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CV, Currently Instructor adviser to UAE Armed Forces Looking Worldwide

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 8957

List top 5 skills: close protection, course development, instructor, management, organiser
Short Bio:

Over the past 24 year I have accumulated vast experience in numerous aspects of the security field, training and management thereof. My present posting is a trainer, advisor and course developer assignment. I am proficient in risk management, risk mitigation and contingency planning, with my network of contacts within this region and numerous sources of information and knowledge of the region I would be able to advise and consult in this arena. I am able to diversify with the requirements of the position.
The past 3 ½ years have been driven in the development of training courses, the implementation and presenting of instruction for the UAE Military on a Special Project in the field of Weapons (small arms, squad and heavy weapons), Urban Operation/MOUT (CQC, Urban Movement and Breaching), Navigation, Crowd Control and Close Protection with the vision to establish a specialized brigade.
Prior to that I spent 6 years in Iraq and Afghanistan assisting the US military and Coalition Force in numerous task including but not limited to providing physical security, security assessments, site and route assessments for numerous VIP’s, high ranking US and British officers, Law and Order personnel (JAG Lawyers), engineers and EUPOL officials.
My foundation in security was borne out of my career within the South African Police Force in which over a period of 15 ½ years I served in two of the high risk units.
The first being a reactive unit which whose priority was to respond to terrorist attacks as well as high risk and violent, mostly armed crime, which was still in progress and there after we could be tasked with normal policing functions.
The second unit was task with pro-active duties and operations driven towards counter terrorism, organized crime, prevention of political and tribal unrest, crowd/riot control working on information disseminated by numerous specialized investigation units and agencies. Other duties would include Operation Room Manager, event planning, joint co-ordination, information gathering and compilation of statistics.

Current location: 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - View on map

Spoken languages: 

English and Afrikaans

Locations I am interested in working:

africa, Bahrain, Japan, kuwait, Oman, qatar, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Summary of Work:

Period: 2010 to Present Company: UAE Armed Forces


1. Instructor: Primary Instructor Weapons-Squad Type (M4, HK416, HK23E, Caracal)

Primary Instructor Heavy Weapons (M2 50Cal, Mk19, RPG, GPMG, M32-MSGL, M240B)

Instructor Urban Operations

Instructor Crowd Control

Instructor Land Navigation

Range Officer/ Range Safety Officer

2. Lesson Plan/Course Developer: Weapons (Small arms and Squad Type through Heavy weapons) and Urban Operations

3. Advisor/Consultant: Various safety, security and military related issues


Period: 2004 to 2009 Company: Various private security companies within Iraq and Afghanistan

(Aegis, EODT, Reed Inc., Sabre and Hart)


1. Close Protection/PSD: Team Lead/2ic, Principle/Client Protection Officer

Mission Planning: Risk Assessments

Risk Mitigation Planning

Contingency Planning

Route Planning and Navigation

Site Security Assessment


2. Instructor to Local Nationals in Weapons and Close Protection duties

Period: 1998 to 2003 Company: South African Police


1. Crowd/Riot Control/Picketing – Labor, Political Unrest and Peaceful Demonstrations

2. Urban and Rural Operations – Tribal Warfare/Organized Crime/Drug Cartels/Political Intolerance (Party differences)

3. Counter Terrorism

4. Operational / Event Planning – International/National (Sport and Cultural)

5. Joint Co-ordination

6. Event Management

7. High Risk incident response

8. Operations Room Manager – Crowd and Riot Control/Events

9. Information Gathering

10. Operations Room Manager – Crime Reporting Center

11. Statistic Compilation

12. General Policing

Fields of expertise: Courses attended:

Weapons –Small arms, Squad and Heavy SA Police Basic Training (1988 – 1989)

Counter Terrorism Riot & Crowd Control (1989)

Close Protection/Security Consultancy/Risk Management/PSD Internal Security/Counter Insurgency (1991)

Risk Mitigation Special Weapons & Tactics (1994)

Risk Assessments House Penetration & Clearing (1993)

Contingency Planning Advanced driving (1994 & 2009)

Management Close Protection Course – Ronin SA ( (2009)

IT proficient (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel Paintshop Pro) State Dept PSD Course – ITG ( (2009)

Lesson Plan and Presentation Development PSD Induction Courses – Aegis (2004)

Event Management Team Leaders Cadre – Aegis (2005)

Close Quarters Combat and House/Building Clearing Medical BTEC level 2 (2009)

High Risk Incident Intervention Combat Life Savers Course – Military (2005)



Information gathering

Crowd/Riot Control

Data Capturer

Advance driving


Complete Relevant Work History


December 2011 to Present

Title: Instructor/Advisor and Consultant Employer: UAE Armed Forces (Sgt Major Hamad Alkaabi +971 506311189)

Position: Weapons and MOUT/Urban Operations Primary Instructor/Advisor Section: Special Project – UAE

Duties: Develop weapons courses for soldiers, Instructed on basic and advanced marksmanship.

