CV, Algeria based Control Room Foreman targeting selected countries

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Serial No: 17108

Skills keywords: commissioning, engeeniring, process control
Short Bio:

A highly self-motivated, Qualified production operations Professional, currently employed as a control Room Foreman in a large Central Processing Facility with experience as Permit to work coordinator,Plant production operator, & QA/QC technician I would now like to offer my transferrable skills and experience to an innovative, proactive, forward-thinking organisation where I can explore my background and experience effectively and earn an opportunity for further career development.
I am a conf

Current location: Wilaya de Skikda, Algeria - View on map
Nationality: Algerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french
Location I am interested in working: Iraq, Middle East, Oman, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates


Baccalaureate: Serial June 1992
Option: Mathematics

Diploma: Senior Technician studies diploma in Industrial Chemistry
Option: Process engineering.

Institute: National Hydrocarbons and Chemistry Institute – Boumerdes University (ALGERIA)
From: Sept 1992 to July 1995


1-Centrifugal Compressor, heavy duty Gas Turbine, and Mark VI SpeedTronic overview, operations and maintenance training done by GE Oil & Gas Learning Center Algeria (November 2014).

2-Furnaces & boilers Training done by IAP (Algerian petroleum Institute) Skikda Center (March 2013).

3- DCS (Experian PKS, C-200 & C-300) Training done by Honeywell Algeria center (January 2012)

4-RDC Active Learner HSE Training.

5-Defensive Driving Training, done by: « Auto-Reflex »

Place: MLN Hassi-Berkine – ALGERIA

6- First Aid Training – Level 02 done by: ConocoPhillips Operations HSE Department

Firefighting training, done by: ConocoPhillips Operations HSE Department

Place: MLN Hassi-Berkine – ALGERIA

7- Miscellaneous HSE Training, provided by ConocoPhillips Operations HSE department, like: Permit to work courses, Authorized gas tester, H2S and use of breathing apparatus-Confined space entry, working at height

Place: MLN Hassi-Berkine – ALGERIA

8-Vocational training in refinery of Skikda (Algeria).

Career Summary

Current Position: Control Room Foreman (DCS Operator)
Company: ConocoPhillips (a wholly owned subidiary of Pertamina) & Sonatrach –Alegria
Date: April 2011 to Date
Oil&Gas Plant

Report to Production superintendant

Rôles & responsibilities:

• Establishes and maintains a safe work environment for all activities within production unit.

• Meets expectations of Production Superintendent Safety Management System. This includes:

– Permit to Work, Lock out Tag out (LOTO), Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s), Inspections, Safety Meetings, Hazard Identifications (HIDs), Near Misses, and Incident Reporting and investigation

– Supports Emergency Response Preparedness as required

– Fulfils assigned role on emergency response teams

• Follows all procedures, standards, and regulations required during the execution of duties

• Provide continuous review and monitoring of platform operation.

• Provides direction to the Operations crew and communicates process conditions to team members as required.

• Maintains system control during start up, normal operation and emergency incidents in the system.

• Communications with maintenance staff while repair, calibration and similar activities are conducted.

• Analyze process data to optimize production efficiency and promote safety

• Recognize symptoms of process upsets and act to prevent incidents.

– Carry out the safe and efficient Operations of oil and gas production process and utilities System by monitoring and controlling wells, process plant, utilities Equipements and pipelines via SCADA control systems, to ensure production and environmental targets for production Wells & injection Wells.

– Maintins safeguarding System (F&G, ESD) at maximum fonctionality by control of inhibits and overrides and Equipements out of service.

– Analyse production data and process behaviours and take action to rectify abnormal conditions

– Maintins control room as emergency command and control center and act in emergency to make CPF safe, monitor and report on CPF statuts for duration of any emergency.

– Manage and opérante all plant équipements and Wells opérations using Honeywell DCS (Experion PKS C-200/300)

– Responsible for the Start up or shut down for all équipements and units

– control all Equipment parameters using many controlers (GAP, Cascade, PID……)

– Responsible for reporting any abnormalities in Plant data that may or may not be monitored by telemetry.

– Perform routine maintenance/trouble shooting on any equipment, piping, valves, and flow line valves and or instrumentation.

– responsible for the startup of Turbo-compressor powered by Gas Turbine(Mark VI), and Moto-compressor powered by elctrical Motors(16MW),propane compressor for enhanced liquid recovery of the Gas to Be used as fuel Gas and reinjected on the réservoir to maintain réservoir pressure, and low pressure LP & medium pressure MP compressors installed to raise Gas pressure to HP pressure (40 barg), two TEG units for wet Gas traitments,power generator turbine supplied by fuel Gas or/and diesel fuel, water injection pumps,export pumps…..

