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CV, Experienced Civil Engineer Wishing To Remain In Saudi Arabia

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 20635

List top 5 skills: building engineer, road engineer, structure engineer
Short Bio:

• My total 18 years experience that include
• Road work Experience: includes construction of embankment from soil, sand and rock as per cross section .Sub grade preparation. Lying of Aggregate Base Course, Asphaltic Base and Wearing Course.
• Structure work experience: that includes bridges, culverts, and protection work like slope protection, curve stone, inters locks. , New Jersey barriers.
•Building work Experience: that includes Excavation, Foundation, Structure, Plaster & Block work, Fixings.

Current location: 

Saudi Arabia - View on map



Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

Pakistan, saudi arabia

Relevant Qualifications

Registration with:

a) As a Professional Engineer with Saudi Engineering Council Civil/45236.

b) As a Professional Engineer with Pakistan Engineering Council Civil/16812.


• My total 18 years experience that include

• Road work Experience: includes construction of Embankment from soil, sand and Rock as per cross section .Sub grade preparation. Lying of Aggregate Base Course, Asphaltic Base and Wearing Course.

• Structure work Experience: that includes Bridges, Culverts, and protection work like slope protection, Curve stone, inters locks. , New Jersey barriers.

• Building work Experience: that includes Excavation, Foundation, Structure, Plaster & Block work, Fixing of doors windows and finishing work both internal and external. Road & parking development.

Career Summary

(1)Abdul Latif Construction Company Jeddah Saudi Branch(Road/fly over).
 Project Manager: (June 2012 to June 2014).
 Client: Ministry of Transport Saudi Arabia.

 Projects: Tabuk-Shaghab Project (Embankment-A: B: C) & ARAMCO fly over at Jouf.


1) Monitoring operations as per construction planning and scheduling Reviewed B.O.Q. of project as per site demand. Coordinate with laboratory for all tests in advance to move the project.

2) Preparation of Monthly IPC and approval of shop drawings.

3) Preparation of CPM & Bar chart and approve from consultant.

4) Checking of sub-Contractors bills inclusive of all sorts of measurements for each item of works

5) Coordinating with the supplier and dealers for the materials.

6) Checking of the safety of workers and others at the site.

7) To ensure the quality of the product used in the construction.

8) Checking that all the technical equipment is in good working condition. Checking that all the government policies and rules are being followed.

9) Attended daily/weekly coordination meeting & discussed problems relating to the construction project.

10) Utilization of manpower, equipment material

(2) Ital Consult Saudi Arabia Branch (Road/Building/Structure Projects)

 Civil Engineer (Nov 2007-May 2012).
 Client: Ministry of Transport Saudi Arabia.

 Projects

(a) 80 km Tabuk-Dubha Dual Carriageway includes all Road work from Embankment to Asphalt, 34

Culverts, 275000 cum Rock fill & 5780 cum Slope Work

(b) 50km Tabuk-Madinah Expressway includes Embankment-Asphalt 2interchanges, 03 Camel

Crossing and 8000 cum Slope Protection

(c) Construction of M: O: T Building at Tabuk City. From foundation—Finishing(30000sqm)


(1) Implement and ensure that quality of work are being done according to Contract agreement, Specification and Circular.

(2) Interfaced on approval of IPC, shop drawings, Bar Chart, CPM, reviewed B.O.Q. of project. Conducted inspections and tests as required Supervision of pouring concrete, checking and controlling the proper mix designs and curing operations.

(3) Monitoring of progress of the work as per the approved program.

(4) Checking of reinforcement to approved bar cutting schedule, check the adequacy of the farm work, rectifying any apparent mistakes, supervision of pouring concrete, Conduct of all test for Earthwork, Rock fill, Aggregate and Asphalt.

(5) Responsible for keeping as built records and ensuring this is reflected on the drawings followed up on performance indices & prepared monthly progress report. Coordinated between contractor, head office, and other utility agencies including the Ministry of Transport

(6) Preparation of monthly Progress report showing the deployment of machinery & manpower of contractor.

(7) Study geotechnical investigation reports of bridge and completed records for successful completion of work. Resolved and closed out all non-conformance issues. Liaised with site QA/QC Engineer and Safety Supervisor to take preventive and corrective actions.

(8) In Building project Excevation, Foundation, Plaster work, slab Concrete, Block work, Fixing of doors windows and finishing work both internal and external & Road, parking development projects.

(3)Hajvairy Associates ltd.(Building Projects)
 Deputy Project Manager (February /1/2005 to October/30/ 2007)
 Client: Planning Department Government of Pakistan.)

 Projects:

42 Beds Kidney Centre and 2 stories Science Block Ningarhar University JalalAbad Afghanistan.

Project Value Rupees 800 Million.


(1) Daily and monthly reports of working

(2) Ensuring that the design and maintenance of building systems meets legislative and health and safety requirements.

(3) Managing, supervising and visiting contractors on site and advising on civil engineering issues.

(4) Both buildings and site. Road, parking development projects

(5) Maintain all the Ensuring design specifications and safety standards.

(6) Handling direct operations and maintenance activities on project site.

(7) Surveying and establish reference points and elevations.

(8) Scheduling material and equipment purchases and delivery. Adopting all relevant requirements good manufacturing practices and safety on all work assignments.

(9) Managing change, as the client may change their mind about the design, and ensuring relevant parties are notified of changes in the project. Leading teams of other engineers,checking and approving reports. Reviewing and approving project drawing.

(4) Engineering construction company Peshawar.(Building Project)
 Senior Engineer (1/September/ 2001 to 31/December/ 2004)
 Client: Pakistan Housing Aut.

 Projects:

 Dualization of Manshera-Abbottabad Road

 Shah Agha Road and by pass Kandahar Afghanistan


(1) Identifying sources for Embankment Material and Aggregate material.

(2) For the safety of staff and other peoples consult with local Authority and

(3) Mining cleaning companies for clearness of area due law and order problem.

(4) Daily meeting with consultant to maintain quality and safety.

(5) Preparation of daily, weekly, and monthly report

(5) Bayinder Group of companies Turkey(Road Project)
 Site Engineer (2/February/ 1998 to 7/May/ 2001)

Project: Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M1&2) Project Value $ 450 Million.


(1) Conduct all Laboratories tests with Material team.

(2) Prepare form for monthly certificate related monthly Laboratory tests, request form and other reports.

(3) Dealing with Consultant and Sub Contractors.

(4) Maintaining the daily and monthly reports of working.

(6) Sui northern company (SNGPL) Pakistan(Building Project)
 Management Trainee (February 1996 to February 1998)

 Project: S:N:G:P:L Building Peshawar


Excavation, Foundation, Plaster, slab Concrete.