A Clinical Dietitian Seeking work in the gulf

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" I see nutrition in a very different perspective than other dietitians. I believe in the power of food as a first line of intervention to any disease. And my wok with eating disorder patients makes me understand more how each individuals experiences affect someone's eating patterns, food choices and preferences.
Nutrition is a new science, that's why it requires someone who always reads up-to-date studies.
What make me candidate to this position is my strong believe in what I do, and the feedbacks I had from my clients when working with them, my ability to listen, interpret their needs, and choose the best not only nutritional intervention but also on each ones personal level. This is why my clients are always committed to me because I make sure I build a trust relationship with them. "
Serial No: 114921

Skills keywords: excellent communicator, personal impact / confidence, special dietary, tutoring and counseling
List Of Qualifications:

1. Individual medical nutrition therapy: provide high quality, evidence based MNT, including nutrition assessment, screening, care planning and education for appropriate nutrition intervention.
2. Screen patients for possible nutritional risks and further nutritional needs.
3. Assess patients and make appropriate nutritional needs.
4. Document and communicate nutritional data appropriately.
5. B.S in nutrition.
6. Counsels patients on appropriate diet or nutrition therapy based on their needs.
7. Working with each patient to develop a nutritional plan that suites him/her based of their needs and lifestyle.
8. Assess and evaluate patients with diagnosed diabetes. Educate type 1 diabetes patients about carbohydrate counting and insulin regimen.
9. Conduct sessions for eating disorder patients to assess them building a good relation with food, and help them planning their daily menu.
10. High level of communicating with others, planning and coordinating with others.
11. Demonstrate effective organizational and problem solving skills.
12. Worked with patients having diabetes, eating disorders, kidney diseases, kidney transplants, underwent sleeve, gastric bypass, cancer patients and many others.

Previous Employment Details:

I have been always working during my study years. I worked as a shop manager in a butchery shop where I was responsible for all food safety and HACCP measures application. I also was an assistant librarian in the kebanese american university for 4 years. My last is currently in one of the best hospitals in my country which in hotel dieu de france where I have the chance to practice all clinical dietitian practices and food safety measures at the same time.

Current location: 0000 - View on map
Nationality: lebanese
Preferred Sector of Employment:  customer service, Pharmaceutical and Science
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere