV/69KV GIS Substation and associated equiptment to include:

• 2 Unit Transformer with incomer feeding from ADWEA Power Utility company via overhead Transmission Lines

• 133 kv and 69 kv GIS Switchgear (SIEMENS)

• 13.5 kv and 5.5 kv Transfomers and HV Switchgears with vacuum Cercruit breakers

• Associated cablings

May 2005 to September 2006

Madina Bulk Plant Project (Contract No. 6600010540 B.I. NO. 10-03509)

Electrical Inspector

The project is to build a new bulk plant to distribute 35,000 Barrels/Day turn over products from the Saudi Strategic Storage Program (SSSP) facilities at Site-7. The scope include eight truck loading island, fourteen loading skids, sixteen atmospheric tanks with related infrastructure for building, instrumentation and electrical, communication and Terminal Management System (TMS). Total storage capacity is approximately 520,000 barrels. .

 ARAMCO Approved as QA/QC Inspector for Electrical works. Duties & responsibilities includes but not limited to preparation of work procedures and/or instructions, inspection / test plan, checklist and related full coverage disciplined inspection works in compliance with Schedule Q of the contract documents and applicable Saudi Aramco and International Construction industry Standard/Practices.

August 02, 2002 to October 19, 2003
Saudi Toyo Eng’g Corp (SATEC)

Petrokemya Polyethylene Project – PKPE, Jubail AI Sinaiyan, 31901, P.O box 11031 PKPE Project K.SA

Field Electrical Supervisor

Turnkey Construction and Commissioning of 800,00 MT New Polyethylene Plant owned by PETROKEMYA Saudi Basic Industry (SABI)

 Supervisor, control and monitoring of subcontractors electrical construction workforce directing various installation works in six different areas of the plant under my responsibilities.

 Identify possible clash point with other disciplined bases or actual site condition and design drawing as well as implementing possible alternative without compromising specification and Eng’g standard.

 Closely coordinating with client and main contractors field Eng’g and subcontractor for any design discrepancy and other changes, modification based on client comment..

 Attending periodic progress and inter disciplined meeting to evaluate actual progress and project forecast.

 Electrical installation done under my supervision involved underground and exposed conduit, cable trays, erection of DCS panel and control consoles, UPS system HVAC system, motor and MCC’S, grounding system. Heat tracing for process lines, Fire alarm and paging system telephone and MIS system. Light and small power. Medium and high voltage equipment and cabling

September 27, 2000 to April 21, 2002
JAL INTERNATIONAL Corp., Jubail Industrial City, Jubail Al Sinaiyyah KSA

QA / QC Engineer

Two Projects involve the renovation and Cable revamping of Saudi Methanol Plant (AR RAZI) and Electrical revamping of AI Jubail fertilizer plant (SAMAD) That would includes the construction of additional Substations and Distribution facilities for plant expansions.

 Directly implement total quality management for project being persuaded by company following application for ISO 9002 compliance certificate.

 Initiate technical procedure and proper quality control documentation for installation, testing and commissioning of all equipment based on ISO 9002. In addition to this, approved technical specification, industry codes & standards are strictly implemented.

 Perform site installation inspection in coordination with Client representatives following submission of inspection request.

 Prepare inspection check items hold point and activity witness point for Company’s approval prior to site implementation.

August 1996 to October 1998

LUBEREF II Project, Yanbu Al Sinaiyyah KSA..

Instrument QC Engineer

Construction of 1.2 Million Barrel base Feedstock New Lube oil refinery project PHASE II (LUBEREFII) Own by MOBIL / PETROMIN of Saudi Arabia. the project incorporate the latest YOKOGAWA DCS Technology.

 Initiate inspection and test based on test procedure for Process, Instrumentation and System for Pressure lead piping,. Impulse line pressure test for transmitter and switches (i.e., Flow, Level, pressure) Test for signal converter air tubing (I/P converter, pneumatic control; valve and solenoid etc.) Power and control wiring insulation resistance test, continuity and loop check.

 Establish and maintain closed coordination between CPL Eng. Group and Subcontractor for obtaining technical information pertaining to modification and design change, prior for site implementation, punch list identification and clearing.

 Cooperate and assist official company designate QC Engineer. In performing installation inspection prior for final approval and as well as Preparing final Quality Control documentation for Client submittal prior to issuance of Mechanical Acceptance Certificate.

May 1995 to April 1996
Atlantic Gulf Pacific Co. (AG&P) / Pullman Kellogg

(PKSAL)B.P 180 Wilaya Bethioua Oran, Algiers, 31210

Field Engineer

Renovation and upgrading of Sonatrach Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (LNG2) Incorporating Honeywell

TDC 3000 DCS System.

 Direct and supervise field personnel for the implementation of job order and work assignment specifically in Utility Area housing the 3 unit static Generator with capacity of 40 MW each, 5 unit low & high pressure Boiler, Control Room, Load Center and Motor Control Center (MCC)

 Organized direct and monitor field personnel for their daily activities on site, ensuring timely project completeness and quality of workmanship as specified under contract and renovation schedule.

 Coordinating with other disciplined ie, Civil, Mechanical, Instrument for the purpose of optimizing the most determine working plans and work schedules including series of sequential testing and commissioning of completed system. This involves functional accuracy test loop checking, control sequencing and signalization etc.

January 1993 to December 1993
Asian Const. And Develop. Corp. (ACDC) /Filippo Fouchi (spa) Bandar Mashar, Iran.

Electrical Supervisor

Reconstruction of Vinyl Chloride (VC) Plant of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex (BIPC)

 Served as Staff Engineer responsible for the preparation of working plans, Material Take Off and request.

 Inform the Unit Contractor, any necessary revision to be carried out on certain areas where normal procedure cannot be made possible due to technical problems. This also to include alternatives and prepared As Built plans As well as Coordinate with other disciplined (i.e., Civil, Structural, Mechanical etc.) to effectively implement activities without loss of man-hour due to delay that may arise.

 Direct and supervise Foreman and Skilled Labor for their daily activities and site assignmanship specifically on hazardous location as specified on plan.









May 1990 to July 1991 Al Zamil Refrigeration Industries,

Industrial City Dammam, KSA


Product Engineer


Company line of product. Includes RAC Air Conditioning, Split System, Packaged type, chiller and Air Handlers


 Modification and re-detailing of Unit Control Circuitry based on customer preferences as determined by Approved Purchase Order (APO).

 Direct and assist laboratory personnel in conducting a series of performance test and trial to new product to be approved for mass production. Direct and assist designer Draughtsman to better represent proper engineering and assembly layout, component mounting on Control Boxes and Panel Board, System’s associated wiring and Schematic Diagram.


November 1988 to December 1989 M/S. Al Suwaidi Co,

Rahima – Rastanura, KSA


QA/QC Engineer


PEACESHIELD Project involving installation and Construction of Long Range Radar (LRR) facilities. Owned by royal Saudi air force (RSAF) located in all Saudi Arabian Frontier.


 Performed ongoing construction Electrical inspection, ensuring project completeness quality of workmanship and material as specified under contract and code standard.

 Monitoring daily project activities ensuring proper scheduling and identify priorities to be implemented within acceptable time frame. Advising construction personnel on changes and project upgrading

 Liaising with other disciplined participate in daily planning and progress report meeting Prepare in depth test report observation and write recommendation.

 .Assist in installation, testing and commissioning of system equipment control such as motor control system and pneumatic device actuation test to include damper actuator, limit switching, temperature and pressure differential switches, floats switches etc.


March 1987 to November 1988 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.(MHI)

Qurrayah Abqaiq, KSA


Electrical Technician


Construction of 1200 MW Steam Thermal Power Plant (SCECO East)


 Conduit laying and installation of concrete encased duct bank, cable tray and cable duct fabrication and installation. Panel Board installation and termination of instrument control and power cables. Assisted Vendor in rewiring modified circuit control for MCC and Load Center during modification and sequence revision.

 Assisted the commissioning personnel during sequential test of all power receiving equipment, Hi-potential Dielectric test for HT Cables and Switch Gear, Load Center


1985 to 1987 B & E Builders Enterprises Inc.,

Cubao, Quezon City Philippines


Industrial Electrician / Cadet Engineer


Company engaged in preventive maintenance, contracting and building construction


 Serve as Electrical Technician, installing equipment such as power transformer, motor and control circuit

 Performing maintenance and repair of control circuit and its associated wiring system. Performed final test, commissioning and inspection of installed circuit, prior to final turn over of equipment to company principal/clients

 Layout of Electrical wiring system for both power lighting in building construction as per floor plan and PEC standard.