CV, Construction Engineer, Supervisor Seeking Position In M East

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Skills keywords: construction engineer/supervisor
Short Bio:

A civil engineer with a wide range of experience in the construction industry. Able to work on own initiative and as part of team, able to interpret design drawings for proper installation by team etc. Good leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objective. Possessing a strong background in HSE and safety implementation on site and also willing to expand his knowledge to other areas within company scope so as not to restrict myself to just an area.

Current location: Rivers, Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Arabia, Saudi, Dubai, Oman

Training & Certifications

• General health safety and environmental management systems.

• Contractor employee health safety and management systems.

• Oracle 10g database administration.

• PMP Project management professional

• SAS & HUET certification

Career Summary

TOTAL E&P Nig. Ltd,


Port Harcourt.


Project; The new MOC-CCR (Marine operation control and central control room)

Building project Onne FLT, November 2013


Construction/Site supervisor


 Supervision and monitoring the delivery and installation of temporary office shelter/portacabin for MOC personnel.

 Coordinating the movement of telecom and IST infrastructure from the MOC to the temporary offices.

 Coordinating the movement of personnel from the MOC to their respective temporary offices to avoid unnecessary downtime.

 Supervision of structural demolition of existing MOC building roof members, reinforced concrete walkway, reinforced concrete partition wall, soak away pit.

 Coordinating and monitoring the removal of power from the MOC building to allow for construction works/adjustments.

 Supervision of reinforced concrete works of the walkway and beams to support additional office cabins and concrete works for the footing of the stanchions.

 Supervision of the installation of joists to support an upper level extension of office cabins.

 Supervision for excavation for re-routing of cables.

 Preparing and transmitting daily site reports of work activity progress.

 Prepare punch list items of work to be closed out

TOTAL E&P Nig. Ltd,
Project; Modification of heavy racks Onne warehouse,
August 2014

Construction Supervisor

 Preparation of Job Risk Analysis (JRA).

 Coordination and preparing permit to work document for the job.

 Supervision of the fabrication of rectangular hollow section (rhs) for rack beams.

 Supervision of installation of the fabricated rhs beams on the racks

 Supervision of DPI test carried out on welded joints of the rhs beams

 Preparation and transmitting of daily site reports of work progress.

TOTAL E&P Nig. Ltd,
Project; Bonny (90m) Telecom Mast Project,
May 2013

Construction Supervisor (Mech/Struc.)

 Took charge of tower/mast inventory, segregation and sorting out of tower/mast members for easy identification and quick assembling for erection according to the labeling in the drawing

 Supervised proper handling and positioning of rigging equipment.

 Coordinating the workers during morning tool box talk emphasizing what jobs to be done for the day, the safest way to get it done and the proper tools to be used.

 Ensuring last minute risk assessment (lmra) is carried out before the commencement of work

 Ensuring a safe working environment for workers carrying out different jobs (SIMOPS) on the same work site making sure different categories of jobs can seamlessly go on at the same time to meet a desired target period of job completion.

 Permit to work holder. In charge of signing permit to work documents that allows what work is done, tools to be used, time duration, risk assessment and mitigations, lmra.

 Supervising proper torque of the tower/mast ensuring bolts and nuts holding tower members together are properly tightened especially the bolts and nuts holding tower/mast accessories like rest platforms, work platforms and antenna support brackets together

 Preparing daily reports of work activity and progress

Global Manpower Nig. Ltd,
December 2010

Rollout Engineer (Civil)

Coordinate all rollout activities and manage resources in the region, Deployment and Implementation, Interface between the subcontractors and the management, between the field engineers and management, customer acceptance and handover, support engineers on transmission and bss

Alcatel-Lucent Nig Ltd, January
2009-December 2010
Client; Etisalat

Civil Works Rollout Engineer

 Taking care of overall region including all department like TI, Site acquisition, Power, Civil Works etc.

 Managing a team of different contractors for execution of work.

 Plan and manage the work progress to meet the targets given by management.

 Responsible for all activities in my area and satisfy the management in different rollout meetings.

 Responsible for coordination between all the departments.

 Responsible for coordination between RF planning and MW planning during site execution to avoid any issues.

 Ensure the quality of work on site as per the specification and engineering practice.

 Ensure health safety measures on site.

 Plan monthly targeted sites in coordination with TI, Civil Works, Site acquisition, and RF planning departments.

 Responsible for the coordination between site acquisition departments and civil work department for conducting TSS (Technical Site Survey) according to civil point of view. Take decision about the acceptance or rejection of site from civil work point of view.

 Supervision of the installation of BTS shelters, Air conditioners and fire alarms.

Chesdon Engineering Limited,
March 2007-January 2009
Client; Mtn, Zain

Site Manager

 Coordinate field activities with design changes and internal scheduling.

 Field supervisor for build out of telecoms site build projects.

 Responsible for bringing projects from design stage to final implementation and finish stages.

 Coordinating and supervising engineers, contractors under me and made the process clear that I get the report of daily activity on work progress by end of the day.

 Guide and provide solutions for any problem to my site surveyors and construction supervisor.

 Plan site activities and get them executed.

 Supervision of all other civil works such as BTS slabs, Backfill and Compaction Boundary/Retaining walls.

Felanchi and Partners,
February 2006-January 2007,

Site Engineer/Supervisor

 Managed construction of residential and commercial building projects.

 Supervised crews of up to 25 master carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, foundation and general labor personnel.

 Required to prepare daily construction logs for ongoing projects.

Fenner Construction and Electricals Co Ltd,
September 2001-November 2005
Client; Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Multilinks

Site Engineer/Manager

o Active member of the team and responsible for all the construction works on site.

o Supervision of concrete works such as foundation (isolated, raft and piling) and columns.

o Supervision of erection and earthing of tower.

Central Bank of Nigeria CBN,
January 2000-December 2000,

Maintenance Supervisor

• Supervising contractors handling renovation and maintenance jobs in the bank.

• Ensuring good filing of all contract documents.