CV, British Senior Process Engineer currently based in Russia

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Serial No: 17200

Skills keywords: attentive, deliegent, dependable, efficient, meticulous
Short Bio:

I have spent the past few years developing a solid grounding within the Process Engineering fraternity. I have been exposed to many challenging and varied roles and pride myself in producing diligent and innovative work in an efficient manner.
I enjoy working in multi-discipline projects and I have developed the skills necessary to successfully work within a team striving for a common goal. I thrive on the challenges that arise when solving problems that are an everyday occurrence in the Process Engineering sphere of work.
I have also been privileged to gain experience in a commissioning environment being part of a team preparing to and starting up a 3.5 MTPA LNG plant with extensive fractionation facilities on the Algerian coast, an invaluable experience.
The skills mentioned above have been reinforced through my achievements in competitive sport. I have played tennis, golf and rugby for my district and competed at a national level for skiing. Competing in team sports has taught me the skills of teamwork in addition to leadership; while my experience of solo sports has instilled in me the natural drive to face challenges with an ambitious outlook to life.
In summary, I believe your company are offering a role that affords me the ability to progress my professional development and I feel my drive, ambition and practicality, coupled with my proven ability to work within a team would lead me make an invaluable contribution to your continued success.

Current location: Russia - View on map
Nationality: British
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.

Other Skills

• Extensive experience as Brownfield EPC Process Engineer.

• Completed commissioning LNG Facility encompassing role as acting Commissioning Superintendent.

• Utilised computer applications including, but not limited to:


– HYSYS (Including PIPESYS and Dynamic Depressurisation add-ons)

– Pipenet

– MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint, Adobe Professional, AutoCAD

• Excellent written and oral communication skills developed working in varying and challenging Process Engineer and commissioning positions.

• Capable of proactive and efficient governance of workload as Job Responsible Engineer for various projects.

• Supervisory and management role in both Process Engineering and Commissioning settings

• Dedicated and enthusiastic personality leading to a professionally diligent, confident and practical

Career Summary

Woodgroup PSN – Sakhalin, Russia September 13 – Present
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) – OPF Front End Compression

• Process Engineer responsible for Brownfield modifications required to Onshore Processing Facility (OPF) for the $1.5 billion Front End Compression Project

• Responsible for adequacy and capacity reviews of both Process and Utility systems including:

– Dew Point Train

– Condensate Stabilisation Train

– MEG Regeneration and Injection

– Instrument Air

– Chemical Injection

• Interface management with Greenfield Contractor

• Delegation of duties to junior engineers

Kellogg, Brown and Root – Laem Chabang, Thailand
April 13 – August 13

Inpex – Ichthys Onshore LNG Facilities – KBR Commissioning

• Pre-Commissioning Coordinator for new Inpex Onshore LNG Facilities

• Coordination of complex multi-site Module Fabrication construction and commissioning project.

• Responsibilities include coordination of all pre-commissioning activities within Fabrication Yard and liaison with contractors, subcontractors and vendors to ensure safe and efficient execution of work.

• Developed general procedures for all pre-commissioning activities.

• Aided in Module Fabricator in developing system specific pre-commissioning procedures with emphasis on maximising module yard commissioning and minimising site commissioning activities.

Kellogg, Brown and Root – Skikda, Algeria
January 12 – April 13

Sonatrach New LNG Train Skikda – KBR Commissioning

• Principal Commissioning Specialist for new Sonatrach 4.5 MTPA LNG Train in Algeria

• Latterly incorporated Commissioning Superintendent responsibilities and management of all commissioning engineers and supervisors

• Management of EPC contractor and vendors for all pre-commissioning/commissioning activities including:

– Line cleaning/drying/integrity testing

– Equipment uncoupled and first runs

– Trouble shooting start-up issues as required

• Division of plant into systems and sub-systems to define priorities and ensure efficient execution of work

• Procedural writing for commissioning and start-up of units including:

– Defrost of LNG Refrigeration Train (including Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger)

– Compressors incorporating both Frame 5 & 7 Gas Turbines

– Propane/Butane Boil of Gas Refrigeration Package

• Instrument Complex Block Review

• Responsible as PTWS Area Authority for LNG Refrigeration Train and Rotating Equipment

• Supporting operations and start-up groups to ensure the safe execution of work within the facility

• Completion of TOSTR requirements including punchlist clearing

• Sign Off responsibilities for RSO and RFSU System packages

Production Services Network – Sakhalin, Russia
October 09 – January 12

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) – TSS Project

• Job Responsible Process Engineer (JRPE) for Brownfield modifications to Onshore Processing Facility (OPF):

– OPF Nitrogen Generation Package

– OPF Gas Export to GTT Boatasino

– OPF Export Pipeline Blowdown Facility

• Process Engineering Design Experience:

– N2 supply network hydraulics study utilising HYSYS

– Requirements of API 2000 – Venting Atmospheric and LP Storage Tanks

– Control Valve Sizing (Vapour) incorporating split range control over two parallel valves

– Nitrogen Receiver Sizing

– Blowdown Study incorporating additional inventory of high pressure gas

– Control Philosophy for both the import/export of gas dependant on demand

– Communicating with and managing a package vendor

– Control Philosophy for Export Pipeline Blowdown System

– Design of HP/MP/LP Separator Sand Sparging Internals

• Delegation and subsequent checking of project deliverables to junior engineers.

• Working in a foreign country on a rotational basis

Production Services Network – Aberdeen
February 07 – October 09

ExxonMobil ECS Project

• Job Responsible Process Engineer (JRPE) for various Brownfield modifications projects including:

– Beryl Alpha Ballast CFU

– Beryl Alpha Closed Drains Upgrade

– Beryl Alpha Subsea Flowline Vacuum Protection

• Process Engineering Design Experience:

– Line Sizing (Single and Multiphase Flow)

– Control Valve Sizing (Vapour and Liquid Applications)

– Operating Procedures/Training Manual Updates

– Offshore Commissioning Experience (Including writing Commissioning Procedure)

– Pump Performance Review

– Isolation and Construction Phasing Philosophy

– Development of Multi-Discipline Equipment Datasheets

• Project Engineering experience including Cost Time Record (CTR) and Project Change Notice (PCN) development

• Educated in and utilised ExxonMobil’s Knowledge Based Hazard and Operability Review technique

Production Services Network – Aberdeen
September 06 – February 07

BP Decarbonised Fuel 1 – Offshore Project

• Process Engineering Design Experience:

– Development of Project Linelist (Brownfield & Greenfield)

– Control Valve Sizing (Vapour)

– Development of Project P&IDs and PFDs using good engineering practises

– Actuated Valve Schedule


• Experience of working in a multi-discipline Greenfield project.