-raise notification for all anomalies such as controlers, instruments, valves…..

-Perform Plant safety inspections

-Liaison with Plant Foreman, Plant Supervisor and Process Engineer to provide assistance with planning and preparing for maintenance, Plant Shut down.

-Perform midnight production report for oil, gas, fuel gas, power, water, oil exported, gas reinjected and water reinjected……

Last Positions: 1- Permit to work coordinator

Company: ConocoPhillips Algeria
From: 18th December 2009 to April 2011.
Oil&Gas Plant

Report to the HSE Director

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Day to day management of thePTW system, coordinating the issue, return sign off of all permits and any Supplementary certificates.

• Liaison between Production, Maintenance and HSE Departments.

• Training and coach of personnel in permit to work system.( English & Arabic Languages)

• Reviews job safety analysis, method statements and task risk assessments for worksites/permits.

• Maintain the work permit register.

• Ensure leading and trailing permit to work performance measures are established, communicated and manage to drive the desired HSE performance. Maintain permits for the various type of work being undertaken on site, providing a visual indication of the Work in progress and should accurately reflect the current permit status at all times. Assist the operations superintendent reviews of the existing long term (electrical & mechanical) isolations and bypass safety devices register.

• Reports on PTW compliance leads and participates in PTW monitoring and audits at a frequency determined by the HSE MS procedures.

• Responsible for all records associated with the overall management of the PTW and PTW auditing process works closely with Operations, Maintenance, Technical services and HSE staff to ensure safe and environmentally responsible operations at all times. Be a focal point for the contractors construction and commissioning teams to ensure adherence to safe work systems (permit to work, task risk assessments, & job Safety analysis…..etc).

2-Production Plant Operator(Process Operator)

Company: ConocoPhillips Algeria
From: 18th September 2007 to December 2009
Oil & Gas Plant

Report to Plant supervisor

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Daily checks of all Plant equipment and pipeline operating conditions throughout the Plant.

• Environmental prudence of the highest standards as per company policy regarding prevention of the accidental release of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons Provide feedback to supervisor and other operations staff of Plant and equipment characteristics for optimization of plant.

• First responder for isolation and notification of incidental spills or releases. Monitoring and recording daily pressures and volumes from Plant equipment (LP/MP/HP separators,Contactors,stabilizer columns,LP/MP/HP &Reinjection compressors, electric motor compressor and gas turbine compressor,TEGlycol regeneration units ,propane compressor for enhanced liquid recovery ,Reboiler,Heater ,Reboiler Pumps, Water injection Pumps, Water treatment unit,utilities,nitrogen regeneration,air compressors, storage tank….etc) sensing points to compare against telemetry data for accuracy.

• Maintenance of equipment with assistance form plant mechanics for steady state operability.

• Assistance with gathering of samples of fluids and gases for laboratory analysis.

• Responsible for reporting any abnormalities in Plant data that may or may not be monitored by telemetry.

• Demonstrating ability to conduct safety meeting on Plant operation tasks.

• Line item interpretation of monthly operations budget summary. Able to understand or explain variances in budget expense and volume figures.

• Monitoring and steady state operations of chemical injection program for Plant applications.

• Confirm daily Plant volumes and pressures with verification of last well test and estimated allocation against well. This includes produced and injected volumes and pressures.

• Ensure and confirm accuracy plant readings.

• Carry out scheduled pigging and equipments routine.

• Perform routine maintenance/trouble shooting on any equipment, piping, valves, and flow line valves and or instrumentation.

• Perform Plant safety inspections

• Liaison with Plant Foreman, Plant Supervisor and Process Engineer to provide assistance with planning and preparing for maintenance, Plant Shut down.

3- QA/QC Technician

Company: Entrepose Contracting Algeria
From July 2006 to September 2007
Report to QA/QC Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Technician in quality control department with Entrepose contracting in MLN block 405a expansion project Phase II. (Hassi-Berkine south of Algeria).

• Work closely with commissioning team.

• Control and following all Hydrostatic tests for installed or modified spools.

• Radiography control and penetration test for welded joints.

• Following the surface and pad installation for oil produced wells and gas injection wells.

• Assist with sand blasting and painting team to control thickness and measurements.

• Assist with heat treatment team for all HP welded joints (carbon steel 24 mm thickness & over).

• Assist and control coating operations on buried pipe line and electric scanning or sweeping.

• Assist on clamping operations for all installation…..etc.