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CV, Carbon Assets Manager Looking for Worldwide Opportunities

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7093
(26/02/1985, male)
List top 5 skills: good communication skills, good leadership, good management, good problem solving
Short Bio:

As a carbon Assets manager, I ensure projects undertaken reduce carbon emission and control climate change in all industries. I also hold a masters in Energy management (renewable, electricity and oil and gas). I also hold BSc materials Eng and dip in project management and strategic marketing management. Work with me and you will realize you have on board an individual who is hard working, goal oriented and ethical in business processes. I will ensure my duties align with that of the company.

Current location: 

Greater Accra, Ghana - View on map

Spoken languages: 

english, English and Afrikaans

Locations I am interested in working:

africa, canada, egypt, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States


2011-2012   ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY (RGU) – (SCOTLAND – UK)                                                                                 

*MSc Energy Management*

Module:      Oil & Gas Economics, Oil & Gas Management, managing people, Strategic Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Energy Policy and Environment, health and safety, Strategic analysis for the Energy Sector, Risk Management and Business Continuity, etc.

Projects and Research undertaken during MSc Energy Management:           

  • Financial Statement analysis of a selected “Supermajor.”
  • Developing and the involvement of a turnkey contractor in an oil & gas project.
  • The cause and way forward to an oil spill disaster in USA.
  • Health, safety and business continuity in an organisational context (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001).
  • Strategic operation analysis of an upstream worldwide equipments provider.
  • Improving the supply chain and sustainability of an existing oil and gas equipments contractor.
  • Comparing risk management strategies, approach to PLC and impact to business continuity between a “Supermajor” and an electricity company.
  • Strategic analysis, success factors and a 10 year forecast for the “Canadian Oil Sands in Alberta”.

2009 -2010 THE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT (I.C.M – UK)                                                                           

                *Diploma in Project Management* 

Corporate Strategy & Project Selection, Organising Projects, Budgeting, Reducing Project

Duration,  Project Control and Evaluation, Project Planning Techniques, etc

                *Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management*                             

Building Strong Brands, Understanding and Implementing the Market Mix, Analysing Consumer

Markets,  Product and Pricing Strategy, Wholesaling and Logistics, Etc 


               *BSc. Materials Engineering* 

Basic Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Mechanical Behaviours of Materials, Material Joining

Processes, Welding & Defects, Corrosion and Control, Quality Control and Assurance, etc


ü Communication, presentation and writing skills:

As class representative, president and committee chairperson in the University (RGU & KNUST), I addressed students and ensured meeting agenda was well discussed.

  • Workshop topic published in NSBE (USA) – 37TH Annual Convention 2011 Magazine
  • Delivered a presentation on behalf of RGU BP Student Tutors at BP Head office, Dyce. Aberdeen

ü Leadership and team work:

Led a team of four in a project, where I also handled a major program for one month under less supervision.

ü Negotiation and problem solving skills:

Negotiated with third parties and ensured collective advantage during bargaining process.

ü Drive for results:

Assisted program team to increase customer loyalty by 40% in a telecommunication Loyalty Program.

ü Problem solving:

Proposed a solution to handle a third party’s involvement in a Loyalty program.

ü Decision making:

Occupied roles where critical decision making was exhibited in my daily work schedule to see to the improvement of business results and shortening transaction times.

ü Relationship building:

Easily build interpersonal relationship with people and maintain a respectable reputation with work colleagues.

ü Flexibility:

Easily adapt to change that comes from re-location, training and promotion.



Carbon Assets Manager

  • Double as the QA/QC Manager for the manufactured improved cooking stove
  • Writing of project documents, designing monitoring plans and reports
  • Coordinate field surveys and undertake new product testing
  • Gather, analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data
  • Liaise with our Carbon Management Company CME (Climate Care), DOE (Designated Operating Entities) and DNA (Designated National Authority)
  • Ensure projects are undertaken to align with PDD
  • Oversee the issuance of CERs and VERs
  • Ensure resource cost is controlled during production to support the Manufacturing Operations Manager
  • Advise on the acquisition of new technology and new product developments
  • Contribute to the formulation and implementation of corporate strategic plans.


Energy consultant (Project Team leader) – Potential of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) in Scotland

  • Undertook a market research on potential of AD in Scotland, using waste as feedstock.
  • Identified the best mix of waste streams available in specific communities in Scotland for AD.
  • Evaluated technologies and HSEQ precautions in processing waste for AD for Scottish communities.
  • Designed a business model with an ideal organisational structure incorporating all stakeholders.
  • Communicated and updated client on progress of project using varying means.

Feb-March 2012 BRITISH PETROLEUM (BP) (Head office Dyce, Aberdeen (UK))

Student tutor (Mentorship, presentations, etc)

  • Acted as a science mentor to students and assisted teacher in class activities.
  • Advised students on importance of science and engineering in Oil and Gas industry.
  • Submitted report to program coordinator in Ashley Road Primary School.
  • Presented Programs report on behalf of Robert Gordon University at BP Head Office, Dyce



                  Zap Customer Support and Back Office Assistant (Data handling, Outsourcing, etc)

  • Received phone calls and ensured customer accounts are upgraded within the defined timelines
  • Ensured security and confidentiality during transcriptions, handling and filing of information
  • Handled merchant and dealer complaints as well as providing feedback to complaints/queries

Sept 2010    CUSTOMER CARE-LOYALTY REWARDZ ASSISTANT                                                                                               

Handled the Zain Rewardz Loyalty Program under less supervision for a month

Oct 2009 – Aug 2010     ZAIN GHANA LTD- MARKETING DEPARTMENT – National Service Personnel

Rewardz Team (Negotiation and Contracting, R&D, Standards Compliance, 3PL handling, etc)

  • Organized refresher / training sessions for partner shops.
  • Raised, received and followed through to approvals of material requisition (PR) forms.
  • Prepared and submitted end of week status report to supervisor and managers
  • Offered support to third parties throughout the execution of projects.
  • Negotiated on cost of producing branded materials and services.
  • Prepared documents to ensure bidding of contracts was ethical.
  • Assist in screening and awarding of contracts to contractors.

Research & Insight Team

  • Carried out detailed evaluation of a competitor to help inform Zain’s welcome plan.
  • Attended and discussed ways to improve ‘Retail auditing” with third party.

Jun-Aug 2008   BRIGGS & STRATTON (U.S.A, Jefferson-WI) – Work and Travel Program (Internship)                                                             

                       Stator & Welding Department (Production, Testing, Inspection, Integrity Management etc)

  • Troubleshot minor problems and trained a new person to operate the machine.
  • Operated the robot machine by loading, offloading detecting and correcting welding defects.
  • Shaping of generator cradle to fit design and customer specification.
  • Detected and analysed failures in welding, stator manufacturing and cradle moulding processes

Jan-Feb 2008 MINISTRY OF ROADS & TRANSPORTATION (Department of Urban Road) – Attachment

                       Materials Laboratory (Laboratory Testing and Inspections Assistant)

  • Assisted the lab technician in running test, compiling results and reports from work sites.
  • Participated in laboratory results analysis, reviews and recommendation to client
  • Advised client on HSE standards of project.


  • Moving and handling training   (HSE)                                  Momentum                                                        2012
  • Working Safely    (HSE)            Institution of Occupational Safety and Health-IOSH                          2012
  • PetroChallenge                                                                      Simprentis                                                     2012

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE & POSITIONS HELD                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • BP Student Tutor                                              (Voluntary)                                                                                   2012
  • School Academic Board Student Representative                                                                                   2011

(Aberdeen Business School (ABS), RGU-Aberdeen, Scotland)

  • MSc Energy Management (Class Representative and Final project Leader)                                    2011

(Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen, Scotland)

  • NSBE Scholarship Selection Committee Member (NSBE-World Headquarters., USA  )                  

ü Northrop Grumman Corporate Scholarship 2011, (NSBE-World Headquarters., USA)         2011

ü Accenture Corporate Scholarship 2013                                                                                         2013

  • Ghana Engineering Students’ Association (GESA) Council Member                                                  2009

(College of Engineering-KNUST)

  • President                                                                                                                                                         2008  

ü Materials Engineering Students’ Association,   (MATESA-KNUST)

Old Achimotans’ Association, (OAA-KNUST CHAPTER)