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Chefs Jobs in Canada


Chefs Jobs in Canada are listed on the Priority Occupation List and subject to a minimum points score. Immigrants are eligible for skilled migration to Canada without the requirement of having a job offer from an employer. Migrant workers are able to emigrate as a matter of priority, with the potential to arrive within months of starting the application process.

Restaurant Staff

A Migrant worker point’s entitlement will vary but the Chefs Jobs in Canada listed below are in demand:

  • chef
  • chef de cuisine
  • chef de partie
  • corporate chef
  • executive chef
  • executive sous-chef
  • head chef
  • master chef
  • pastry chef
  • saucier
  • sous-chef
  • specialist chef

Over the last few years, the number of Chefs Jobs in Canada has increased significantly. Job growth in this occupation depends mainly on trends in the food industry and consumer preferences. Given that these trends should continue, it is expected that the number of chefs will continue to increase significantly over the next few years.

Job openings are available first and foremost to experienced local cooks to unemployed chefs and to a lesser degree, to vocational training graduates. Roughly a third of the positions are filled by immigrants who satisfy occupational requirements. Employers will only turn to migrant chefs is they are unable to find local Chefs of the calibre required. The infilling tends to be at the top end and Executive Chefs are in constant demand but Canada faces tough international competition.

Employers with specific requirements are invited to make contact via our website, email or phone +44 (0) 2079890750, we will require:

  • A detailed job description
  • The Terms and Conditions on offer
  • If not obvious from a website a brief description of your business

Once received we will quote our terms.

Food service and restaurants make up over 90% of employment of Chefs across Canada and it is one of the easiest sectors to access as an immigrant, any candidates interested in migrating to Canada should do two things:

  1. Register on our website , upload a CV and complete a personal profile
  2. Take an eligibility points test by going here

We look forward to being of service to both candidates and employers.