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Master Degree in Mining Engineering with 10 years experience in the field of piping construction works like engineering, erection/installation, mechanic/hydraulic pre-commisioning and commissioning, inspection and quality aspect. Hydro test, pneumatic test, strength & N2He leak test. Piping flushing/blowing, piping retro-jetting/cleaning & drying, piping preservation, and reinstatement. High standard of safe working practice and productivity.

Current location: City of Zagreb, Croatia - View on map
Nationality: Croatian
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


• Petroleum and Mining Engineering University
Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering

• Science and Mathematics Gymnasium (Zagreb)

Skills &  Competencies


• Familiar with Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Cooling water and Lubrication heavy machinery components and systems such as:

Closed loop transmissions, Open loop circuits, Axial piston pumps/motors, Proportional control valves, Servo control cards, Logic elements, Relief valves, Reducing valves, Cylinders and Rotary actuators

• Experience performing Hydraulic and Mechanic trouble shooting

• Familiarity with oil hydraulics suppliers such as Parker, Rexroth, Vickers, Dennison, Sun and KSB

• Proven records of taking products from engineering design through production

• Ability to interpret drawings, codes, specifications and standards (P&IDs, Piping design, Valves & Specialities, Engineering support for Piping GA’s & Isometrics)

• Inclined in a variety of complex Electrical and Mechanical control systems (Proportional, Servo control etc.)

• Highly experienced in fault finding and rectification of manufacturing equipment


• Effective telephone, verbal, and written communication skills required for cross-functional coordination including the interface with strategic suppliers

• Well qualified with communicating with a variety of people, e.g., service contract representatives, manufacturer’s representatives, and Property Management Specialists as well as Upper Management

• The ability to communicate at all levels and work unsupervised or as part of a team

• Supervisory competence of multinational and multi-cultural workforce


• Precise planning, organizing and coordination flair

• Ability to interface directly with customer to provide tech. support and product troubleshoot via telephone and field visits

• The ability to provide technical support and leadership in area(s) of assigned responsibility including material selection, structural requirements, tolerances, aesthetics and testing

• Skill to plan, direct and control engineering effort directly related to assigned projects, including establishing program criteria, planning & scheduling


• Auto CAD, Lotus Notes 8.5 ACD systems

• Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project

Career Summary

• October 22, 2014 – February 24, 2015
Client: Alcoa Inc., Location: Knoxville, USA

Project: X-Roll Cold Rolling Mill, Position held: Area Site Manager – Mechanic (Hydraulics)

Activities: Execution of the routine piping & auxiliary erection supervision of Rolling oil system, Air-wash, Oil-dist, REBS Oil-air, Centralized gear lubrication. Responsible for associated actuating and controlling of systems such as Multi-Plate filters for Rolling oil cleaning, Oil-dist rectification for Rolling oil reuse and Air-wash system for exhaust air purification. Responsible for the supervision of Cold mill maintenance personnel engaged in hydraulic breakdown, rebuild & preventative maintenance programs to minimize production downtime due to equipment failure. Manpower planning and job distribution in shifts.


• June 30, 2013 – July 7, 2014
Client: Jilin Midas Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Location: LiaoYun City Jilin, P.R. CHINA

Project: 6-high CVC 2350mm Aluminium Cold Rolling Mill, Position held: Area Site Manager – Mechanic (Hydraulics)

Activities: Commissioning of Hydraulic gap control (HGC), Intermediate roll bending, Work roll bending, Back-up roll balancing, Anti-sticker guides, Pinion stand switch gear, Intermediate roll axial shifting system (CVC), Coil preparation area, Pivoting table, Snubber & Pinch rolls, Dividing shears, 4-segment Pay-off real, Mandrel, Brushing unit, etc.

• December 1, 2013 – June 29, 2014
Client: TISCO, Location: Taiyunan Shanxi, P.R. CHINA

Project: Z-High Cold Rolling Mill & 6-High Cold Rolling Mill, Position held: Area Site Manager – Mechanic (Hydraulics)

Activities: Leading supervisor during a plant erection and commissioning for hot aqueous alkaline solution Spray cleaning section No.1 & 2 with Brush machines, Hot water cascade rinsing section, Strip edge blowers, Make up & Condensate storage device, Dryers, Exhaust system, etc. Pre-commissioning and commissioning for Emulsion spraying equipment, Mill entry & exit hydraulics, Gear and Oil-air lubrications.

• December 3, 2012 – August 12, 2013
Client: HYUNDAI Steel Co., Ltd., Location: Dangjin, SOUTH KOREA

Project: Plate Mill, Position held: Area Site Manager – Mechanic (Hydraulics)

Activities: Piping erection supervision for Cooling and high pressure Descaling water including high+low pressure hydraulic components. Commissioning of Mill entry and exit Side guides with Edger including Drive spindle balancing, Mechanical screw-down, Roll balancing, Automatic width control (AWC), Back-up roll (BUR) balancing, etc. Piping erection and commissioning for Exit site area involving Depressing table, Trimming shear entry table, Pinch rolls on entry and exit, Shear proper device, Trimming shear exit table, etc.

• February 7, 2012 – May 17, 2012
Client: Qinghai Ping An Aluminum High Precision Machining Industrial Co., Ltd., Location: Ping An, P.R. CHINA

Project: New Aluminium Cold Roughing & Finishing Mill, Position held: Production Engineer

Activities: Responsible for plant commissioning including high-low pressure hydraulics, Centrifuge separator stations, Emulsion unit, Oil-air lubrication, Central grease lubrication, Central oil lubrication, Pneumatics, Cooling water and electrical instrumentations. Carrying through various mechanical engineering roles within Side guides, Screw down (HGC) systems, Brushing devices, Crop shears, Strip tension rolls, Side trimmers, Belt wrapper, etc., in way to improve final machine performance. Preparing and following up the punch list documentation updating progress schedule. Managing manpower activities, checking isometric drawings against Master P&Ids and participating in daily meetings with client and contractors.

• 2009 to Present,
Managing Director at DEMAIV-Z Ltd. for Technical analysis and Engineering Consulting

• January 20, 2008 – February 14, 2009
Client: KOSCO, Korea Steel Shapes Co., Ltd., Location: Chilseo, SOUTH KOREA

Project: New Melt shop (EAF) & CCM (Continuous Casting Machine), Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Commissioning and start-up including Roof, Electrode arms, Furnace tilt and Slag door hydraulic components. Isolating and solving various circuit problems of proportional and servo valves using Rexroth testing gears. Supervising pickling and flushing, drying and N2 purging activities. Participating in the planning, scheduling and execution of shutdown and major overhaul maintenance activities. Monitoring and ensuring that the shutdown maintenance jobs are carried out within the scheduled time frame. Checking of Isometric and related drawing that does not conform to Piping general arrangement, P&IDs , PEFS (Process engineering flow scheme), DEP (Design engineering practice), specifications and project standards.

• November 16 – December 23, 2008
Client: Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Location: Tanghai, P.R. CHINA

Project: G2X2 Strand Heavy High Efficiency Slab Cast Machine, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Pre-commissioning and start-up of Sequence casting floor units involving various hydraulic segments such as Butterfly ladle, Leaking slide gates, Ladle cars, Tilting unit, Tundish supports, Segment clamping solutions, Mould oscillating Servo cylinders, etc. Performing assigned hydraulic system maintenance to ensure equipment is operating safely, efficiently, and within manufacturer’s specifications. Responsible for piping modification according to commissioning requirements and site situation. Taking care of man power mobilization in way to maintain various activities to ensure smooth execution of the project. Participating in daily meetings with client and contractors.

• July 24 – August 22, 2008
Client: POSCO Gwang Yang, Location: Pusan, SOUTH KOREA

Project: Grinding Machine, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Hydraulic erection, commissioning and start-up of Casting grinder (Twin-slab type). Testing, calibrating and adjusting different types of flow meters, clogging indicators, pressure transducers, level/temperature sensors, etc… Carrying through various mechanical engineering/development roles in way to improve irregularities due to very first start-up. Installing test instruments as needed and performing functional testing of hydraulic systems following maintenance and repairs to ensure proper operation. Checking of isometric drawings against Master P&IDs considering design basics and project requirements including material specifications.

• June 27 – July 11, 2008
Client: GHC Abu Dhabi Industrial City, Location: Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Project: Wire Rod Mill, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Responsible for plant Erection including related Water/Oil/Lube/Air piping, Instruments and Mechanical equipments. Receiving, inspecting and installing various hydraulic components such as manifolds, cylinders, controllers, filters, compact hydraulics, control blocks and plates, pumps, sensors and signal encoders, etc. Preparing and following up the punch list documentation updating progress schedule. Performing all required inspection and preparations for incoming pickling and flushing activities. Participating in daily meetings with client and contractors.

• April 04 – May 11, 2008
Client: Mital Steel, Location: Zenica, BiH

Project: 6 Strands Billet Caster, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Pre-commissioning and commissioning during scheduled shutdown for Billet caster. Revamping supervision to several casting units such as Withdrawal straightener, Run-out roller table, Movable stopper and Pusher devices. Supervising commissioning work forces (team around 20 personnel) in execution and achieving system completion status. Piping erection daily progress scheduling. planning, leading and monitoring of flushing and pickling performance procedures. Responsible for piping modification according to commissioning requirements and site situation.

