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CV, Egyptian Embedded Engineer seeking work in UK, sponsor required

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 12363

List top 5 skills: c/c++ programming, programming.
Short Bio:

I have been working for five years in a company that owns a few industrial plants and what I do is that I research existing problems in these plants and develop embedded systems solve it , most of these systems connect to a custom built HMI using , In my CV I described the major systems I have developed .

Current location: 

Egypt - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, IT and Technology

Spoken languages: 

Arabic, english

Locations I am interested in working:

United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States


• Designing embedded system’s hardware and software.

• Designing and wiring different control panels.

• Programming using C++ and .

• Designing different GUI (SCADA) and database to suit hardware requirements of the embedded system to meet customers’ demands.


All of the following systems were software and hardware designed from the ground up to suit the different applications.

Security systems:

1. Implemented a wireless security system designed to secure large residential areas.

The system has 250 digital inputs, 25 wireless transmission units, 3 wireless reception units with different LCD displays and SCADA system.

2. Designed a complete GSM car alarm system with motion sensors, sends SMS text messages and make phone calls to the car’s owner in case of robbery and offers vehicles control through SMS text messages.

3. Designed alarm systems for Villas with different alarm zones, LCD display,

Keyless entry and GSM alarms messages.

Industrial Automation systems:

1. Designed and implemented an embedded system to interface with General Electric PLC 90-30 series analog output module, this module measure steel wire tension across concrete pipes.

The system consists of:

A. 1 isolated analog input – 10 bit channel that connects to the output analog signal of the PLC’s output module.

B. 1 digital input signal that connects to a photo electric switch to sense the pipe’s presence.

C. A keypad and a LCD display used by the operator for different purposes such as entering the pipe’s number and size.

D. A friendly graphical user interface has been designed using, this interface connects to the system through an RS 232 port, it receives data (analog signal value, pipe number and size) from the embedded system and stores it in a database for future monitoring and supervising of faults, The analog signal value from the embedded system is read and stored by the GUI every 5 seconds.

2. Designed and implemented an embedded system to automate the operation of a concrete mixing batch plant

The system consists of:

A. 5 inputs – 16 bit analog channels, each channel has its corresponding LCD display to show its reading.4 of these channels are connected to load cells and one is connected to the famous Hydronix moisture sensor.

B. 12 isolated digital input channels (Transistor input NPN).

C. 18 isolated digital output channels (relay output).

D. A friendly graphical user interface (GUI) designed using (SCADA) that connects to the embedded system through an RS-232 port.

The operator uses the SCADA for numerous operations such as calibration, defining order of mixing materials and their time intervals, humidity monitoring via graph, defining weighing techniques , storing different concrete mixtures and finally storing the actual weights of the concrete in a database with the ability to print portions of the database as required by the operator. Picture of the system and snap shots from the SCADA systemare available.

3. Designed and implemented an embedded system to control the mass flow rate of solid particles (coloured gypsum) on a conveyor belt. The system consists of :

A. 1 input – 16 bit analog channel connects to a load cell for weighting purpose.

B. 1 output isolated – 12 bit analog channel connects to an AC Motor drive.

C. An LCD and keypad used by the operator for different purposes such as calibration and flow rate setting.

4. Designed and implemented an embedded system to count the number of units passing on a conveyor belt at a Fast Moving Consumer Goods industrial plant, the system connects to a computer in a control room through an RF connection.

A. 1 input – digital input.

B. An LCD, keypad and a SCADA program used by the operator for different purposes.

5. Designed and implemented an embedded system to acquire and record temperatures at a Gibson board oven. The system acquires the values from the PT-100 temperature sensor .The system connects to a graphical user interface through an isolated USB port to record the different values , stores them for further inspection and analysis.

The system consists of:

A. 36 inputs – 10 bit analog input channels.

B. A SCADA system used to store values, draw graphs and analyze the acquired data.

6. Designed and implemented an Ultrasonic embedded system to measure the thickness of Gibson boards during the manufacturing stage to detect any differential thickness errors.

The system utilizes ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 40 KHZ to detect differential distance errors of 0.02 millimetres. The system consists of:

A. 1 Ultrasonic transmitter.

B. 1 Ultrasonic receiver.

C. 1 digital input for distance reference requirements.

D. 1 digital alarm output.

E. An LCD to display distance, errors and other messages.

7. Designed and implemented a low frequency RFID attendance system equipped with an LCD display, memory, real time clock and backup battery in case of power failure, The system connects through an isolated USB port to a PC program .The program is designed by C# along with a database access to store different employees log in and log out times, allows and denies access.

8. Designed and implemented an embedded system to accurately cut Gibson boards to length, the system required the acquiring of the conveyor belt speed on which the Gibson boards were being manufactured to accurately time the cutting instant of the boards .The system consists of the following:

A. 1 digital input – infrared red limit switch.

B. A position controller kit that interfaces to the system using UART.

C. 1 isolated digital output that connects to a Siemens PLC.

D. A keypad and an LCD display for setting the desired length and other purposes.


To obtain an opportunity to work at your company where I can utilize my education and experience in contributing to the company’s growth, while working in a highly professional and dynamic environment that allows me to further face and overcome new challenges, develop my skills and achieve my potential.


 B.Sc of Electronics and Communications May 2005

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

 Thanaweya Amma July 1999

Misr Language Schools, Cairo, Egypt..

Professional Experience

 Embedded system and Control engineer 2009 – present

Osman Group

Designing and implementing different embedded control systems for the factory’s different plants and machine to enhance performance and supervision.

o Following up on the embedded system performance.

o Supervising the performance and investigating faults of the Company’s different plants and technicians.

 Embedded System and Supervising Field Engineer Nov 2005 – Jan 2009

EL Nemr General Contracting Group

o Designing Alarm systems for Villas with Keyless entry, Keypads, LCD displays and GSM alarm messages and custom solutions based on customers demand.

o Supervising field engineer responsible for installing the electricity, alarm and security networks in the company’s different projects.

 Registered for three patents from the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt.


 Certified VMware Sales professional.

 Certified VMware Technical Sales professional.

 Introduction to Alcatel GSM network

 Introduction to GPRS

 Alcatel 9100 BTS Description

 Alcatel 9120 BSC Description

 Advanced C++ language

 programming

 Object oriented concepts

 Attended Conference in the league of Arab states talking about the futures of inventions and patents in the Middle East and Arab world. I gave a brief presentation about my security designs and my point of view on the obstacles and struggles new inventors face in the Middle East.


 Fluent in written and spoken English and Arabic.

 Electronic circuit design and programming microcontrollers

 Programming using C++ ,

 VHDL programming.

 Basic knowledge of UNIX

 Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, team player, good solving problem capability

 Own a car and driver license