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Serial No: 4654
(15/05/1975, female)
Skills keywords: empathic, relible person, self determined., serious, very well organised.
Current location: Romania - View on map

March 2013 – present - Monitoring and implementing coordinator in a POSDRU project

  • coordinating all the activities within the project;
  • preparing all the documentation and annexes in order to draw the narrative and financial reports accordingly to the financier requests;
  • drawing the notifications and other documents necessary for a good implementation of the project;
  • monitoring the project stage and proposing corrections if necessary.
FEDERATION OF FARMERS “FERMIERUL” - Consultancy in agriculture

September 2012 - present - Project Manager, Structural funds
  • coordinating all the activities within the project;
  • preparing all the documentation and annexes in order to draw the narrative and financial reports accordingly to the financier requests;
  • coordinating the implementation team of the project;
  • monitoring the project stage and making corrections if necessary, with the financial manager;
  • maintaining the cooperation with the project Partner and establishing the activities timetable for each partner.

2009 - 2011 - Activities coordinator for a POSDRU project
  • coordinating the issuing of technical reports towards the financing institution, preparing all the documentation and annexes concerning the activities unfolded within the project, according to the financing institution requests,
  • managing the project activities by a daily record of beneficiaries and activities unfolded,
  • proactive contribution to the project activities progress,
  • keeping, under the project manager supervision, an updated calendar of the project activities and of the partners/beneficiaries notifications,
  • attending the project team meetings,
  • making ppt. presentation and different graphics for the project activities,
  • maintaining the relation with team members in the territory, informing them about project progress and about their related tasks,
  • technical assistance towards all team members.
  • monitoring different transnational Projects in which Agrostar is a partner.
FNSAATDSC AGROSTAR - Trade union agricultural federation

From April 2008 until August 2008 - Assistant of the Head of the Phare Transition Team
  • answer phone calls and provide first level information and/or take messages,
  • keep updated the agenda,
  • prepare dossiers for various meetings,
  • translations of various documents and newspaper’ articles,
  • filing projects’ documents,
  • attend meetings and take minutes,
  • prepare dossiers for appropriate signatures,
  • arrange meetings (book conference rooms, prepare schedules of meetings, etc.),
  • arrange visits to various locations in Bucharest (book cars),
  • database and hard copy distribution of in-coming correspondence,
  • type, draft and database registration of out-going correspondence,
  • prepare mission requests, book of plane/train tickets and hotel rooms, draft mission claims forms,
  • prepare, draft mission programs for EU officials and provide the appropriate logistical support.
Representation of the European Commission in Romania, 18-20 Jules Michelet, Bucharest - European Institution

From February 2008 until April 2008 - Legal adviser
  • draft all agreements between Finconta and different clients,
  • draft routine/standard letters and notes,
  • follow-up of incoming mail, correspondence, outgoing mail concerning different services provided by Finconta,
  • ensure a smooth flow of information concerning the agreements concluded within Finconta,
  • archiving the clients dossiers,
  • negotiate different provisions with clients.
Finconta PKF, 8 Albesti Street, Bucharest - Aaccountants and business adviser

2005 - 2006 - Project Management Consultant
  • run the programs that IRZ was implementing in Romania, with financing from the German federal government,
  • maintain and develop the relationships with legal Romanian institutions that IRZ was cooperating with,
  • organize and prepare the conferences, the courses, the workshops, the study visits and all other meetings between German experts and Romanian judicial authorities,
  • responsible for all travel arrangements, appointments and expenses of foreign experts,
  • represent the Foundation at different official events,
  • draft minutes and make reports,
  • keep a permanent contact with Foundation’ headquarters in Bonn,
  • budget management of all funds granted to the bureau from Bucharest,
  • work with Romanian legal institutions regarding tasks accomplishments, including with ministries and German Embassy,
  • correspondence with Romanian legal institutions,
  • coordination of all activities ran by the IRZ bureau in Romania.
2001 - 2005 - IRZ Foundation (German foundation for international legal cooperation) Foundation.

Projects Responsible:
  • manage of different projects financed by E.U. (Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, MATRA) regarding trade union education, labor legislation, gender equality implemented in partnership with different organization – European Trade Union Academy, FGTB Belgium, the Romanian Bureau of ILO
  • settle and run the education calendar depending on the demands of internal and international organizations,
  • translation from and into French and English of different booklets, notebooks and other documents concerning trade unions rights, European legislation and fundamental standards of I.L.O.,
  • set up the materials regarding labor legislation,
  • make up the course materials,
  • correspondence with international bodies in the area,
  • provide for translation/interpretation at different education events/conferences.
C.N.S.L.R. – Fratia (National Confederation of Free Trade Unions from Romania – Fratia); 1 – 3 Cristian Popisteanu, D entrance, Bucharest

Spoken languages: english, french
Location I am interested in working: Australia, Belgium, canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, new zealand, Norway, Poland, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom