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Middle East Recruitment Services

Skills Provision is an International Recruitment Agency aiming to serve local, national and international Employers throughout the region as well as individual candidates with an interest in working in the Middle East.

The economic performance of the area is mixed and the individual wealth of nations varying considerably with differing opportunities.

For example the per capita income UAE is the 7th highest in the world as are their oil reserves. Total population is well under 10 million but only 15% being local born nationals the rest being guest workers, this is the highest percentage figure we are aware anywhere in the world.

Talent therefore needs to be imported and this is almost exclusively achieved by offering experienced overseas nationals contract work. This pattern is repeated in other countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Job opportunities in the area are wide and varied, these include

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing

As an international recruitment agency we concentrate on supplying overseas workers to the Middle East but likely applicants need to understand the way the market works. We provide helpful guidelines to potential candidates.

Applicants need to be prepared up front because when opportunities arise in Middle East they tend to occur at short notice and it is often the best documented candidate that is selected.

Our recommendations are:

  • A polished CV to the highest of international standards free of acronyms
  • 3 up to date references on the providers headed paper
  • All certified trade or professional qualification to be in English and attested
  • An available passport with at least one year to run at the time of likely departure
  • A clear police check not older than 2 years
  • Employers may insist on their own medical but if you have a recent one keep this close to hand

Other than paying for visa costs (often reclaimable from the employer) after the receipt of an acceptable contract, candidates should not part with any money on the promise of finding work.

Opportunities in the Middle East are difficult to predict and early registration by candidates of a full profile is recommended.

Employers can reach us through the site, by email or by phone if they want to discuss skills shortages and how Skills Provision can supply solutions.