CV, CAD Engineer Seeking Work In UK

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 26390
(01/14/1974, male)
Skills keywords: 3d solid modelling, cad engineer, design engineer, detailing engineer, new product design
Short Bio:

I am an expert in CAD/CAM/CAE with over 15yrs of experience. I have worked on high end cad softwares in the field of product design, special purpose machines, sheet metal, reverse engineering, quality control etc.

Current location: Chennai (India) - View on map
Nationality: indian
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, Tamil
Location I am interested in working: Australia, United Kingdom, United States

Project Domain With Basic Tasks

Product engineering

Concept>Design (cad model/draughting-detailing/assembly)>Optimization & analysis (assembly interferencecheck/GD&T/kinematic analysis/FEA)> Manufacturing (NC code generation/machiningparameters/Postprocessing&interface/simulation)>Prototyping (FDM, LOM)

Reverse Engineering

• Interoperability (import/export using IGES, STEP, Parasolid, acis, STL)

• Remastering (dimensioning using CMM/optical measuring systems)

• Advanced Surfacing (Point cloud data from LASER/3D camera)

Product Manufacturing

• Casting (Drawings from generic cad model files with dimensions, allowances, pattern assembly, process)

• Machining (Drawing from generic cad model files with dimensional tolerances, surface finish, material, process and links to assembly)

• Assembly & Integration (Assembled views, Exploded views, Sectional views, BOM, GD&T , Type of Fit and related dimensional tolerance, Simulation for moving parts, Kinematic analysis)


• Ultrasonic Testing (Lab view based, Panametric, Einstein, USN 52) of Volume defects, Weld defects, Cladding defects, Thickness testing)

• Eddy current testing (Impedance response sorting for components produced in mass for defects like blow holes, scales, cracks)

Sheet metal Engineering

Design calculation (Die/Punch design with draft,clearance), Cad design, Draughting(Dimensions,Flat pattern)

Product Data Management

Design collaboration over internet, Server operations to maintain database of cad data

Related industry and nature of work

Automotive (Product design,Product analysis, Product assembly, Manufacturing), Aerospace(Product Design and Data management), Plastic moulding(Product designing, NC generation), Sheetmetal(Design,Draughting), Heavy vehicle(Product Design),plastic appliances(Design & assembly), Special purpose machines(Pharmaceutical application, Design, assembly, manufacturing and testing), NDT(Design of motion control system, Automation, Interface with computer/Software)

Knowledge base with practical experience/exposure

Design of machine components Applied mechanics

Creep/stress/strain/fatigue Manufacturing processes (Casting, forging, welding, machining)

Mechanical drawings Strength of materials

Fluid mechanics Hydraulics

Basic Electronics/Mechatronics Fundamentals of computer hardware

Graphical representation of geometry in CAD Non destructive testing (Ultrasonics, Eddy)

Major Career Achievements

• Computer aided Design and Development (Modeling, assembly and drafting) of hundreds of GSLV parts using IDEAS for VSSC, ISRO

• Computer aided Design and Development (Modeling, assembly and drafting) of hundreds of parts of Reconnaissance Vehicle using IDEAS for CVRDE

• Computer aided Design and Development (Modeling, assembly and drafting) of heavy vehicle components using Unigraphics for General Motors, Truck/Bus group

• Computer aided Design (Modeling, assembly and drafting) of several Tractor components using Proengineer for TAFE

• Plastic component Designing of Television cabinet, Portable Drill, Portable hand fan and fishing reel using ImpactXoft.

• Remote collaboration with Engineers in Designing and Prototyping a Portable Drilling Machine for Black and Decker using ImpactXoft

• Reverse Engineering of automotive components from IGES data for Ford, GM and their vendors

• Design and development of a centrifugal pump andshuttle block pump for Jassco India ltd.

• Design, Manufacturing, Deployment of a Mechanical Probe Head for NDT at FTV, AbuDhabi..

Software Used And It’s Applications

Autocad (3D modeling, layout, draughting); IDEAS (3D modeling, assembly, draughting, Project/Library management, FEA, CNC generation); Unigraphics (3Dmodeling, draughting, assembly, Generative manufacturing, Sheet metal); CATIA(3D modeling, assembly, draughting, advanced surfacing, mockup, FEA); Proengineer (3D modeling, draughting, assembly, sheetmetal,Kinematics); Ansys (Structural,linear,Static analysis); Impactxoft(3D modeling, assembly, draughting); Solid works; Solid edge; MS office/excel; Scilab (Data analysis and reporting); Lab view(Mechatronics, motion control )

Employment Details

1. Working as Lead Engineer in QUEST GLOBAL, Bangalore. Currently Working as agency employee for CATERPILLAR, Chennai as Drawing Quality checker. Domain Earth movers, Mining Trucks, Heavy vehicles, etc. Checking drawings and Proe models from the perspective of GD&T, Dimensions, BOM, Manufacturing process, fabrication, etc. Using Team Center (PDM software) for checking and working on drawings, TIF images and Proe models.

2. Worked as Sr. Design Engineer in Caresoft Global, Chennai as Drawing Checker for CNH. Domain agricultural machines, tractors, construction equipments and Heavy vehicles. Checking drawings on both rule based and knowledge based and promoting or demoting the drawings.

3. Worked as Sr.Project Engineer at INDESEngg. & IT solutions, Adyar, Chennai. Worked in CATIA detailing and drafting, 3d modeling and assembly of BIW parts for FORD, EBZ, BENZ, AUDI.3D modeling, detailing of parts using HICAD. Parts:-sheetmetal, Plant Engg.,Automotive.

4. Worked as Sr.Project Engineer at IQCAIS, Chennai. Incharge of Design & Development of automated inspection systems; Design & Development of Sensor housing-assemblies and integration; On site and in house inspection of turbines-rotors-mechanical components using automated and manual systems; Data interpretation- analysis and report presentation; Design-Development of motion systems & interface with software API

5. Worked as Design Engineer for TRIAD Softwares, Chennai; projects execution for ImpactXoftinc, Engineering Design Service consultant and operations. Design of plastic components using ImpactXoft; Design of automotive components using Unigraphics, Pro/E and IDEAS; Design of Portable Drilling machine for Black&Decker; Remastering of 3d models from imported Cad data using IGES, STEP, Parasolid, acis; 3D reversed engineering of Engine block for Ashok Leyland

6. Worked as CADD Engineer for DSM Soft, Chennai; project execution for TAFE, John Deere, VW. Design of Tractor components using Pro/E &Intralink.

7. Worked as Sr.Designer for Kanini consultants, Chennai; project execution for GM, FORD, local vendors. Design of components for heavy vehicles (Truck&Bus Group) using Unigraphics.

8. Worked as project associate at AUFRG Institute for CAD/CAM, Anna university; project execution for ISRO, CVRDE, TVS, local vendors. 3D modeling, draughting, assembly of GSLV, Armoured Recovery Vehicle components using IDEAS.


Advanced CAD-CAM-CAE professional training Program for Engineers at AUFRG Institute for CAD/CAM, Anna university, Chennai. Course topics – Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Manfacturing and Finite Element Analysis . Software used IDEAS; Unigraphics; Proengineer; CATIA; Ansys. Courses conducted by Professors of Anna university, Mechancal Engineering Department (Dr. Jebaraj; Dr.K.Chandrasekhar; Dr.Srinivasan; Dr.Parthasarathy).

Academic Achievements

B.E. in Production Engineering University of Madras 74% (1993-97 Adhiyamaan Engg College)

XI I-  CBSE 87% (Kendriya Vidyalaya I)

X    –  CBSE 82% (Kendriya Vidyalaya I)