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CV, 13+ Years Of Validation Exp in Wireless Technology, UMTS And LTE

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 32296

List top 5 skills: GPRS, manual testing, wcdma
Short Bio:

13+ Years of validation experience in Wireless Technology-UMTS and LTE. Looking for Technical Manager/Sr.Tech Lead/Individual Contributor Roles.

Current location: 

Karnataka, India - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

IT and Technology

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 Proactive, results driven, Senior Software Engineer, with 14 year’s extensive experience that includes, considerable onsite exposure, at international locations. Proficient in LTE System analysis, Testing & Validation of Wireless technologies. Extensively Worked on Feature testing, Certification testing, IOT & Field testing. Seeking to shoulder higher responsibilities as Testing Lead.

 Extensive knowledge of LTE network architecture and standards as well as system analysis – Triaging the IOT, FT and System testing issues.

 Functional Expertise in wireless testing protocols – LTE, UMTS & WIFI offloading.

 Technology/Tools used: LTE, UMTS, WIFI offloading, Anritsu, R&S and Wireshark.

 Technical expertise: LTE – RRC, NAS, RLC/MAC, UMTS – RRC, NAS, 3G, GPRS, and UMTS phones Protocol Testing & TTCN2.

 Sound knowledge of methodical QA practices as well as LINUX and UNIX operating systems.

 Comprehensive knowledge of testing & Validation of Wireless technologies like GPRS and UMTS.

 Hands on working experience on Protocol stack testing with a strong development background.

 Hands on experience in UMTS protocols like RRC, RLC/MAC, RANAP, NBAP and GMM/SM layers.

 Involved in Global Certification Forums (GCF) certification activities for various Motorola Products.

 Possess excellent troubleshooting skills and have the ability to communicate effectively.

 Ability to perform tasks in a team as well as individually with ease.

Awards & Recognitions

 Symphony Teleca ‘Hall of Fame’ Team award for outstanding contribution to the LTE System analysis team (2013).

 Bravo award for successful completion of NTT DOCOMO Operator Acceptance and Functional testing for the different Motorola 3G Phones and Electra HSDPA Electra card (2006).

 Snap award for best team effort for successful, consecutive RANAP Releases for both ITRI and Thrane & Thrane (2003)

 ‘Achievement award’ from Mr.Arun Kumar – MD Hughes Software Systems for setting up a bench mark in the ‘Quality delivery and customer value for the ‘Inmarsat’ project (2001).

International Work Experience

 Onsite field & Operator testing at Motorola UK.

 Onsite functional testing of Motorola Mobile phones at NTT DOCOMO LABS, Tokyo.

 1 year of working as System IOT engineer at Ericsson, Sweden.

 2.5 years of working experience as System Test Engineer in Infineon Wireless (IMC), Germany.

Professional Work Experience

Validation Engineer – Intel Remote box testing project (client side) – Symphony Teleca, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Jan 15 – present

Tester – Intel WIFI project (client side) – Symphony Teleca, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Apr 14 – Dec14

Team Lead for IMC LTE System analysis – Symphony Teleca, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Mar 12 – Mar 14

Senior Software Engineer – Infineon Wireless Technologies (Intel Mobile Communications), Munich, Germany Apr 09 – Aug 11

Consultant at Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Lund, Sweden – Talent solutions, USA Jan 08 – Mar 09

Senior Software Engineer – Motorola India Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India June 05 – Dec 07

Senior Software Engineer – Hughes Software Systems (Aricent), Gurgaon, India Nov 00 – Sept 03

Key Projects

Project: Triple mode remote box testing
Client: Intel

Description: Remote box testing project involves testing the UE chipset remotely at various locations across the world. Remote testing involves execution test cases using test scripts. Once after the execution logs are analysed and issues are created. Platform: Android

Role: Technical lead /also contributing individually.

Team size: 8

Project: LTE inter-working with WIFI (WIFI Offloading)
Client: Intel

Description: WIFI offloading is the Application developed for LTE (as well as 3G) interworking. Mainly used to offload congestion caused by wireless networks. It helps the user to move seamlessly through Hotspots spread over different sites across the cities. It involves the features like HS2.0, ANDSF and S2B.

Platform: Android KitKat, Lunux – ubuntu Technology/Tools: Anritsu and R&S

Role: Technical lead /also contributing individually.

Team size: 6

Project: LTE System Analysis
Client: Intel Mobile Communications.

Description: LTE System analysis includes triaging the System level and protocol stack level issues

Of IMC trimode UE. It involves rigorous and detailed analysis of System testing, IOT and Field testing issues. Figuring out and routing it to the right component

Platform: 7160 Intel platform Technology/Tools: Logging tools, STT and Mobile Analyzer

Role: Tech lead/Techno Managerial role as well as an individual contributor

Team size: 5

Project: 3GPP Rel8 and Rel7 (HSPA+) Feature testing project
Client: Intel Mobile Communications.

Description: Feature testing activities for various HSPA+ features namely, higher order modulation (64QAM and 16QAM), MIMO, CPC (Continuous Packet-connectivity), Mac-eHs and Enhanced Cell FACH DL Rel 8 features like. Dual Cell HSDPA, Improved Layer2 for uplink and Enhanced Cell FACH Uplink feature were also tested along with preparing test plans.

Platform: Intel platform Technology/Tools: Mobile Analyser, Unittest Environment

Role: Individual contributor

Team size:6

Project: Interoperability testing for Ericsson 3G phones
Client: Ericsson Mobile Platforms.

Description: Involved in IOT of R13 products U365, U330 and U335.Tested these products at Vendor labs of Nokia Siemens (Ulm, Germany) and Ericsson’s. Tested with various operators at different locations in Europe – Tested with Operator Orange at Lyon, France, with Operator SFR at Nantes, France, with Vodafone at Berlin, Munich, Germany. Also tested Vodafone at Rome and Milan, Italy.

Platform: Ericsson Mobile Platforms Technology/Tools: Mobile analyzer

Role: UMTS System IOT Engineer

Team size:10

Project: MOTOROLA GCF (Global Certification Forum) Testing, Feature testing and Functional Testing for Motorola Mobile phones.
Client: Motorola US, NTT DOCOMO.

Description: All the RRC test cases (Series 8) given in 34.124 spec and all the MM test cases given in 34.123 were to be tested. Feature testing involved various activities like testing the various features developed in Motorola 3G phones specifically for different operators all over the world. Also involved Functional testing for operator NTT DOCOMO, Tokyo, Japan.

Platform: Motorola Proprietary platforms Technology/Tools: Anritsu8480c, RTA .3GPP Rel99, Rel5 and Rel6.

Role: Senior Software Engineer and lead for NTT DOCOMO project.

Team size:10

Project: As a developer, involved in developing projects of RNC LOAD Generator (RLG), RNC RANAP and GSN Simulator.
Client: Lucent, ITRI Taiwan and Inmarsat, UK

Description: RLG used to generate call traffic for testing RNC.RNC RANAP Protocol stack developed for RNC Iu interface.GSN Simulator simulates SGSN,GGSN and HLR/VLR .It is used for testing of Imnarsat Packet base station controller. .

Platform: Vxworks, Linux, Unix Technology/Tools:

Role: Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer

Team size: 6


MCA – Vasavi College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India (passed with distinction – scored 76% marks) – 2000

Workshop on ‘Team building ‘ at IIM Lucknow.



Available on request