CV, British Mathematician and Data Scientist seeking job in US

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 18408

Skills keywords: matlab, python, statistical modelling
Short Bio:

• Highly motivated and dedicated applications physicist with a broad background in technology, data analysis and numerical modelling.
• Two years of experience in computer programming and advanced skills in statistical analysis. Have developed models using statistics of confidence intervals, time dependent Fourier decompositions, complex analysis, machine learning algorithms and cluster analysis.
• Intend to pursue a career to advance my skills in Python programming and Machine Learning

Current location: United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United States

Work Experience

AUG 2012 – present GE Oil & Gas – Subsea Systems: Application Physicist; Oxford, United Kingdom

• Successfully optimized existing outdated numerical methods using MatLab scripting language and dramatically reduced the time taking by existing legacy code.

• Have successfully used statistical multivariate calculus to gain insight on hitherto unknown temperature effects in hardware located in Brazil in the UK.

• Successfully developed novel signal processing algorithm which drastically reduced time taken by existing legacy code by a factor of 10 and successfully implemented the technique for equipment deployed in the previously mentioned locations.

• Have extensive experience implementing advanced data miming and statistical techniques such as multivariate linear regression hypothesis functions, K-Means clustering.

• Consolidated company-wide hardware tests and generated statistical insight that enabled quantitative evaluation of hardware performance.

• Field tested high-precision instruments at various sites and on an offshore installation.

• Simultaneously process, coordinate and manage data from multiple offshore and onshore projects across the North Sea, Brazil and the UK.

AUG 2011 – FEB 2012 Polaris Financial Technology: Design Analyst; Internal Automation; Chennai, India

• Collaborated as part of a think tank to design a company-wide project management tool.

• Responsible for drafting the company’s project charter and helped capture the business and technical (architecture) requirements through to Go Live date.

• In charge customer support and help-desk during initial phase after go-live date

• Successfully delivered workshops to senior management on how to use the product. Designed and wrote the user’s FAQ and user’s reference manual.

APR 2011 – MAY 2011 Etrilum – Silk Ventures Group: Intern; Green Technology; Shanghai, China

• Researched the pros and cons of modern LED luminaires.

• Designed presentations for clients to inform them of product the cost benefits.

Academic Qualifications

SEPT 2009 – JUN 2010 Cambridge University – Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics (MAst)

• Dissertation: Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking

SEP 2008 – NOV 2009 Imperial College London – Master of Science – Theoretical Physics (MSc)

• Dissertation: Renormalization Group and Effective Field Theories

SEP 2004 – JUN 2008 University of St Andrews – Master of Physics (Hons) – Physics – Grade 2.1 (MPhys)

• Dissertation: High temperature Type II Superconductors


o Programming

• MatLab (Advanced), Python (Basic), C# (Novice), Object oriented programming, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Tortoise Sub-versioning tool SVN.

• Currently learning multivariate linear regression hypothesis functions for Machine Learning for 10-dimensional data analysis.

• Experienced in the use of the document markup language (DML) LaTeχ for designing professional documentation. Adept at Microsoft Office, Project, Power Point and Excel.

• Willing to expand my skills to include SQL, C#, C++ and VBA.

o Research And Development

• Experience conducting experiments to understand underlying physics that affects behavior off instrumentation in the field.

• Extremely creative thinker and capable of taking initiative to carry out new experiments that broaden the scope of R&D.

• Experience with data mining and developing signal processing algorithms.

o Team and Management Skills

• I frequently collaborate with the software, electronics and engineering team. I act as a bridge between the physics and the wider company by developing ideas within MatLab which can then become integrated into the company’s wider suite of production tools.

• I act as a key user of MAPS Technology Ltd Software and provide feedback that helps define the scope and direction of the company’s software development.

• I have strong data management skills and understand the value of structure data using meta-data.

Leadership, Certifications and Achievements

o GE Project Management Training

o BOSIET and MIST Offshore Training

o Oil & Gas Subsea Systems Certification

o GE Representation

• Chosen by GE Careers to be an ambassador for the company to prospective graduates, scientists and technologists on the careers portal to share my experiences of applying creative imagination in technology and science.

• I have good team skills from working with different teams in different countries, work cultures and environments. I am very organized, methodical and I have a forensic approach to my work. I have written two technical documents and one technical presentation.

o Polaris-ULLAS Mentoring Trust (SEP 2011 and JAN 2012); Chennai, India.

• I offered weekend mentoring sessions to high school students from less privileged backgrounds in India. The trust aims to inspire and motivate Indian youth in the early stages of their education with social and monetary aid.

o Cambridge-Linyi Research Exchange Program (AUG 2010 – SEP 2010); UK and China

• Exchange project aimed at improving the overall quality of mathematics research in a developing (teaching) university in Linyi, in the Shandong province of China. I taught Physics and Mathematics to 3rd and 4th year undergraduates, gave tutorial classes, organised social events and attended and delivered research talks. Linyi was ultimately elevated to a full-time university as a result.