Cv, 20 years varied sales experience looking worldwide

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Serial No: 13687

Skills keywords: management
Short Bio:

Working in highly regulated industry under very strict guidelines has adapted my working approach in a very professional yet effective manner. I believe that the versatile working environments that I have succeeded in, has given me the power and confidence to be
successful in any place of work. What ever the job maybe, with the right attitude and work ethic I will be successful.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Banking Insurance and Financial Services, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Thorpe St Andrew Norwich 1980-1986
O’level, Technical Drawing, grade (B)
O’level ,Science, grade (C)
O’level, Maths, grade (A)
CSE, English, grade 2
CSE, German, grade 3
CSE, PE, grade 1

Institute National De Plunge Professional, 1998 Saturation Mixed Gas Diving Degree.

Work Experience

1990-2001 (11 years)
CCCUE Abu Dhabi, UAE,
As the position of supervisor and saturation diver. In this job I carried out various tasks such as; Pipe laying, rig installation, installation of seawater intake, bomb damage assessment. This was really a test for me as I was enduring 3 months offshore and one month off. In this line of work I was very successful and worked my way to the top, however as time progressed I felt the need to put my family first and settle for a less demanding occupation.

2001-2002 (1 year)
After I returned from Diving I had a year working at the RSPCA Norwich, here I was responsible for the caretaker of the animal home and clinic, while at the RSPCA I also got involved in fund-raising and personally was responsible for the full funding of a new animal ambulance, this position was just a year contract.

2002-2006 (4 years)
Pureplay Music,
I was head of marketing and was responsible for all the advertising and brand awareness,. This opportunity opened so many doors for me and was a massive responsibility of which gifted me many skills I could outlay in future places of work. I was very happy and successful at Pureplay but they decided to move the company to the USA, I had to keep loyal to my family so I did not move with them.

2007-2011 (5 years)
Carter Properties Ltd,
Here I held the position of branch manager, in this role I was responsible to not only keep staff satisfied and motivate them, but also to insure that the business was heading in the right direction, Upwards, Throughout my career in this industry I saw the boom of the property market, which was very fruitful, with many tangible rewards, but none the less throughout the rescission we still pulled through and generated the business with vast amounts more of intrinsic motivation which proved key to our success in this industry.

2011-Present (3 years)
Swinton Insurance,
When I started at Swinton I was in the retention department, this was a very high pressure department with high targets, within months I rose to the top of the department and always smashed all my KPI’s, Through the change of the business the retentions department was closed but I moved into the complaint and customer service department, although not sales driven we were still targeted on customer focus, this new position really helped me understand the needs of the customer and enabled me to again become top complaint handler, after 3 months ago I moved back to a sales driven department for renewals and yet again became one of the top performers.

Working in this highly regulated industry under very strict guidelines has adapted my working approach in a very professional yet effective manner