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Norwegian Recruitment Services

As an organisation Skills Provision are active in the Scandinavian region. Our ties to Norway are strong, both in the provision of migrant workers for domestic organisations but also sourcing quality international positions for Norwegian workers. Over the past few years our relationship with Norway has continued to prosper.

Employment opportunities in Norway include:

  • Petroleum, onshore and offshore including Africa
  • Fisheries, Norway is the world’s largest salmon producer
  • Building and construction
  • Health
  • Shipbuilding and Maritime
  • Tourism
  • Transport

The structure of employment varies considerably from one Norwegian county to the next. Public services and the fisheries are the dominant sectors in the northern part of Norway, while industry accounts for a large share in the coastal counties in southern Norway.

Many people in the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim work in financial and business services. The regional variation is smaller in other sectors, such as building and construction.

Skills shortages are found across the board but the main job opportunities lie in:

Norway maintains an interesting political position of being outside of the European Union but an associate member with many of the benefits that that brings. A very rich country, often considered to enjoy the best living standards in the world Norway with a population of fewer than 5 million, but the 7th greatest land mass in Europe, has long relied on guest workers on a seasonal basis and is the preferred location for Eastern European labour as Norway treats its guest workers in an exemplary manner.

Benefits to bringing in migrant workers:

  • Helps with seasonal demands especially in agriculture and aquaculture
  • Migrants do many of the jobs Norwegians don’t want to do.
  • Poles for example are significant in the shipping industry that would not prosper without migrant workers
  • International skills, like oil and gas and IT are regularly imported

Norway encourages all migrants to learn Norwegian but English is in daily use in commercial circles

Norwegian workers enjoy an excellent standard of living with first class job prospects and very few seek to leave the country except on international employer assignments. This means that for Norwegian multinationals it is often necessary for them to recruit talent from the international market place and they are skilled in doing so but now face greater international competition and turn to international recruitment agencies such as ourselves. We are always pleased to help as Norway enjoys an excellent reputation in international markets and employers are invited to make contact with our website.