Automotive diagnostic technician/Team Leader/Foreman

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Serial No: 96415
(04/08/1981, male)
Skills keywords: automobile mechanic, Automotive technician mechanic
List Of Qualifications:

Diploma of Automotive
Bachelor Dagree
Automobile 1 year certification
Skill basic 2 year certified
Diagnostic technician/Team leader/Quality insurance fitting check supervisor/Service Adviser
1 .Maintenance Technician Certification Mercedes Benz
2. System Technician Certification. Mercedes Benz
3. Diagnostic technician Certification. Mercedes Benz
4. CERTIFIED GM General motors’ service technician
i have diploma of automotive and 23 years’ experience in automotive field

Mobil: +923350300818


Ready for challenging and carrier oriented position in an esteemed Automotive Industry where my Qualification and Experience could be utilized for the betterment of the employer and for my adequate future experience.
Bachelor of Arts : Alkhair University Azad Jammu Kashmir of Pakistan 2010.
Intermediate : Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Peshawar, Pakistan in 2002.
Matriculation : Government High School No.3 Peshawar Cantt in 1997.
MS Office​ : Peshawar College of Computer Science in 2002.
Languages : English, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Panjabi, Hinko, Hindi.
SAUDI ARABIA : International driving license. (LTV)(HTV)
Skype ID. Arifmani1
G-III Level Automobile Certificate: One year Automobile Certificate from Board of
​ Technical Education Peshawar 1998.
Fuel Efficiency Course: Certificate in Fuel Efficiency in Road Transport
​ Sector 2003.
Skill worker An Automobile Course Based on Skill Worker
​ 2004 (Two Years).
Automobile Engineer:
Abaseen institute of medical & modern sciences (AIMMS) Directorate Central
Technical Education & Manpower Training Govt. of KPK Pakistan 2012.

Now I am in Greece as work visa work in private multi brand dealer ship as service depth Head & (Team Leader) JAN 2018
as mechanic Team Leaders with a solid background in general servicing and diagnosis and repairs all makes and models, including experience in working on gulf and European vehicles, a commitment to quality work and a good attitude an experienced as technician team leader supervisor have certification in Automotive field and multi-pal dealers ships and experience in different post

Keeping complete supervision of Service Dept. including Mechanical and also dealing and handling parts issues or matters in mechanical dept. worked and improved process flow as per Toyota standards measures
our department also handle customer care about customer complain I am handle this issue and if need road test or any kind test then update our department head(SM) if need it repair or need parts then solve issue and check final QC test then back to customer.

Abdul Latif Jamel Automotive Company Jeddah KSA Large Distributor TOYOTA .DHAITSU .LUXES.ALJ Group. (DB/Toyota Motor Corporation)
Team Leader/ QA Supervisor Quality Assurance/Fitting Check
Abdul Latif Jameel Company Toyota Dealer (PSVA) June 2015.
Overall of our job Team Leader and QA department, encompassing Incoming Quality Check, Supplier Quality Development, Quality Evaluation, and Fitting check.
I am work as a (Team leader) installation and rework and most important need quality check also, so if need it then we move forward and solve issue and technical reports,
Diagnosed any issue of vehicle then solved job in this department as a team leader I am support technician as technical issue and some work also related this field and electrical and mechanic both work and solve trouble in vehicles,
our department also handle customer care about customer complain I am handle this issue and if need road test or any kind test then update our department head(SGM) if need it repair or need parts then solve issue and check final QC test then back to customer ,
Our department deal for multiple brands of vehicle MERCEDES BENZ, FORD, JEEP, TOYOTA .LEXUS, NISSAN, HUNDAI, AND MORE, and parts of off-roading packages TJM suspension complete kits, RUBICON suspension and complete kits.
TRD suspension and body kits SMITTYBILT.TMG suspension and complete kits, Pro Comp Suspension and complete kits and electronic.
New MODUELS PROGRAMMING IF NEED IT, ELETRICAL and wiring install new and old normal wiring and especially I am support our team work lin bus.
(Local inter connect network) or can bus (Controller area network) also we are install here our team.
Preparation of fitting check reports for various automotive components by first pre-defining a durability testing plan for each supplier’s component.
Lead preparation of fitting check reports for various automotive components by first pre-defining a durability testing plan for each supplier’s component.
TOYOTA way foundation English training course.03 Nov 2015.

Juffali Automotive Company, Mercedes Benz, MAYBACH, Jeddah KSA, Distributor of Daimler AG Designation TEAM LEADER. From: Oct. 2010 to May 2015.

➢ Maintenance Technician Certification.
➢ System Technician Certification.
➢ Diagnostic technician Certification.

➢ Assisting warranty department regarding technical issues.

➢ Dealing with customers when required.

➢ Diagnosing the causes of problems and assisting technicians as per their requirements.

➢ Making sure that all repairs carried out in line with manufacturers’ standards.
➢ Rectified various faults and replaced defective components.
➢ Providing technical support during field service.
➢ Making Technical Reports and TIPS CASE as per requirements.

➢ Worked in all sections of workshop such as tuning section, transmission section, electrical section and diagnosing section.

➢ Also providing extra support to warranty department during annual vacation of their member of staff.

➢ Maintenance Technician training .31.03.2011.
➢ System Technician training.2013.
➢ Diagnostic technician training .2014.
➢ Programmer.
➢ Suspension and support system training .2014.
➢ Drive train M278 training .2014.
➢ Electrical system training .2014.
➢ Chassis E class training .2014.
➢ DAS 3 DAS 4 Access and drive authorization training .2014.
➢ Networking on board electrical system 212 series training 2014.
Al-Jomaih Automotive Company, General motors’ Jeddah KSA, Distributor of GMC CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, HUMMER, OPEL, SAAB, and Designation: Automotive Technician: From: Oct. 2006 to Oct 2010.
Worked on all sorts of Models of Chevrolet, GMDAT, GMC,
I also offered my services in this Organization as Service Advisor for one year and as Warranty Administrator for 18 months.
Insurance Claims, Warranty Repairs, Coordination & Follow up with Different W/shops Working Quality Controller in PDI.
Worked on Oracle System for Movement and Control of Vehicle.
CERTIFIED General motors’ service technician.
HONDA Dealership, Peshawar, Pakistan. Designation Automotive Technician: From: Apr. 2006 to Oct 2006.
Carried out Various Repairs during this Tenure in workshop including: Engine Overhauling, Transmission Overhauling, Brake System Repairs and Servicing. Also fitted CNG kits and Carried out Maintenance of CNG System.
SUZUKI Dealership Peshawar, Pakistan.
Designation Automotive Technician: From: May. 2005 to Apr. 2006.
Carried out Various Repairs, using SUZUKI Computerized Diagnostic System. Also Fitted CNG kits and carried out Maintenance of CNG System.
Dar-wall Automotive Local Workshop, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Designation​ Automotive Technician: From: Aug. 2004 to Apr. 2005.
Dealt with Diesel and Petrol Engine as per Customer Complaints. Also Performed Service of Generators and Repaired Mitsubishi, Honda & Chinese Brand Generators.

Mercy Educational Complex Peshawar Pakistan.
Designation Trainee Technician: From: Jul. 2004 to Feb. 2002.
Carried out Servicing of Diesel and Petrol Engine Vehicles as per Repair Orders.
Maintenance of Generator Engines.

Qabil Shah& Sons, Local Workshop Peshawar Pakistan.
Designation Automotive Technician: From: Jan. 1996 to Feb. 2002.
Dealt with all Japanese Light Duty & Heavy Trucks, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi,
Mazda, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Isuzu, and Suzuki Petrol, Diesel & CNG Vehicles (Engine
Alteration & Modification, Machine Shop, Engine Cylinder Head Repairing, and Engine
& Gear Box Repairing)

On Job Courses:

➢ Assisting Warranty Department Regarding Technical Issues.
➢ In Suzuki Company Pakistan. Got technical training ofAuto&Manual Transmission, Front & Rear Suspension, and Computerized Diagnosis.
➢ In Suzuki Company Pakistan. Got Technical Training in ENERCON, Computerized Tune-up for Automotive Vehicles.
➢ Fuel Injection, Electronic Engine Control.
➢ Electrical & Electronic Equipment.
➢ Tools & Equipment. Programming of All Vehicle Software Up to Date.
➢ Use of Diagnostic Tools like Tech-1, Tech-2, NGS. OTS MDI for Programming’s.
TRAINING FROM2006 TO 2010 TILLDATE GM Middle East Training 2010.
Course NumberCourse NameDate
A1008.08MEESI and Sources of Information
26/Dec/2006C1635.16METech 2
08/Jan/200750250.14T1Delphi Micro 64 Connector System Service
19/Nov/2007A1801.16MEIntegrated Controls
19/Nov/2007A1806.40MEElectrical Diagnosis
19/Nov/200710207.57W2008 Chevrolet Malibu New Model Features
24/Mar/200910208.35W2009 Chevrolet Traverse New Model Features
25/Mar/200910208.38W2009 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban New Model Features
25/Mar/200910208.21W2009 Chevrolet Avalanche New Model Features
2009 Chevrolet Silverado New Model Features
25/Mar/200913042.11WNoise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
25/Mar/200910208.30W2009 GMC Acadia New Model Features
26/Mar/200910208.20W2009 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL New Model Features
26/Mar/200910208.32W2009 GMC Sierra New Model Features
26/Mar/200915045.12T2HUMMER H2 and H3 Electro-Hydraulic Brake Boost System
26/Mar/200918043.12T1SI Navigation for Wire, Connector & Terminal Repair
26/Mar/200910208.33W2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 New Model Features
27/Mar/200910208.27W2009 Chevrolet Malibu New Model Features
27/Mar/200910207.31W2008 Chevrolet Corvette New Model Features
27/Mar/2009A1806.24MEElectrical Diagnosis (Part 1)
27/Mar/2009A1807.16MEElectrical Diagnosis (Part 2)
27/Mar/2009A1801.24MEIntegrated Controls
27/Mar/2009A1008.16MEService Information
27/Mar/200950250.27T1Corvette ZR1 Unique Service Procedures
28/Mar/200918043.10T1Short Circuit Wire Repair
29/Mar/200918070.01WHybrid Introduction and Safety
30/Mar/2009VCFC0.L6WHow to Build Customer Enthusiasm
31/Mar/200950250.17T1Multi-Panel Panoramic Roof Adjustments
31/Mar/200913041.12T2Electric Power Steering Systems
31/Mar/200910208.44W2010 Chevrolet Camaro New Model Features
03/Apr/2009C1019.16MEChevrolet Traverse After sales Introduction
07/Apr/2009LMS101.01WIntroduction to the GM LAAM LMS
18/Apr/200900510.01W-R2Maintenance-Automotive Fluids
18/Apr/200900510.15WMaintenance - Under Car
19/Apr/200906510.01WExhaust Systems and Service
21/Apr/200950250.16T16.6L Duramax Diesel Injector Programming
26/Apr/200916048.25WMultiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) Familiarization
28/Apr/200910290.40W2006 GMC Yukon- Denali New Model Features
30/Apr/200900510.01WMaintenance - Automotive Fluids
05/Jun/200918043.01W-R4Electrical/Electronic Stage 1
25/Jun/200918043.02W-R4Electrical/Electronic Stage 2
25/Jun/200916048.16WTech 2 Familiarization
28/Jun/200900510.10WMaintenance - Behind the Wheel
08/Jul/200910208.22W2009 HUMMER H3/H3T New Model Features
08/Jul/200918070.01W-R2Hybrid Introduction and Safety
10/Jul/200918043.03W-R3Electrical/Electronic Stage 3
12/Jul/200910041.10W-R2SI Overview
13/Jul/200918043.04SElectrical/Electronic Terminals and Connectors
15/Jul/200950250.21T1Active Booster Brake System
26/Jul/200915045.13T1Anti-Lock Braking Systems Overview
26/Jul/200915045.45T2Vehicle Stability Enhancement System (VSES) Operation
26/Jul/200918043.11T1J-38125 Terminal Repair Kit Structure & Usage
26/Jul/200913044.12T2Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) Systems Diagnostics
02/Aug/2009XDSWB.B4WUsing Order Workbench to Analyze Sales History and Market Conditions
02/Aug/200950240.34T1Brake Drum Measurement
02/Aug/200915045.11W2GM Braking Systems
12/Aug/200915045.11W1GM Braking Systems
12/Aug/200915045.14T1GM Electric Parking Brakes
16/Aug/200913044.12T1Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) Diagnostics
16/Aug/200918044.20WGM Global Electrical Systems
23/Dec/200916048.26WGlobal Diagnostic System
23/Dec/200916048.16W-R2Tech 2 Familiarization
26/Feb/201015045.16T1Continental ABS New Features
30/Mar/201050240.33T1Medtronic’s PSC 550 Battery Charger
06/Apr/2010A1079.04MEGM Difference Customer Enthusiasm

Previous Employment Details:

Toyota & Lexus dealership as a Quality fitting check supervisor 2015 to 2017
Mercedes Benz &Maybach dealership as a Technicians +Team Leader 2010 to2015
GM dealership as a Technician +Service Adviser 2006 to 2010

Current location: Pakistan Peshawar 25000 - View on map
Nationality: Pakistani
Preferred Sector of Employment:  customer service, Engineering, Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: English Arabic Greek Urdu pushto panjabi hinko
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere