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M.Sc. Geotechnical Engineering – University of Birmingham, U.K., 2000.

B.Sc. Civil Engineering – University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan, 1984

Career Summary

Senior Civil-Structural-Highways-Geotechnical Project Engineer/Specialist: Specialist in Civil-Highways-Geotechnical Design, Construction Support and Project Management for Oil and Gas, transport infrastructure, Major Highways, Rail, water, wastewater, energy and industry, housing and marine mega infrastructure projects. Having extensive 28 years’ experience in design and construction support for Highway/Rail embankments, cutting, large oil and gas and ports platforms by reclamation and improvement, large Bridges, Drainage and bulk earthworks. Design of shallow and deep foundations and retaining measures. Responsible for projects from exploration and site investigation, to conceptual design through to construction and commissioning.

Main land, on and offshore Geotechnical Design including seismic loading and analysis (using design methods, Euro-code 7 – EC7, AASHTO LRFD and PSD) and Construction Support. Specialist in Geotechnical Design (shallow and deep foundations, retention measures – rigid gravity walls, block wall quay walls, reinforced earth walls, flexible embedded sheet pile walls, deep excavations in soil and rock – dewatering, anchored diaphragm walls, strutted secant pile walls, contiguous pile walls, , bulk earthworks – fill by dry method or dredging and reclamation, fill and cut Slopes design, slope assessment and stabilization, embankment and excavations, ground improvement by surcharging, densification and inclusions, cut and cover and micro-tunneling etc.) for Bridges, Highways, Railways, Utilities (water, waste water), Dams, Buildings, Large Power Plants (energy sector), mega housing infrastructure, onshore and offshore works and Marine Geotechnics (near-shore/offshore reclaimed oil and gas fields and marine terminals for oil refinery, oil and gas loading and offloading facilities, coastal edge protection, quay walls, breakwaters, revetments, flood protection bunds, beach development, canals, large marinas), ports, harbors, platforms for oil and Gas Installations and Geotechnical Task Management.

Geotechnical, Geo-environmental and Geo-physical Investigations: Expert in planning, designing, specifying, procuring, managing and implementation of onshore and offshore geotechnical and geo environmental field investigations and preparation of Geotechnical Interpretation Reports. Geophysical investigations to screen sites for services and cavities in limestone overlying mudstone and gypsum (karst conditions) in the Middle East. Geotechnical Instrumentation and monitoring.

Project Management: Extensive experience in geotechnical project management on a daily basis by having close liaison with the stakeholders – internal and external Clients, Client Consultants, Contractors and services and facility operational Authorities during design, construction and maintenance phase. Specifications, cost estimation, tendering process, implementation and monitoring at site and geotechnical forensic studies to establish cause for damage due to settlement or bearing capacity failure during maintenance phase.

Earthworks Specialist: – Design and Constructi0n of Oil and Gas platforms by Dredging and Reclamation and Ground Improvement for seabed and fill deposits and Marine Edge Protection, Extensive experience in dealing with construction on soft ground (Sabkha and Soft marine silts and clays) and their improvement, Bulk Earthworks/large Zone Fill embankment Dams, major Highways and drainage and Railway embankments, Filling on soft ground for large areas for mega housing schemes and settlement monitoring. Expert in dredging and reclamation (for artificial Islands or costal land reclamation), ground improvement techniques, geotechnical instrumentation, , Deep excavations in rock and soils and reuse of unsuitable material by recycling (sustainable solution), Material testing (soil, aggregate, concrete, asphalt – /QA/QC) and Pavement foundations Specialist. Project management and construction support.

Ports and Harbors: I have experience in Port Geotechnical design Works such as Topographic and Bathymetric Survey, Soil Investigation (land and Marine), Breakwater Structures, Quay Walls (pre-cast concrete block wall, diaphragm wall, Sheet Piles, secant pile wall), Mix in place cut off wall, constructing platforms by Dredging and Reclamation and Ground Improvement for seabed and fill deposits and Marine Edge Protection. Port Infrastructure works comprises Utilities, Roads, Pavements (Rigid and Flexible), shallow and Pile Foundations of building Structures and construction of buildings.

Extensive experience of working in various terrains and difficult ground geology: – Middle East – Plain Terrain, highly compressible Sabkha Soils (reworked Aeolian soil deposits overlying Marine Silts and Clays) in inter-tidal coastal zones, weathered calcarious rocks containing potential open or in-filled cavities and mudstone and gypsum layers (Karst conditions) and Marine bed deposits – Africa, Libya – Plain Terrain, Desert environment comprising Calcarious Aeolian find sand/dune Sand, friable and indurated calacrenite rock and associated karst conditions – Europe, UK – rolling and hilly terrains, extremely complex and highly variable geology formed by glaciations, glacial till, glacial sand and gravel, lacustrine deposits (very soft silt and clay deposits formed in thin layers in lakes) and fibrous and amorphous peats – ASIA, Pakistan – Plain, rolling and mountainous Terrains, extensive experience of working in mountainous terrain at the foot of Himalaya (glacial deposits), highways and bridge building in ravine (in the middle of three km long natural slopes) – seismically active zone, building in glacial outwash deposits and building in river flood plains (alluvial and fluvial soil deposits)

Typical Duties:

Geotechnical Investigations and Design – Civil Infrastructure Project (major infrastructure projects on land, near shore and off Shore infrastructure and pipelines)

• Geotechnical assessment using existing geotechnical investigation data

• Planning, scoping, specifying geotechnical investigations (mainland, on and offshore) including tendering process and Supervision of Site Investigations works

• Preparation and Review of Interpretative geotechnical, geophysical and geo-environmental reports

• Preparation and Review of geotechnical concept and detail design reports

• Preparation of technical specification, support in tender preparation, Review of

tender return and evaluations

• Geotechnical analysis, assessment and Design of Foundations (shallow and deep), slope stability, piling, retaining walls, shoring systems, ground improvement etc.

• Assist with formulating and submitting bid proposals

Feb. 2014 – Feb 2015
Project Engineer (Engineer 1) – PMT, Oil and Gas Division, Saudi Aramco, Dammam, KSA, Middle East

Nov. 2011 – Oct 2013 Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer/Project Geotechnical Expert, Parsons International Ltd, Saadiyat Island Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East

Dec. 2005 – Aug 2008
Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer/Earthworks Specialist, Brown and Root North Africa, Libya.

July. 2005 – Dec. 2005
Regional Civil/Geotechnical Engineer/Earthworks Specialist, Network Rail (British Railways), UK.

April. 2003 – July. 2005
Civil/Geotechnical Design Engineer, Atkins, UK.

Feb. 2001 – April. 2003
Civil/Geotechnical Design Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd, U.K.

Mar. 1988 – Jun. 1999
Civil-Geotechnical/Project Engineer/Resident Engineer, Punjab Highway Authority, Pakistan.

Jan. 1985 – Mar. 1988
Assistant Director Civil/Geotechnical Eng., Lahore Development Authority, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mar. 1984 – Oct. 1984
Assistant Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Punjab Small Industrial Estate Development, Pakistan.


Middle East: Project Engineer – Engineer 1 (PMT), Onshore Maintain Potential Projects Department (OMPPD), Oil and Gas Division, (Feb 2014 – Feb 2015), Dammam, KSA.

Saudi Aramco – Saudi Oil Company

Duties and Responsibilities: Project Management Role (Design and construction of Oil and Gas projects for Dammam Field Development).

Projects: (Feb 2014 – Feb 2015)

 Dammam Drill Site B – Well Tie-in Project – Development of surface facilities including wellhead Concrete Cellars – 40 Oil, Gas and PWI Wells: Design of 40 wellhead concrete cellars and surface facilities. Review of Geotechnical Investigation Report involving platform constructed by dry filling. Preparation of scope of work for additional geotechnical investigation and its Approval.

 Gas Project – Khurais – Review of Geotechnical Investigation Report relevant to the inter-tidal zones of coastal areas involving Sabkha Soils – difficult ground conditions.

 Dammam Drill Site A – Well-site Preparation Works – 10 Oil and PWI Wells: Responsible for Project Management of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works – Preparation of scope of work and approvals, procurement of Design Contractor, IFC Design package, Construction Contract procurement and contract/construction management for the relocation of overhead power lines, 30 inch diameter raw water header and security fence from the well pad area. Liaison with internal and external stakeholders.

 Saudi Aramco PMT construction team comprising four construction superintendents (civil, electrical and mechanical) were responsible to me. I was responsible to Senior Project Engineer.

Middle East: Senior Geotechnical Engineer/Geotechnical Specialist/Team Leader (Nov 2011 – Oct 2013), Doha, Qatar.

COWI A/S – International Engineering Consultant

Transport and Marine – Tunnel, Bridges and Marine Division (Oil and Gas platforms)

Duties and Responsibilities:

 This position reports to the Project Director Technical and hierarchically to the Managing Director. It interfaces with COWI, Doha, Denmark and other Middle Eastern large Marine, transportation, Water-wastewater, Energy-Industry (Oil and Gas and electric Power) and environmental teams. The position provides geotechnical expert services where required as a COWI internal sub consultant across the Middle East, Africa and Europe

 Geotechnical specialist responsible for the preparation of Geotechnical Proposals for a variety of infrastructure projects, bulk earthworks, dredging and reclamation, civil, highways, power plants, Bridges, buildings, all types of marine facilities like ports, harbors etc., tunneling etc. Business development, preparation of fee proposals and bids for senior management approval

 Lead, design, procurement, Implementation/management and interpretation of onshore/offshore ground investigations including geo-environmental testing

 Geotechnical engineering services comprising calculations, analysis and design, including soil and rock slope stability assessment and stabilization, deep excavations, retaining walls and revetment structures, shallow and deep foundations, embankments and earthworks, pavements, ground improvement works and geotechnical design of marine structures

 Geotechnical risk assessment and management, preparation of technical assessment and technical reports to a high standard for a variety of types of projects

 Prepare construction documents including plans, specifications, and cost estimates.

 Pre-improvement CPT assessment, technical specification, BOQ and tender preparation for ground improvement schemes in soft ground in inter-tidal areas

 Reviewing of design and reports prepared by design and build contractors. Review of FEED for EPIC contractors

 To provide geotechnical construction support to the construction managers and supervise large scale geotechnical works

 Management of projects, including technical, commercial and quality management

 Liaise with clients, stakeholders and regulators and provide specialist advice to clients and other technical disciplines/divisions.

 Maintain Geotechnical database for Doha area

On and offshore and mainland mega infrastructure Projects:

I have completed the following projects as a Geotechnical Discipline Leader / Senior Geotechnical Engineer independently without seeking any geotechnical support from my superiors. We have a small geotechnical team of 5 people – two geotechnical engineers, one geologist supported by a CAD operator and a document controller. The geotechnical design work of very high standard on mega infrastructure projects (main land and marine) is done by COWI as a consultant mainly for major design and build or EPIC contractors and directly for owners of the projects:

November – December 2011 – Izmit Bay Bridge Crossing Turkey- Forth Longest Suspension Bridge in the World, with 1.5km main span.

Client: Japanese Contractor, IHI

Senior Geotechnical Engineer responsible for the preparation of Geotechnical Interpretative Report as per Eurocode 7 using the site specific geotechnical Investigation data collected during routine and advanced testing. The work was carried for COWI bridge design team based in Denmark.

January 2012 – Design of Oil Boom for Museum of Islamic Art ,Doha

Client : Qatar Museum Authority

Design of Pile Foundations, Verification of load carrying capacity of existing structures such as sheet pile quay walls, piles of floating pontoon and revetment Structure. Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report

February 2012 – King Abdul Aziz Port, Dammam, KSA, Two new Berths Project, Saudi Arabia

Client: Huta Marine Works Limited

Preparation of Geotechnical Investigation Specification

February – June 2012 – Major Road Improvement Project in Doha City

Client: Doha, Ministry of Municipality and Urban Affairs (MMUP)

Package 21 – Concept Design of Major Roads in Central Doha

Geotechnical Discipline Leader / Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Review of factual ground investigation report, preparation of GIR and concept design GDR as per Euro-code 7 (EC7) for Doha City Roads, Mega Highway Improvement project, 19km roads, Package 21 involving widening and improvement of existing city roads, construction of deep sewer lines by micro-tunneling, provision of utilities services, construction of new intersections and interchanges, construction of viaducts and bridges and 7km cut and cover tunnels. As a geotechnical discipline lead, geotechnical project management and Client Liaison.

March 2012 – Abu Dhabi, Department of Transport (DOT) Manual, Standard Terms of Reference, Dubai

Client: Abu Dhabi, Department of Transport (DOT)

Produced Geotechnical Risk Management Based Standard Terms of References in line with the Geotechnical Manuals for New Roads, Bridges and Tunnels, Widening and Improvement Road Schemes and Maintenance of Road Network to reflect best practice for DOT.

March – June 2012 – Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant Project in Saudi Arabia

Client: HUta Marine Works Limited

Geotechnical Investigation Interpretative Report

Combined Cycle Power Plant Offshore works – Intake and discharge pipelines (4m dia-7km length) and intake structures for cooling power plant – Largest Power plant in the world. Economical and safe design of backfill to offshore buried GRP pipeline considering soil-structure interaction.

April-June 2012 – Qatalum Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, Doha – Forensic Study, Doha

Client: Qatalum, Doha

Planning, designing, and implementing Geotechnical Investigation scheme and preparation of settlement Study Report to identify the reasons for the settlement of the thrust blocks at Power Plant cooling Tower site.

Oct – Nov 2012- 250K ZAKUM South Island Accommodation and Utilities project, Abu Dhabi, Upper ZAKUM Oil Field Expansion project. 250,000 barrel per day Oil production scheme.

Client: Zakum oil field development company (ZADCO) – the owner, Leighton Contracting – the contractor

Geotechnical Interpretative and Design Report – by analyzing and evaluation of data from several geotechnical investigations carried out for the project. Assessment of the reclaimed fill for the platform as per design performance criteria (CPT design line), geotechnical design and construction recommendations for shallow and deep foundations, service roads, underground services, storm drainage etc.

Sept  2012- May 2013 – Doha Barwa City Construction Project – Engineering assessment of the failure in geo-cellular attenuation Tanks – Storm drainage project (forensic study). Total 38 tanks installed under the scheme.

Client: Billfinger Berger – Contractor

Geotechnical Input into the Engineering Assessment of the Failure of Tanks

Nov 2012 – March 2013- Value Engineering for Tender Design for New Doha, Orbital Expressway Design and Build Contract 2 and 3 – 70km, 7 lane dual Carriageway with 12 interchanges involving flyovers, under passes and tunnels. The total length of roads network under the project is 113km.

Client: Public Works Authority (PWA)/ASHGHAL, Bidding pre-qualified Contractors

Geotechnical Assessment Report for Tender Design – value engineering

March 2013- July 2013 – Qatar Petroleum – Ras Laffan Port project – Construction of two new Service berths using pre-cast concrete blocks including all furniture, dredging and reclamation, pavements and storm drainage works and 1.3km Reclamation bund. Geotechnical input for the following design documents was involved:

• Preparation of Scope and Specification for geotechnical Investigation

• Front end engineering design (FEED) review.

• Design basis memorandum (DBM)

• Geotechnical interpretation report

• Geotechnical design report

July 2013- Deira Dubai, new Fish Market Steel Sheet pile Quay Wall – Tender Design Review – Responsible for 1.6km long, 14.0m high anchored steel sheet pile wall design review. The reclaimed soil comprises very dense coarse granular fill with particle size ranging up to cobbles. This has caused drivability issue. Pre-treatment by excavation and backfilling before pile driving was the proposed solution. The structure was analyzed using geotechnical design parameters along with necessary seismic coefficients, surcharge loading and appropriate water lag. Durability of sheet piles and ground anchors was considered by making provision for thickness loss during the design life (50 years) by adding sacrificial thickness of the sections for the local environmental marine conditions using the local experience.

July 2013- Doha Metro Red Line North Underground 13.4km Section – Detailed Design – Geotechnical Input for 8.8m diameter twin bored tunnel using TBM along with cross passages, Shafts and Stations part of 350km planned Doha Metro project. COWI is the designer for the design and build contract awarded to a joint venture – ISG (Impregilo, SK and Galfar). Geotechnical appraisal report and scope for additional geotechnical investigation was prepared.

July 2013- Doha Metro Red Line North Elevated (6.0km) and At-Grade (28.0km) – Total 34km Section – Tender Design – Geotechnical Input for tender design of 34km elevated and At-grade section of Doha metro involving piers for viaducts supported on spread footings, At- grade and elevated Metro Stations. This section is part of 350km planned Doha Metro project. COWI is the designer for the tender design for a design and build contract, a joint venture – ISG (Impregilo, SK and Galfar) is bidding for. Geotechnical assessment, design basis report and scope for additional geotechnical investigation was prepared.

May 2013- Oct 2013 – Sonaref Oil Refinery Project, Marine Terminal, Lobito, Angola – independent Geotechnical design verification (IDV) – Lead Geotechnical Engineer – Proposed refinery project (200,000 barrels per stream day refinery), includes marine terminal to receive Angolian crude oil which will be processed into refined liquid products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil etc.) and solid byproducts such as coke and sulfur. In addition to the terminal, a material off-loading facility (MOF) will be built to off load equipment and bulk materials required for the construction of the refinery and associated support facilities. Facilities planned in the terminal include large storage tanks, (37m diameter, 12m high), buildings, miscellaneous structures and equipment. Sonangol is the Client. KBR Clients representative, Odebrecht is the main Contractor (design and build), China Harbor Engineering company ltd (CHEC) is the sub-contractor for geotechnical investigation, reclamation and improvement and revetment design and construction. Golder Associates is geotechnical design consultants by the Client. COWI is hired by Odebrecht to carry out IDV.

Following are the related design documents for Independent design verification:

• On and offshore geotechnical investigation and interpretative reports

• Design basis report for berths quay walls and associated infrastructure works

• design of reclamation fill and treatment and specifications

• Design of wharf and MOF quay walls and revetments

• Design of Berth 1&2 for wharf and mooring dolphins

Jan 2012- Oct 2013 – Geotechnical input to a number of business proposals relevant to energy and industry, transportation, water and wastewater, environmental and building projects on mainland and marine environment.

Middle East: Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer/Project Geotechnical Specialist (Oct 2008 – Oct 2011) Parsons International Limited – International Engineering Consultant

Mega Infrastructure Project (30 billion dollars) – Tunneling, Bridges, Expressway, Marine infrastructure, Water and Waste water, District cooling, Electric sub-stations, Ground Improvement for soft sabkha deposits, Deep excavations and Villa development, Bulk Earthworks/Dredging and Reclamation

Duties and Responsibilities:

 This position reports to the Deputy Project Manager Technical and hierarchically to the Program Director. It interfaces with over 300 infrastructure design and construction supervision engineers. Parsons had design and build infrastructure contract.

 Sole project geotechnical specialist responsible for the design and construction support for Island-wide infrastructure project, Bulk earthworks (dredging and reclamation and dry placement), excavated basement materials assessment and acceptability for fill and large scale Marine civil infrastructure works

 Lead, design, procurement, Implementation/management and interpretation of onshore/offshore ground investigations including geo-environmental testing

 Geotechnical engineering services comprising calculations, analysis and design, including soil and rock slope stability assessment and stabilization, deep excavations, retaining walls and revetment structures, shallow and deep foundations, embankments and earthworks, pavements, ground improvement works and geotechnical design of marine structures

 Geotechnical risk assessment and management, preparation of technical assessment and technical reports to a high standard for a variety of types of projects

 Prepare construction documents including plans, specifications, and cost estimates.

 Pre-improvement CPT assessment, technical specification, BOQ and tender preparation for ground improvement schemes in soft ground in inter-tidal areas

 Reviewing of designs and reports prepared by design and build contractors

 To provide geotechnical construction support to the construction managers and supervise large scale geotechnical works

 Management of projects, including technical, commercial and quality management

 Business development, preparation of fee proposals and bids for senior management approval

 Liaise with clients, stakeholders and regulators and provide specialist advice to clients and other technical disciplines/divisions.

 Island-wide Geotechnical database management

Mega Infrastructure Project – Saadiyat Island (Design and Build)

Geotechnical Design and Construction Supervision: Saadiyat Island project is a modern city being built next to the mainland city of Abu Dhabi in the middle of sea connected by a major bridge (5 lane dual carriageway) on a navigation channel, where world class, residential, commercial, cultural and tourism facilities are being developed. It comprises creating an Island by placing 50 Million cubic meter Earthworks using dredging and reclamation method to form an artificial undulating topography, luxury villas, tall towers, shopping malls, underground car parks, world class Museums (Guggenheim, Louvre and Maritime –being built in the middle of sea), cultural canal, hotel resorts (St Regis, four seasons, Shangri-La and others), golf courses, white sand beaches and a large 1000 boats marina. Expressway comprising 5 lane dual carriageway with a number of over and under bridges was built through the Island. Saadiyat Island is a mega Island project comprising 2700 hectares area and costing 30 billion dollars.

I was sole Project geotechnical in-charge dealing with geotechnical investigations, bulk Earthworks by dredging and reclamation and dry placement, cut and cover tunnels, provision of road Infrastructure including 5 lane dual carriageway expressway with associated bridges and retaining structures, embankment construction, bridge structures on canal, retaining structures, Utility infrastructure involving water and wastewater (large underground water storage tanks, district cooling plants, sewage treatment plants, electric sub-stations, installation of deep sewer using micro-tunneling), pump stations, deep excavations and retention measures, ground improvement using vibro-compaction and replacement methods for 180 hectares area and marine structures.

Challenges: Following challenges were envisaged:

 To satisfy the geotechnical needs of internal (Parsons Design and construction teams comprising around 300 engineers) and external clients including Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) – the Client, on such a large scale project.

 To ensure sustainable construction by use of recycled site won materials.

 To make sure stable construction in areas with difficult ground conditions particularly in the inter-tidal zones (sabkha areas).

 To ensure safety, health and environmental requirements are not compromised.

Marine Infrastructure comprising bathymetric surveys, investigation of offshore material borrow area, dredging and reclamation, management of fines, environmental considerations, ground improvement of the fill placed by dredging, quay walls (vertical diaphragm walls and sloping revetment), shore protection on soft marine deposits, break waters and marina construction involving soil and rock excavation and fill quantities, and bulk earthworks. Design and construction of large scale construction platforms for Guggenheim and Louvre Museums using rock and reclamation fill in 13m deep water.

Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Investigations – Responsible for the preparation of specification, planning, designing, Request for proposal (RFP), contract documentation, tendering process and execution of ground investigations (on and offshore). Responsible for reviewing factual reports and certification of payment to the contractors. In this process, accountable for safety and operational performance, cost control, schedule management and liaison with the client and contractors. Responsible for the overall management of ground investigation tasks on Saadiyat Island.

Ground Investigation Specifications – A site specific ground investigation specification document was produced covering all possible field activities, filed and laboratory testing keeping in view the requirements of bridges, micro-tunneling, cut and cover tunnels, underground water and waste water structures, roads, multi-story towers, World class Hotels like St Regis, structures in marine environment like world class Guggenheim and Louvre Museums, marine structures like quay walls, Marina, breakwaters, coastal edge protection and beach development in areas of soft silty and clayey seabed deposits, seabed sampling for analysis, borrow area investigation for dredging and reclamation, ground improvement works in areas of soft and lose ground (sabkha environment) and contamination testing for soil and water for the Saadiyat Island, Desert Island and Ram Han Island Projects.

Interpretative Reporting and Geotechnical Design – Responsible for the preparation of interpretative reports and geotechnical design for various infrastructure projects such as bridges, deep sewer lines (by micro tunneling), pump stations, underground water storage tanks, storm water drainage, sewerage treatment plants, bulk earthworks, road pavements and marine structures.

Geotechnical Design and Construction Supervision – Responsible for the geotechnical design and design review as per BS, AASHTO ASTM and local standards for structures such as bridges (spread and pile foundations), large traffic sign gantries, retaining measures such as RCC walls, diaphragm walls, secant walls, mixed in place pile cut off walls, sheet piles walls, installation of ground anchors, cut and cover tunnels, installation of utilities by micro tunneling, deep excavation temporary support systems, highway pavements, embankments, earthworks volumes calculations, drainage, slope stability analysis, seismic loading and liquefaction analysis using appropriate software. Designed and supervised large diameter pile installation for large traffic sign gantries and bridge foundations.

Micro-tunneling for Laying 4 km Long Deep main Sewer line – Responsible for scoping and carrying of geotechnical investigation, geotechnical design review and construction supervision during installation. Design review for the construction of diaphragm wall and application of ground anchors for 16m Deep pump station structure. Review of temporary earth retaining structures using sheet piles and contiguous piles.

Construction Site Support – Responsible to provide input for ground related complex geotechnical site problems and technical advice to the Construction Managers and the Client. Responsible for assessing the suitability of the basement excavated materials and pile arising from proposed museums sites (National Zayed, Louvre and Guggenheim) and other development sites on the Island and its sustainable use on the Island as Fill material. Responsible for review of temporary support systems, diaphragm wall and anchors design review for deep pump station, review of the micro tunneling design, site inspection of all foundation sub-grades, temporary slopes for open excavations, site supervision and contract management of the ground investigation works and review of fill material suitability testing.

Island-wide Earthworks Strategy – Preparation of Island-wide earthworks strategy report for the Client to ensure sustainable and economical use and management of the site-won soil and rock excavated materials on the Island keeping in view the existing ground conditions like sabkha areas. To explore Fill materials sources such as site -won, onshore and off shore to ensure the availability of Fill material at site when required as per construction program.

Geotechnical Monitoring – Responsible for long term settlement monitoring of the seabed deposits and sabkha areas by installing settlement plates during reclamation and dry filling to assess the consolidation behavior of the foundation soils and to assess the need and type of appropriate ground improvement techniques. A settlement study was carried out to assess the height of surcharge required to accelerate the consolidation process in order to support the construction program. Responsible for long term settlement and groundwater monitoring for cut and cover tunnel due to water leakage and ground storage tanks during filling and operation. Long term groundwater monitoring using standpipe piezometer at a sewerage treatment plant.

Large Ground Improvement Scheme – Saadiyat Lagoons Residential Development – Project in-charge dealing with soft/loose compressible ground (sabkha conditions) for the development of Saadiyat Lagoons large housing development involving 6million square meter area and planned 6000 villas and associated infrastructure. Ground characterization by pre CPTs and boreholes. Assessment of 500 CPTU results, correlation boreholes, assessment of areas requiring ground improvement and no improvement at all and selection of appropriate ground improvement techniques such as vibro or dynamic compaction and vibro or dynamic replacement and surcharging. Responsible for the preparation of prequalification documents, technical specification and tender documents for ground improvement works.

Responsible for the Development and Maintenance of Island-wide Geotechnical Database on behalf of the Client – Collection of geotechnical data from all stakeholders involved in the development of the Island and entering data into the database using gINT software. Issuing existing geotechnical data to the Client, Parsons Design and construction team, to the consultants, contractors and developers. Using gINT Producing geotechnical sections, plans and other useful information for interpretative reports.

Business Proposals – Responsible to provide geotechnical input by scoping and getting proposals from geotechnical specialist contractors for the following:

 Infrastructure Design and Construction Supervision services of construction of Residential development at North of Al Wathba UAE – A mega project

 Marine and land Geotechnical proposals for Hudriayt Bridge project

Claims Relevant to Differing Ground Conditions – Responsible to produce reports on ground conditions to defend the claims made on the basis of differing ground conditions – examples claim related to dewatering and micro tunneling project for laying of deep sewer line.

Infrastructure Project – Desert Island

Responsible for land and marine geotechnical investigations. Completed foundation design (tubular steel piles) of 10 boats marina. Responsible for the geotechnical design and construction of Logistics Port – ground investigation to identify the extent of seabed deposits and dredging and reclamation works. Carrying out site visits and preparation of site visit reports containing geotechnical recommendations on the need for ground investigation and geotechnical testing. Reviewing the Contractor Method Statement for ground investigation, remote supervision of ground investigation works, and preparation of laboratory test schedule. Review of all Contractors submittals on geotechnical testing during construction.

Mega Infrastructure Project – Ram Han Island

Geotechnical, Geo Environmental, Marine Investigation involving seabed samples of Ram Han Island 150 hectares area – I was fully responsible for the following:

1. Tendering Process:

 Preparation of RFP (Ground Investigation Scope and Specification)

 Invitation of tenders

 Receipt and opening of tenders

 Evaluation of tenders and tender queries

 Negotiation for best and final offer

 Recommendation of award to the Client for Approval

2. Award of the Contract:

 Signing sub-contract agreement

 Notice to proceed with letter of introduction

 Kickoff meeting to discuss logistics issues, access and egress through navigation channel, time schedule, deliverables, method statement having full coverage for safety, health and environment and geo-environmental testing procedure

3. Supervision of Site Investigation Works:

 Full time site supervision, providing test schedule, witnessing field testing

 Witnessing Laboratory testing

 Managing drilling and testing in sabkha areas for a major bridge on a navigation channel

4. Management of the Contract

 Management of the contract from inception to completion including all incoming and out-going correspondence on aconex

 Responsible for safety, health and environment

 Close liaison with Parsons infrastructure design team and the Client

 Regular reporting of progress to all involved

5. Reviewing Factual Report and preparation of Interpretative Report

6. Certifying contractor’s invoices for payment

Al Seeb Corniche Project – Muscat – Oman

I have essentially been involved in the design of Quay Wall at Al Seeb Corniche project in Muscat – Oman. Preparation of a summary on the geotechnical conditions at site and geotechnical design of the Quay Wall. Geotechnical assessment of ground conditions at two bridge sites along promenade, preparation of a summary on geotechnical conditions and derivation of geotechnical design parameters.

Libya (North Africa): Civil-Geotechnical Project Engineer/Earthworks Specialist (December 2005 – August 2008)

Brown and Root – Engineering Consultant

Water Storage Project (Design and Build)

Civil-Geotechnical Design and Construction Supervision of a Reservoir (multi discipline task, civil-structural-highways-geotechnical-electrical-mechanical): 1.2km diameter 30m high earth embankment with storage capacity of 24 million cubic meter water involving 6 million cubic meter excavation and 5 million cubic meter embankment fill. Seven zones of fill were involved. 12m deep underground inlet and outlet concrete chambers, 8m deep trenches for large pipelines up to 2.4m diameter, circular inner and outer toe drains and drainage blankets were involved. 4km long combined overflow and drawdown channel with cross–section (12m wide x 5m deep) was excavated in soil and rock. 13 km service roads were constructed. Reservoir filling, testing, commissioning and geotechnical instrumentation installation and monitoring were completed. The asphaltic concrete lined (one million square meter area) reservoir is ranked No 2 by capacity in the world. The scheme is a part of 25 billion dollars Great Man Made River Project which provides water for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. Design and construction of 19m high, 0.5 km long temporary and permanent access ramps to the reservoir.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Civil-Geotechnical Project Engineer/Earthworks Specialist

 Involved in Geotechnical Design and Design review of all components like embankment, foundations of underground structures and pipelines, cuttings, grouting, drainage, temporary access to the embankment, investigation for quarry selection and ground settlement monitoring instrumentation.

 Monitor and supervise the production of material at quarry by blasting in indurated calcarenite and excavation by minor in the friable calcarenite. Carry out material calculations to make sure that suitable material is always available to meet the pace of construction.

 Monitor and supervise the production, processing and mixing of earthworks materials at stockpiles and moisture content control testing before placement in the embankment.

 Monitor and supervise the placement of bulk earthworks (40cm thick layers) in the embankment on daily basis, compaction, sampling and control testing for compliance in accordance with the contract specification, approved procedures and standards.

 Monitor and supervise the placement of earthworks for up to 2.4m diameter pipelines large trench backfilling, compaction, sampling and control testing.

 Monitor and supervise the placement of earthworks for to 12m deep underground structures backfilling, compaction, sampling and control testing.

 Monitor and supervise the placement of earthworks, drainage and flexible pavement construction for 13km service roads, compaction, sampling and control testing.

 Monitor and supervise the placement of drainage layers under the asphalt lining on the inner slope and erosion protection layer on the outer slope including field and laboratory testing.

 Plan, supervise and monitor the installation of Geotechnical Instrumentation involving 10 Magnetic Extensometers and 7 Standpipe Piezometers and 169 Survey Studs implemented by the consultant on behalf of the client. Planning and drilling of boreholes including logging of boreholes and preparation of final borehole logs. Setting up data collection procedure, data collection and presentation of results to the Owner and Engineer of Record on a regular basis.

 To design and supervise the construction of 19m high ceremony platform (size 60mx30m) by extending the existing reservoir embankment along with access ramp. Preparation of construction drawings, specification and construction supervision. A sustainable facility was constructed without interfering with the existing

 Being in charge of the site Laboratory, to supervise field and laboratory testing and review laboratory reports on earthworks, concrete and asphalt concrete lining works as per BS, ASTM and Australian standards.

 To carry out design assessment for 20m high temporary access ramp, design review to change material for backfilling to structures, review of pavement design for service roads.

 To ensure the work is carried out in accordance with the health, safety and environmental standards.

 To provide training (technical and health and safety) to the Libyan Engineers.

 To keep close liaison with other engineers working on the project.

 When required monitor construction of concrete structures and other civil works including asphalt concrete lining works.

 Dealing with all QA/QC issues. Reviewing and commenting on Contractor’s submittals, Monthly Progress Reports and Field Change Requests. Issuing Non Conformance Reports (NCR’s), approving Corrective Action Reports, handling inspection records and test requests on daily basis.

 Preparing as built records and drawings for the project.

 Preparation of 150 pages final project construction completion report along with associated appendices covering all components of the scheme (geotechnical, civil/underground deep structures, pipelines, electrical and mechanical) without any supervision.

Deputy to Project Manager – Project Management:

• Preparation of plans to execute the project on time and to budget whilst meeting the client’s requirements. Ensure all working drawings are prepared to meet the project agreed timescales supporting all work to be undertaken on site.

• Liaise with internal and external clients on daily basis to fulfill their requirements. To meet with clients to ensure they are fully apprised of the projects progress on a regular basis.

• Meeting with the contractor project manager and engineers on site on daily basis to discuss and resolve any constraints/issues.

• To ensure that the company procedures are complied with in terms of quality assurance and document control.

• Preparing daily diary of the progress of work including weather conditions etc.

• To perform all admin duties to make sure that the office is running properly and all necessary requirements of the office and staff are met.

• Issuing agenda of the bi-weekly meetings and taking and issuing minutes of the meetings to all concerned.

• Preparing daily, weekly and monthly progress reports for issue to the higher management and client.

• Preparing draft memos and letters for the project manager on earthworks, civil works, electrical and mechanical works to the main Contractor, sub-contractors, internal and external clients and other stakeholders as per contract requirements.

Acting Project Manager – Project Management:

• To perform the duties of Project Manager when he is on rotation leave after every 10 weeks.

• Liaise with internal and external clients on daily basis and fulfill their requirements. To make sure that the high management is fully apprised on the progress of works and major site issues.

• Conducting bi-weekly construction meetings and taking and issuing minutes.

• Reviewing and forwarding weekly and monthly progress reports to the higher management for issue.

• Preparing and pursuing for the completion of man-hour reports by getting approval of the client. Signing timesheets of the staff.

• Correspondence with the main Contractor, sub-contractors, internal and external clients and other stakeholders as per conditions of the contract and specifications.

• Advising the client on material procurement issues, issuing letters and follow up.

• Directing and supervising the work of the direct reports and their welfare– A team of six engineers (two expatriates and four Local National Engineers).

• Dealing with and approving Field Change Requests (FCR’s), Corrective Action Reports (CAR’S) and Non Conformance Reports (NCR’s).

• To conduct and supervise the reservoir filling and testing operation.

• To ensure work is carried out in a safe manner.

UK: Regional Earthworks Engineer – Civil-Geotechnical (11 July 2005 – 9 December 2005)

Network Rail (British Railway)

Transport –Railways (Asset Management)

Duties and Responsibilities: Railway earthworks asset management to ensure that they are maintained and strengthened to achieve the goals of safe, economic and reliable business operations. Provide technical expertise for the design and construction/renewal of earthworks as per laid down company’s standards and specifications. Dealing with 5 years framework Contractor and four engineering consultants involved in the design and construction supervision of works. Involved in awarding Approval in Principal for maintenance and Improvement schemes. Earthworks Manager in charge of West coat Main line.

UK: Civil-Geotechnical Design Engineer (14 April 2003 – 11 July 2005)

Atkins (An International Consultant)

Transport – Motorways and Trunk Roads

UK Highways Agency Managing Agent Contract Area 10.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I have been essentially involved as a Highway Geotechnical Design Engineer acting as a member of the Area 10 Geotechnical Team working for both maintenance and capital works schemes. Scope of works includes inspection of earthworks, design of repairs and remedial works to earthworks, ground investigations, geotechnical input to structural design, renewal works and local network maintenance schemes (LNMS). Area 10 comprises Cheshire, Lancashire, Mersyside and Greater Manchester motorways and trunk road network.

Detail of works undertaken is as follows:

• Geotechnical Assessment of the M6 – Thelwall Old Viaduct Bearing Replacement Project (£60M scheme). 1.4km long viaduct carrying 3 lane dual carriageway crosses a major river and ship canal – Complex ground conditions in flood plain.

• Geotechnical Engineer responsible for carrying out Geotechnical Analysis and Design involving pile capacity and differential settlement calculations, abutments and retaining structures using historical information. Preparation of geotechnical design assessment report. This geotechnical assessment report was subject to a third party check being a major structural project.

• A-56 Slip Remediation Project – Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report.

• Sudlow Farm and Lane Bridges – Preparation of Addendum to the Geotechnical Reports for bridge refurbishment.

• M66 – Junction1 – 2 Walmesrley Old Bridge – Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report for bridge refurbishment.

• M6 – Junction 17 Improvement Works – Preparation of Geotechnical Report.

• M6 – 3 Pin Arches – GI supervision and Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report for bridge refurbishment and Construction Supervision. Preparation of Feedback Report.

• M62 – Area 10 Geotechnical Data Management Systems (HAGDMS) – Principal Inspections of earthworks. Stockport UPM (AIP) – Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report.

• Hall Lane Area Improvement Scheme (Liverpool) Construction and re-construction of Roads.

• M60 – Sandgate Road Bridge – Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report for bridge refurbishment.

• Installation of Traffic Signs and Oil Interceptors on M65, M57 and 58 Motorways. -Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report.

• Construction of Lay-By on M60 Motorway-GI and Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report. M67 Motorway Slip Remediation Project – Preparation of Geotechnical Report.

• M62 Motorway – Junction10 West bound Diverge – Preparation of Geotechnical Design Report.

UK: Civil – Highways – Geotechnical Project Engineer (Feb 2001 – 11 April 2003)

Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd. (An International Consultant)

Transport – Motorways and Trunk Roads

Duties and Responsibilities (multi discipline task, civil-structural-highways-geotechnical-electrical-mechanical):

I have been working as a Professional Civil-Highway/Geotechnical Project Engineer in the UK for two years in Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd in a consulting environment and working on a Highways Agency National Motorway Communication Project (NMCS2 in Lancashire). While working in design/Construction and project management team I have got useful amount of experience in design, preparation of contract documents and tendering process thus getting opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience about the use of various contract types including New Engineering/Construction Contract and application of Highways Agency’s design manual of roads and bridges and manual of contract documents for highway works. I have essentially been involved in various aspects of the schemes such as geotechnical, economic and environmental appraisal, design, health and safety plans, construction supervision and as-built records. I have gained highways experience particularly in geotechnical aspect of the schemes and got sufficient experience in the UK ground investigation techniques with regard to the local geological conditions.

Being involved as a Design Engineer in the Project Management Team I have made significant contributions in the successful delivery of National Motorway Communication mark 2 (NMCS2) Project in Lancashire (£14 Million) and Route Management Strategy for the M18 Motorway in South Yorkshire (0.2 Million). Details of the nature of work done are as under:

• Preparation of Project Appraisal Report and Civil estimates for CCTV Contract NMCS2 in Lancashire, phase 1 and phase 2 (MS3 Signals, EMS Signs, MIDAS and CCTV) on Motorways in Highway Agency Control Office Areas.

• Preparation of Project Appraisal Report and Civil Estimates for Advance Works, NMCS2 phase2 (MS3 and EMS signs).

• Preparation of Risk Assessment, Designer’s Health and safety Plan, and Health and safety file for CCTV Contract.

• Helping in the preparation of contract documentation Vol. 0,1,2, and Vol.4, Geotechnical Summary Report and Tender Assessment report for CCTV Contract.

• Preparation of procedural statement (1) and Preliminary Sources Study for MS3 signals and EMS signs on the M6 motorway.

• Preparation of procedural statement (2) and Project Order under Technology Framework Contract for ground investigation for MS3/EMS signals on the M6.

• Preparation of Design Stage Health and Safety plan, Review of Construction stage Health and Safety Plan for phase 2.1 & 2.2 for MS3/ EMS signals on the M6.

• Preparation of Project Order and additional special requirements and additional site and works information for main works phase 2.1, NMCS2 in Lancashire.

• Involved in the preparation of Ground Investigation Contract Documents for Ground Investigation works for Phase 2.1.

• Site supervision experience of the UK geotechnical investigation practice and geological conditions during GI work at site on the M6 motorway.

• Involved in MS3 pile foundation design and the preparation of Geotechnical Interpretative Report.

• Preparation of Maintenance Manual for CCTV contract. Preparation of structure Form 277 and BE 13/94 for CCTV Contract.

• Involved as a Design Engineer on the route management strategy project of the M18 in South Yorkshire and significantly contributed in the road data collection, preparation of data collection, key data report and performance framework report.

Previous Experience

Pakistan – Civil-Geotechnical/Project Engineer/Resident Engineer

(Punjab Highway Authority) Govt. of Pakistan (Mar 1988 – Jun 1999)

Transport – Roads

Duties and Responsibilities (multi discipline task, civil-structural-highways-geotechnical-electrical-mechanical):

I worked as Civil-Geotechnical/Project Engineer/Resident Engineer Highways in-charge of the highway sub division responsible for delivering highway new construction and improvement schemes and maintenance of the existing road network (asset management). I was responsible for dealing with Civil-geotechnical design and construction issues related to highways and bridges. I have essentially been involved as Civil-Highway/geotechnical (design and construction) project engineer on various components of highways and bridges such as surveys, earth works, earth retaining structures, bridge foundations, highway drainage and flexible and rigid pavements, street lights and road furniture. Acting as project manager I have delivered projects on time, to agreed budget and safety. I was also involved in planning, contract documentation, and tendering process of a number of widening and improvement and new road schemes. Five technician engineers and a dozen skilled and office staff was responsible to me involved in the execution and commissioning of projects, including some of the prestigious ones. I was responsible to divisional engineer. Detail of the projects undertaken is as follows:

7 km 2-lane dual carriageway Bypass in Lahore (A Major City) – a Major Project 1996 – 1999

• Involved in project management, planning and design and as a geotechnical/resident engineer for this major project costing £12 million involving a major river crossing (1km long multi-span RCC Bridge) with Pile Foundation and its allied works (River training works i.e. earthen embankments). The project also includes construction of 10km bridge approach roads. Management of resources (human resource and financial management). Two kilometre approach road section was aligned on century’s old uncontrolled solid waste tip. The ground along this section of the road was improved by excavation and replacement method. The existing 3.5 m wide road was widened to 16m dual carriageway involving demolition of multi-story buildings along the route. All utilities were shifted and relocated.

• Have been essentially involved in ground investigation, design of pavement, road drainage, geometric and junction design, design of pile foundation and retaining structures, earth works and embankment design, large river training works and revetment, traffic signs, and road marking.

Improvement and maintenance of rural farm to market road network schemes.1995 – 1996

• Have been essentially involved as geotechnical/resident engineer. Also involved in pavement assessment, ground investigation, highway and geotechnical design and financial and human resource management of the scheme, Cost: £5million.

The project was funded by International Financial Agencies.

Improvement and Re-construction of flexible and rigid pavements in Lahore. 1994 – 1995

• Have been essentially involved as geotechnical/resident engineer. Also involved in pavement assessment and design of the schemes, including project management. Cost: £3million

Improvement and Re-construction of Trunk Roads and Bridges. 1991 – 1994

• Have been essentially involved as geotechnical/resident engineer. Also involved in highway and geotechnical design of the schemes, including resource management. Cost: £5million

Improvement and Modernisation of road network including bridges on a Mountainous Tourist Resort (Murree) near Islamabad including a number of major landslides 1988 – 1991

• I have been essentially involved as geotechnical/resident engineer. I was responsible for ground investigation, slope analysis/assessment, assessment and remediation of a number of landslides up to 3km in length in this landslide prone hilly area, pavement assessment and design, foundation design (shallow and Pile foundations), slope stability analysis, retaining wall design, design and construction of earthworks (embankment and cutting) and Road drainage design. I was also responsible for highway projects planning, highway design, construction supervision of the roads and bridge improvement schemes and construction of new rural roads, including project management. This area comprises complex geology and is located in the foot of Himalaya. Cost: £11 million.

Pakistan – Assistant Director Civil-Structural-Highway/Geotechnical Engineering (Lahore Development Authority) Jan 1985 – Mar 1987

Infrastructure (multi discipline task, civil-structura-highways-geotechnical-electrical-mechanical)

• Responsible for design, construction supervision including project financial management of miscellaneous civil and geotechnical infrastructure works, like city roads, bridges, public parks, drainage schemes. Involved in the construction supervision of 4 lane 900 metres long RCC Bridge with Pile Foundations over a main Railway route. £5.0 Million. A team of four engineers was responsible to me.

• Development of slum areas in Lahore including development of derelict land. Responsible for geotechnical and civil design and construction supervision for land reclamation, two story RCC buildings like schools/colleges, health and vocational centres, roads, water supply and sewerage system and community parks.

Pakistan – Assistant Civil-Structural/Geotechnical Project Engineer. (Punjab Small Industrial Estate Development) Mar 1984 – Oct 1984

Infrastructure (multi discipline task, civil-structural-highways-geotechnical-electrical-mechanical)

• Responsible for Construction Supervision including financial management of miscellaneous estate development civil infrastructure works, like road network, surface drainage, water supply and sewerage system and utility buildings as a Civil and Geotechnical Engineer.

• It also includes construction of 4km AC pipeline for transporting water from a canal to the water filtration plant at site. Water filtration plant and sewage disposal works were also constructed.



 Won World Bank Scholarship for MSc in Geotechnical Engineering in 1999

 Based on my Highway geotechnics experience, I have chosen laboratory based research project related to road Design and construction during MSc in Birmingham University UK in 2000 by creating a road foundation model (sub-base layer overlying clayey sub-grade) and observed the sub-grade/sub-base road foundation behavior under repeated wheel loading. The project “Mechanisms Controlling Sub-grade Rutting” (MSc. Project) was highly appreciated, for improved pavement design, highway construction / re-construction. The research project was funded by Highway Agency UK.

 From 2005-2008 – during the construction of water storage reservoir in Libya, due to my personal contributions on technical grounds, the project was completed one year ahead of schedule resulting in cost saving of around one million Libyan dinars. My role was highly appreciated by the Client and the Employer.


Health and Safety:

 Health and Safety trained and qualified and holding a UK Construction Industry Training Board’s Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card.

 Health and Safety Site Induction Courses arranged by the Highway Term Maintenance Contractor and Construction Management Framework Team (UK) – CMF Card Holder.

 A full day Course on Health and Safety in Construction arranged by Atkins.

 Two days Network Rail personal track safety course (PTS) and holder of Sentinel PTS card.

 Advanced Health and Safety on Line Training Courses on Parsons Intranet


 Two days course on Slope Stability organized by Institution of Civil Engineers London.

 Two days course on Slope Stability analysis and design organized by Network Rail relevant to railway environment.

 One day workshop on Slope Stability of soil slopes and superficial heavily disintegrated weathered rock slopes organized by GEOBRUGG in Manchester UK.

 Research project undertaken on pavement foundations in Birmingham University UK

 Training on earthwork assessment and remediation design, bridge foundation design, highway pavement design and retaining structure design on the motorway and trunk road network in the UK. Training on planning, designing, supervision and interpretation of ground investigation for highways and civil works.


IT Training, Microsoft Word, Excel Calculations, Power point Presentation, SLOPE/W, Holebase, PIGLET, MS Project, Oasys Geo Suite, gINT, LPILE Plus V 5.0, Pile GROUP V 7.0 and ALL Pile, Wallap, Plaxis, GEOPAK and MX for contour plans, COWI SPOOKS for retaining walls and shoring, COWI program for laterally loaded piles (T0169).

Project Management/Construction Supervision:

 One day course on New Engineering Contract (NEC) – Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) organized by Institution of Civil Engineers London.

 Training in Health /Safety and Environment, Concepts of Sustainability, Quality Assurance and Management Systems, British Standards and Specifications, (DMRB and MCDHW), Type of Contracts and Contract Documentation in the UK.

 8 weeks training on design and construction supervision of water and waste water schemes in Pakistan.

 16 weeks training on Highway Engineering, Management and Construction Supervision in Pakistan Engineering Academy.

 Advanced Project Management and Construction Supervision Courses in Parsons International Limited