CV, Algerian Engineer seeks leadership position in the Middle East

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Serial No: 17748

Skills keywords: process management
Short Bio:

I am a qualified a self-motivated and enthusiastic Process Manager with significant years' experience in process engineering within the oil & gas sector.
I have an extensive experience across variety of project development phases such as basic engineering, conceptual studies, FEED, detailed design, construction, commissioning and operations support.

Current location: Algeria - View on map
Nationality: Algerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, education and training
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french, german
Location I am interested in working: kuwait, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates

Professional Experience


 Manager (Process & Technology) 10/2012 – Present

o Act as Natural gas processing and liquefaction specialist;

o Provide process simulation, optimization and control supports with the emphasis on systems in gas processing and LNG plants;

o Teach Applied Thermodynamics and Cryogenics at the Petroleum Institute;

o Provide process engineering support to Natural Gas Centre of Excellence;

o Provide Process Engineering inputs to current Research & Development projects across the natural gas chain;

o Execute, organize, and coordinate assignments concerned with gas processing and their engineering/scientific requirements.

o Elaborate subject area related to gas processing and define scopes involving development of novel concepts, approaches and solutions.

o Identify opportunities for technology development and identify sources of expertise;

o Evaluate technologies including economic assessment;

o Conduct advanced energy assessment studies;

o Coach and train junior facility engineers;

o Act as technical trainer:

 train employees of Sonatrach;

 create and develop training programmes & courses; and

 administer the trainings.

o Deliver presentations to an audience of experts.

Joint Venture Sonatrach/BP/STATOIL (In Amenas)

 Commissioning Co-Manager (IA Compression Project) 04/2012 – 10/2012

Value of the project: 340 Million USD

Type: Gas compression

o Review and approve the Commissioning Execution Plan.

o Review and approve the systems and sub-systems definitions.

o Review and approve the pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures.

o Review and approve the commissioning schedule.

o Prepare the mechanical completion and commissioning dossiers.

o Prepare the Start up Philosophy and Operating manuals.

 Senior Process Engineer (IA Compression Project) 02/2011 – 05/2012

1- Review and approval of following Process deliverables:

o Basis of Design.

o Process Design Philosophies:

 Design temperature & design pressure philosophy

 Emergency shutdown and depressurization philosophy

 Overpressure protection philosophy

 Isolation philosophy

 Blowdown philosophy

 Drainage philosophy

o Heat and material balances.

o Process equipment list.

o Process fluid list.

o Process line list.

o Process datasheets.

o Process data for instruments sizing.

o Material selection.

o Finger type slugcatcher unit:

 Perform hydraulic calculations;

 Hydrates analysis study.

o Compression units:

 Approve anti-surge control valves final sizing;

 Check design of the seal gas system;

 Establish the statement of requirement for the compressor dynamic simulation;

 Perform calculation of the settle out pressure;

 Review of the hydrate analysis study;

 Check P&IDs delivered by the compressor package vendor.;

 Review the control narrative

 Review the master performance system, the load sharing system, and the anti-surge control system.

o Equipments, lines, and control valves sizing.

o Hydraulic calculations & Calculation notes.

o Process control narrative.

o 3D model.

o Process C&E matrix.

o Process description and operating manuals.

o Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (IFR, IFC, and IFC).

o Utility Flow Diagrams:

 Air instrument package unit;

 Nitrogen production unit;

 Demineralized water unit;

 Oily water unit;

 Fuel gas system;

 Sewage system.

o Closed and open drainage system.

o Vent system.

o Process cause and effect diagrams.

o ESD cause and effect diagrams.

o ESD logic diagrams.

o Alarm management: Alarm & Trip Setting.

o Flare system design:

 perform PSV relief load calculations according to API;

 Perform PSVs calculation according to API;

 Approve PSVs datasheets;

 Approve sizing of the flare headers;

 Approve flare network calculations;

 Approve radiation and temperature calculations;

 Approve the dispersion calculation;

 Approve the depressurization calculations;

 Confirm Sizing of existing horizontal KO drum;

 Design of the purge gas system;

 Approve the relief system piping;

 Approve the IFC P&ID for the flare system;

 Radiation analysis;

 Flare report.

o Bid evaluation, vendor drawings and documents.

o Vendor documents.

2- Plant layout

o General plot plan.

o Key plan.

o Units plot plans.

