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French Recruitment Services

Skills Provision has been actively placing French workers into the International arena for many years. Added to this our organisation continues to supply French businesses with manpower solutions.

France is a high cost area in which to operate. This has led to the French economy being less competitive on the international stage. Inheritance rules means that land holdings get highly fragmented over time leading to inbuilt operating inefficiencies forcing employers to look at alternative employment strategies including international outsourcing or cross border recruitment.

Skills Provision is experienced in the utilisation of French workers.

Benefits of employing French workers:

  • Well educated, many with professional or trade skills.
  • High level of awareness of work related issues such as Health and Safety.
  • Prepared to work in different locations in pursuit of career goals.
  • React well to performance related KPI’s (Key Performance indicators) when related to bonuses.

Examples of our success stories:

  • Several cross border construction projects on major renovations and new builds using mixed national teams. These are managed locally by our clients.
  • Seasonal teams involved in the agricultural arenas requiring flexible working patterns.
  • Provision of teams of drivers for seasonal work in the tourist sector.

Organisations that hire our workers obtain material benefits. This occurs as a result of the close relationship we build with our clients enabling us to put together bespoke packages that suit both the employer and the employee.

For French individuals looking to work outside of France it is normally a requirement to speak English. Many countries require both IELTS and skills recognition of a trade or professional skill, however there are certain areas like Healthcare and Engineering where qualified French applicants are successfully being placed.

If you are interested in hiring skilled French workers please contact us today on +44 (0)2079890750. Alternatively if you are a skilled French national please join our website and submit your CV explaining your career ambitions in English.