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CV, British,International Transport Expert seeks worldwide positions

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 9015

List top 5 skills: economic appraisal, modelling, planning, project managment
Short Bio:

I am a British Citizen now working as a Transport Adviser, Ministry of
Infrastructure, Rwanda. Prior to leaving UK, I was a Senior Assistant
Manager for Transport Modelling in Transport for London (TfL). After
completing 5 years of service in Rwanda, as an International Transport
Expert, I am now thinking of leaving Rwanda. My present contract will
expire on 23 July, 2014. I would therefore like to get a job either in
the UK or any other country of the world as a Transport Expert.

Current location: 

North, Rwanda - View on map

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:

United Kingdom


 PhD Transportation Engineering & Economics, University of Birmingham, UK in 2000

 MSc Transport Planning & Engineering, University of Leeds, UK in 1994

 MSc Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1986

 BSc Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1983

 Member Institution of Highway and Transportation, UK

 Fellow Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh


30 years of experience in developing an integrated transport and land use planning, transport policy and programme, monitoring & evaluation of transport infrastructure development projects, multi-modal transportation system analysis and research, highway, railway, water, air and other transport infrastructure planning and management, sustainable transport development and poverty reduction in both developing and developed countries of the World. He is a leading expert on sustainable and integrated public transport and land use planning, design, operations and management with over 20 years of working experience in the relevant field. He has vast experience in planning, evaluation and management of donor funded highway/transport development projects of the World Bank, ADB, DFID and EU. He was the coordinator of a number of research bids related to sustainable transport development and poverty reduction initiatives of DFID and EU sponsored projects involving developing countries of Asia and Africa. Dr. Bari is a leading international expert on project evaluation and management using expert-based or economic decision making tools like HDM-4, TUBA, COBA and multi-criteria analysis. He has vast experience of developing both long term and short term spatial and transport planning for mega cities like Greater London, Dhaka and Kigali. He is fully conversant in dealing with issues related to road pricing and operating cost analysis, mobility and accessibility analysis, highway infrastructure development, management and planning, traffic data collection and analysis, empirical analysis on speed-flow behaviour, environment and resource management, and operational research related to transport development, multidimensional poverty, social equity and vulnerability.


 Vast experience in integrated urban land use and transport planning;

 Vast experience in planning, design, operation and management of integrated public transport system

 Experienced in developing long and short term transport/highway/railway/waterway and land-use development strategies of mega cities in both developing and developed countries of the world.

 Fully conversant with the procedures of the donor funded projects of the World Bank, ADB, DFID and EEU.

 Experienced with sustainable transport developments and poverty reduction initiatives of Asia and Africa.

 Land use modelling using ArcGIS and other land use planning tools;

 Multimodal transport modelling using CONTRAM, SATRUN, VIPS and DIADEM;

 Fully conversant with signal and transport modelling tools like ARCADY, TRANSYT, TRIPS and VISUM;

 Dynamic microsimulation and multimodal modelling with VISSIM;

 Economic and expert-base multicriteria appraisal of transport projects using TUBA, COBA, HDM-4, AHP and PROMETHEE;

 Conversant in programming with C#, VBA, FORTRAN and PASCAL;

 Experienced in accident, accessibility and environmental impact analysis;

 Developed a data exchange interface between microsimulation model, VISSIM and economic appraisal tool, TUBA

 Analytical and research experience on matrix estimation methods and variable demand modelling using DIADEM;

 Experienced in developing questionnaire surveys including SP (Stated Preference) experiments for multimodal transport projects;

 Published a number of papers on sustainable transport developments;

 Fully conversant in expert-based highway asset management;

 Experienced in traffic data transcription and analysis using MICROMATCH, SPSS and EXCEL VBA;

 Fully conversant with highway management and planning using HDM-4;

 Experienced in road user cost studies and analysis of heterogeneous traffic systems.

 Operational research related to multi-dimensional poverty, social equity and vulnerability;

 Involved into a number of ongoing research and academic activities



Transport Adviser (Under Transport sector Development Programme of the World Bank from 2008 to 2011):

As a Transport Adviser, Dr. Bari has been providing technical assistance to multidisciplinary transport and land use planning, integrated public transport and multimodal transport planning initiatives under the Ministry of Infrastructure, Republic of Rwanda since March 2008.

Reviewer of European Transport Research Review: An Open Access Journal

During 2013, reviewed 9 research articles on Transport Planning, Engineering and Economics.

Supervisor of Postgraduate Research

Supervising about 15 postgraduate researches in transport economics, policy, planning, modelling, highway engineering and management in collaboration with University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and Rwanda National University.

Development of Transport and Land use Planning for Kigali City

Dr Bari coordinated and led the process of development of Transport and Land use model for Kigali City using TRANSIMS and UrbanSim models.

Preparation of Strategic Plan for Transport Sector under EDPRS-2

The Government’s long-term vision is to transform Rwanda from a low-income agrarian economy to a medium income export-oriented economy, operating as a knowledge-based service hub by 2020. Evolving from the current agriculture production and services sector economy supported by heavy public investments and large aid-flows, to the vision target calls for broadening of investments in public infrastructure including roads, rail and air traffic. To this end, Dr Bari played the lead role for the preparation of the Strategic Plan for Transport Sector under EDPRS-2 was prepared.

As a part of preparation of the strategic Plan for EDPRS2, Final Report, budget and action plan were prepared and presented to the Transport Sector Working Group.


Preparation of Alternative Business Models on Restructuring of ONATRACOM

Business Plan for the New Public Limited Company for Rural Bus Service

In order to improve the existing institutional, operational and financial problems of ONATRACOM, the public bus company and to transform it into a self-sustaining organisation, the Government of Rwanda has decided in principle to establish a Public Limited Company by restructuring the same. To this end, Dr Bari prepared a number of alternative business plans for the Public Limited Company, i.e. Rwanda Public Transport Company Ltd. The business plans, Cabinet Paper and presentation for the establishment of the new public limited bus company were submitted to MININFRA

Planning & Design of Public Transport System for Kigali City

Dr Bari is currently coordinating the study as the Lead International Transport Expert to devise appropriate public transport infrastructure development planning and operational management programmes for urgent, medium and long-term basis for Kigali City

Development of Monitoring & Evaluation System for RTDA

As an International Expert the candidate is coordinating and leading an initiative to develop a Monitoring & Evaluation system for the infrastructure development projects under RTDA. This includes reviewing status reports, grant revisions, and preparing periodic reports on portfolio performance and lessons learned; and flag issues for follow-up and resolution with donors, management, and operational activities of the Ministry of Infrastructure, RTDA and the infrastructure development project of the World Bank.

Transport Sector Coordinator and Interim Managing Director of Rwanda Transport Development Agency

Appointed as the Transport Sector Coordinator and Interim Managing Director of Rwanda Transport Development Agency for May to June 2010 to supervise and coordinate the activities of Rwanda Transport Sector during 2010.

East Africa Railway Master Plan Study: 2008 to 2009

As a technical adviser and head of Rwandan delegation, the candidate chaired a number of meetings of Task Force of East Africa Community and actively contributed for preparation of a Summary Report incorporating necessary changes in the East Africa Railway Master Plan, and finally assisted in developing a road map leading to the adaptation of the Master Plan for the East Africa Community.

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