3- Participate in HAZOP, SIL and LOPA and follow up of closure actions

4- Review and approval of following Safety Deliverables:

o Equipments spacing;

o Deluge system arrangement drawings;

o Foam system;

o Firefighting equipment location drawings;

o Fire water demand calculation notes;

o Firewater P&IDs;

o Fire & gas detection layout drawings;

o Fire and gas matrix;

o Hazardous area classification drawings;

o Datasheet for the firewater tank;

o Datasheets for firewater pumps (main and jokey);

o Fire Hazard Analysis, QRA, HSEIA, EEERA and other safety reviews;

o QRA report;

o Environmental impact assessment.


5- Review and approval of following Piping Deliverables:

o Piping isometric drawings.


 Process Technology Manager (Gas Technology) 06/2008 – 02/2011

Job duties:

o Manage the Department in executing the operational plans and to provide the required contribution to the achievement of the Division’s yearly objectives.

o Act as Technical Authority in areas of process engineering and ensure that process engineering activities are done according to widely accepted engineering practices.

o Keep abreast of all the latest developments in gas processing and liquefaction technology.

o Provide technical advice and expert support in the areas of process engineering to Operations, Technical and Projects Groups.

o Monitor key performance indicators of the operating plants and support the plants in identifying and resolving technical issues that impact production in terms of throughput, product quality, and efficient use of energy.

o Advise on utilization of new process technologies based on actual needs of the different operating units.

o Participate in HAZOP and safety reviews for new and modified units.

o Support the operating divisions regarding environmental issues and energy optimization studies.

o Participate in technical sales and proposal activities on request of Senior Managers.

o Perform and participate in process audits as requested by Operating Divisions.

o Appraise performance of direct line staff and evaluate individual potential.

o Work on a variety of pre-FEED projects including Field Development Planning, Flow Assurance, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Process Optimization, Troubleshooting & Debottlenecking Activities. Conceptual design includes:

 Preparation Basis of Design;

 Heat & Material balances, process flowsheets;

 Preliminary plot plan.

 Preliminary Piping and Instrument Diagrams.

 Definition and sizing of main equipment.

 Material specification.

 Definition of control and safety devices.

 ALARP demonstration study.

o Participate preparation of field development plans.

o Manage the specialized technical aspects of studies and ensure timely completion of high quality deliverables within budget and schedule.

o Review all main equipment specs and process P&IDs during FEED for a variety of projects.

o Manage the budget, tools and human resources of the Department.

o Ensure the simulation tools are effectively and efficiently used and department staff is adequately trained and competent to use them.

o Delegate and supervise the implementation of performance objectives for the Department.

o Identify new projects and provide technical assistance in preparation of SoR leading to formal initiation of their feasibility studies.

o Carry out process engineering activities timely and effectively as requested by other Sonatrach’s Divisions.

o Review the changes in specifications of EPC for technical and major projects.

o Manage technical studies, research and knowledge build up in the areas of process engineering and proactively identify areas of improvement and innovation.

o Review the process engineering policies, standards and procedures based on Sonatrach’s guidelines and industry best practice.

o Provide facility start-up assistance as required.

 Principal Process Engineer 10/2007 – 06/2008

Job duties:

o Provide expert technical guidance in the field of process technologies/ design, safety in process design, start-up, troubleshooting plant operations & performance evaluations for downstream facilities (LNG plants GL1Z & GL2Z, Gas Processing Plant CP1K, and Refinery of Algiers);

o Oversee the process engineering deliverables during the conceptual studies, and pre-FEED design work for various gas field development projects:

 Select concepts and prepare selection reports;

 Perform/review process configuration and optimization studies;

 Prepare/review design basis and philosophy documents;

 Develop/review of PFDs and heat and mass balances;

 Review/approve sizing and specification of major process; equipment, package unit and identify long lead items.

 Review/approve of relief system design specifications, including PSV sizing, flare hydraulics and radiation analysis.

 Partake in HAZOPs review

 Participate in ALARP demonstration studies.

 Perform preliminary cost estimates.

o Evaluate new technologies in terms of cost and operability.

o Review of P&ID, including selection of design conditions, hydraulic analysis, line sizing and pipe specifications, equipment isolation, vent and drain systems, cause and effects.

o Work on approved technical investigations and resolution of operating problems in existing gas production facilities;

o Supervise and manage a team of process engineers;

o Conduct and participate in feasibility studies for:

 Seawater Desalination Project.

 Ethan Vapocracking Project.

 Solar Silicium Project.

Brown & Root-Condor (a Kellogg-Brown & Root company)

 Project Engineering Manager 05/2005 – 09/2007

Prepared Proposals:

o Multiphase Pumps Project.

 Value of the proposal: 240 million USD

o Sonatrach Research & Development Center.

 Value of the proposal: 50 million USD

Job duties:

o Scope definition, preparation of Proposal Management Plans (i.e. Schedule, Cost, Procurement, HSE Compliance, Risk, Resource). Defining Project Delivery Strategy;

o Managing a multi-disciplined team of engineers to complete the proposal within quality, time, and cost;

o Responsible for managing the day to day interfacing between the proposal and client and various disciplines of the team;

o Act as Lead Process Engineer

o Identify the engineering deliverables and create the work breakdown structure.

o Establish and maintain a proposal document register;

o Approve discipline man-hour and cost estimates.

o Develop the schedule & the budget.

o Manage engineering staff.

o Develop process simulations, PFDs and study reports

 Resident Site Manager (GL1K LNG plant Restart Project) 06/2004- 04/2005

Value of the project: 25 million USD

Job duties:

o Advise the Company of future business opportunities.

o Administrative control of the Project on Site.

o Control of suppliers and subcontractors invoices.

o Cash flow control.

o Source KBR with competent personnel.

o Provide the Project Manager with all information required to produce a monthly project report.

o Perform subcontracts’ closeouts.

o Assume accountability on site for all HSE issues.

 Consultant Cryogenics (Helium Interconnection project)

Value of the project: 28 million USD

Job duties:

o Advise on process optimization;

o Advise on thermodynamics packages to use in process simulation;

o Review the concept selection report.

 Process Engineer (Isobutane Project) 09/2003 – 05/2004

Value of the project : 17 million USD

Job duties:

o Review process engineering deliverables:

 Mass and Heat balance;

 Process fluid and line lists;

 PDFs and UFDs;

 P&ID;

 Depropanizer and Debutanizer specification sheets.

o Perform the Process Cause & Effect Diagrams.

o Perform the Process Cause & Effect Diagrams.

o Perform the ESD Simplified Diagram

o Perform the flare system design:

 PSV relief load calculations ;

 PSVs calculation;

 Relief system piping;

 Sizing of the flare headers;

 Flare network calculations;

 Sizing the vertical KO drum;

 Sizing the flare stack height and diameter;

 Radiation and temperature calculations;

 Flare system’s seals;

 Purge gas system;

 Flare system package specification sheet;

 Approve the flare system final P&ID as provided by the package vendor.

o Operating manual;

o Part-systems definition;

o Review the Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning strategy;

o Develop detailed pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up procedures;

o Prepare performance testing procedure;

o Prepare the operating and maintenance manuals;

o Prepare the punch list;

o Report progress to Engineering and Commissioning Manager;

o Perform hand on practice training for the operators;

o Prepare and maintain the commissioning dossiers;

o Participate in HAZOP and LOPA studies.

Aachen University of Technology (Germany)

 Postdoctoral Research Fellow 05/2001-06/2003

o Process modeling and simulation.

o Model tuning.

o Advanced Process Control.


 LNG Process engineer 10/1997-01/2001

o Training on the job including:

 Safety of LNG facilities;

 Feed gas treating units;

 Feed gas liquefaction unit;

 Pre-cooling unit;

 LNG storage tanks;

 LNG loading system;

 Fractionation unit;

 Boil-off and fuel gas systems;

 Utilities.

o Analysis of PFD’s, heat and material balances and P&IDs.

o Review of operating procedures.

o Perform process efficiency studies to identify optimization opportunities.

o Identify new technologies applicable to the LNG industry.

o Identify opportunities for technological developments.

o Perform dynamic modeling and simulation of APCI C3-MR liquefaction process including following equipments:

 Spiral wound LNG heat exchanger;

 Separation columns (deethanizer and demethanizer);

 Multi-stage compressors;

 Propane pre-cooling unit;

 JT valves; and

 Sea water chiller unit.

o Perform advanced process control implementation study to the liquefaction train including:

 Liquefaction section model building;

 Specification of the manipulated variables and the controlled variables;

 Specification Objective Function.

o Develop plant-wide real-time optimization strategy including:

 Optimization of the liquefaction section;

 Optimization of the pre-cooling section;

 Minimization of the boil-off production;

 LNG production according to the downstream demand Improve, develop, and implement control strategies that improve plant profitability and efficiency.

 Development of advanced control strategies, process optimization and process information management systems.

o Transfer process technical knowledge to plant operations and support staff


Aachen University of Technology (Germany)

 PhD. in Process Systems engineering 1997 – 2002

PhD work: Dynamic Optimization of LNG baseload: Case study GL2Z LNG

Baseload, Algeria

 Master in Petroleum Engineering 1996 – 1997

 German Language 1995- 1996

Polytechnic School of Algiers (Algeria) 1995

 Mining Engineering