Testing ,evaluation and advising on weapons for utilization within the brigade.

Developed entire Weapons phase of the Commando Program and assisted in the development of the MOUT/Urban Operations phase of the program.

Primary Instructor in the Commando Course weapons phase and MOUT section also assisted in the Rappelling and various other courses (Crowd Control, Land navigation, Small Unit Tactics and Guard Force)

December 2010 to December 2011

Title: Instructor/Advisor and Consultant Employer: Reflex Responses Management Consultancy

Position: Weapons and MOUT Primary Instructor Section: Special Project – UAE

Duties: Develop weapons course for Soldiers, Instructed on basic and advanced marksmanship

Developed entire Weapons phase of the Commando Program and assisted in the development of the MOUT phase of the

program. Primary Instructor in the Commando Course weapons phase and MOUT section, assisted in the Rappeling and various other course (Land navigation and Small Unit Tactics)

July 2010 to December 2010

Title: Company Command Advisor Employer: Reflex Responses Management Consultancy

Position: Company Commander Section: Special Project – UAE

Duties: Advise and command company and produce training material in numerous subject areas.

Close Protection/PSD History

May 2010 to July 2010

Title: Personal Security /Security Consultant Employer: Hart(Security Co-Ord –Richard Castelyn – -0027 834097644)

Position: Driver/Operator Section: Kabul ,Afghanistan – EUPOL

March 2010 to May 2010

Title: Personal Security /Security Consultant Employer: Sabre (TL –Joe Bulter –

Position: AIC/PPO/Driver/Operator/Instructor Section: Basra – Saipem/ENI

July 2007 to October 2009

Title: Personal Security /Security Consultant Employer: EODT (Supervisor/TL – Douw Geldenhuys

Position: AIC/PPO/Driver/Operator Section: Baghdad

August 2006 to July 2007

Title: Personal Security /Security Consultant Employer: Reed Inc (Project Manager now stationed in Afghan – Derek Vorster – )

Position: Driver/Operator Section: Baghdad/Al Asad (Southern & Central Iraq /Anbar)

2004 November to July 2006

Employer: Aegis Specialist Risk Management (BVI)

Position: Team 2IC/Team Leader and Security Consultant Section: Northern Iraq (CO/Ops Off now with CRG Basra – James Ellis – )


Low, Semi Low and High profile missions and route plannings and execution in an extremely high risk/hostile environment, navigation, route and area reconnaissance, planning, preparation of mission reports for clients ,security advise and intelligence gathering for clients. Close protection to various clients(US Department of Defence, Gulf Region North/ US Corp of Engineers, US Department of State, US Project Contracting office and various other civilian contractors affiliated to these departments) aiding in the reconstruction process within Iraq, various members and agencies affiliated to the US JAG office in Iraq/FOB Shield(Baghdad), various directors and employees of Oil company Saipem in Greater Basra area, various members of the EUPOL mission in Afghanistan . PSD operator(Team Leader,2ic,Team member) and personal/client protection officer/security consultant. Instruction and training of Iraqi Local Nationals in PSD/Close Protection and driving for teams utilization.

Military History (South African Police Force)

2000 January to 2003 June:

Title: Operational Room Manager /Information Gatherer (Warrant Officer/Inspector)

Section: Public Order Police (Ex CO – Tony Ellerbeck +971 50 812 6577)

1990 July to 2000 January:

Title: Patrolman (Constable), Shift Commander (Sergeant), Supervisor (Sergeant), Incident Officer

Assistant (Sergeant)

Section: Flying Squad / Radio Control

May 1989 to 1990 July:

Title: Technician (Constable) Section: Radio and Technical


Manage Operational Room. Crowd/Riot Control and event management. Compile Reports & Stats. Gather information. SWAT/Urban operations. Perform anti-terrorism tasks. Crime prevention duties. Attend High Risk Complaints. Attend domestic complaints. Attend fire-arm related incidents. High speed vehicle chases. Close protection (Ministers & other dignitaries). Attend event planning meetings. Liaise with other departments and organizations in the planning of events in order to put the correct force protection measures in place for events. Radio operator and complaint dispatcher. Manage shifts and manpower. Attend newsworthy incidents and provide advice to subordinates. Ops room logistics.

Repair and install all communication and electronic equipment for the operational divisions of the SA Police