• December 01, 2007– February 19, 2008
Client: CSH, Location: Concepcion, CHILE

Project: Rolling Mill, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Erection, Pre-commissioning and commissioning supervision for various Rolling mill hydraulic segments such as Roll changing rig, Pay-off real drive & Loader, Pinch roll flattener, Entry tensioning reel, Outboard bearing support, Coil stripper, Roll shift mechanism, Anti-crimp roll, Wedge adjusting mechanism etc. Managing manpower and mobile equipment to match the erection and commissioning schedule. Responsible for multiple hydraulic components installation and piping erection operations in accordance with schedule, procedures, specifications, priorities and availability.

• November 14 – November 26, 2007
Client: A.G. Siderurgica Balboa, Location: Zafra, SPAIN

Project: Rolling Mill, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Introduction and training course to Rolling mill metal forming process. Machine course exam including Work rolls, Backup rolls, Rolling balance system, Roll changing devices, Mill protection devices, Roll cooling & Lubrication systems, Gearings, Drive motors, Coilers and Uncoilers.

• October 12 – November 11, 2007
Client: Qasco, Location: Doha, QATAR

Project: Melt Shop, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Routine supervision to production. Carrying out all the inspection, major and minor according to PM schedule. Preparing variety of reports and maintain thorough several records and files. Managing and supervising staff activities of workers and technicians engaged in setting up, installing, repairing and maintaining Hydraulic machinery and equipments.

Conducting and scheduling selective component analyses before they fail in way to minimize production costs.

• August 24 – October 05, 2007,
Cient: Acerias Paz Del Rio S.A., Location: Sogamoso, COLUMBIA

Project: Continuous Casting Machine, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Pre-commissioning and commissioning supervision for selective hydraulic industrial equipments designed for Vertical strand casting technology. Performing component calibration, alignments, and adjustments in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Carrying out final P&ID check of installed piping systems and auxiliary as well. Coordinating manpower activities in their area of responsibility and monitoring their activities to ensure that erection proceeds according to technical specifications and in accordance with applicable safety regulations and quality requirements.

• April 25 – August 20, 2007
Client: Corus, Location: Scunthorpe, UK

Project: 5 Strands Billet Caster, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Commissioning and start-up for multiple casting hydraulic components such as Ladle turret, Slide gates, Segment clamping cylinders, Tundish cars, Tilting devices, Mould oscillating cylinders, Disconnecting roller units, Emergency cut off Gate cylinders, Centering solutions, Withdrawal straighteners, Dummy bar storage, Pushers, Walking beam lifting, Travel cylinders, etc. Preparing maintenance schedule, work instruction and preventive/repair maintenance procedures, calibration and final testings regarding to ISO 9002 and ISO 14000. Coordinating with other disciplines to commission the system and make it ready for successful start-up.

• January 16 – April 22, 2007
Client: Rajhi Steel, Location: Jeddah, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA

Project: Continuous Casting Machine, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Supervision to routine production activities. Performing daily/weekly preventive and corrective actions and planned maintenance repairs. Assisting the maintenance team in establishing priorities, making improvements on work methods, evaluating modification proposals and failure analysis. Participating in technical negotiation for purchase of spare material and components.

• September 13 – October 29, 2006
Client: SeAH Besteel Corporation, Location: Gunsan SOUTH KOREA

Project: Electric Arc Furnace + Continuous Casting Machine, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Electric arc furnace erection and commissioning supervision involving Furnace tilting, Roof lifting, Electrode regulating, Clamping and de-clamping. Performing daily inspections of various hydraulic components for possible worn and defective parts. Repairing and/or making recommendations for correction of deficiencies found. Identifying root causes and therefore developing solutions in way to improve hydraulic system efficiency and performance.

• July 21 – August 25, 2006
Client: Charter Steel, Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA

Project: Vacuum Oxygen Degassing, Position held: Mechanic/Hydraulic Supervisor

Activities: Supervision to production for Vacuum oxygen degassing plant. Providing maintenance, warranty and repair services on designated product lines including the main components of the Vacuum degassing (Steel powering ladle, Vacuum chamber, Chamber cover with a Protective shield, Lift cover mechanism, Vacuum system, etc.) Responsible for plant surveillance, hydraulic unit health status, warnings and diagnostic messages alarmed from PLC.

• December 06, 2005 – May 01, 2006 December,
Client: T.I.S.C.O., Location: Tangshan, P.R. CHINA

Project: Semi Continuous Pickling Line, Position held: Mechanical & Piping Junior Engineer

Activities: Hydraulic training course based on Semi continuous pickling line plant. Introduction with maintenance, mechanical engineering and safety related subjects. Pre-Commissioning and commissioning tasks ranging from the basic to complex, involving hydraulics, electrical and mechanic troubleshooting. self-checking of isometric drawings against Master P&ID considering the integrity of the design based on project requirements, material specifications, good design philosophy and practice. Assisting to predefine preventive maintenance procedures and structural repairs of critical hydraulic components at specific time intervals to minimize downtime and maintenance cost.